got a request for the ship of dreams

NCT When You’re Sick

Requested by: anonymous (thanks for the hilarious request 😂 it was so difficult to write this without asking myself “wtf am i doing”) 

Submission: “Heyyy do you take requests??If yes, could you do a nct (127+Ten) reaction to you being sick asking them to leave but they stay and then… you accidently fart for a bit?? Because you know, no one can let it stay inside forever, especially when he’s sick😂😂 Sorry if it’s too childish😅😅 thank you for reading this😍😚”

Genre: fluff?? idek honestly lmao

Enjoy!!! early ps: im so sorry if this is a bit too awkward to read i tried ;000 but i hope you like it @anon!!!

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anonymous asked:

10 from the prompt for Reaper76 please!! I love your writing it's amazing!!

10. staring at the other’s lips, trying not to kiss them, before giving in

The moonlight pouring into the bedroom bathed Gabriel in an almost illuminating light, his dark skin contrasting with the white sheets so perfectly that Jack could do nothing but stare. He was sleeping, stuck in the limbo between drowsing and dreaming, his face smooth and expressionless as he slept. Jack longed to run the backs of his fingers across Gabriel’s cheek bone, but he didn’t want to wake him. It’d been weeks since Gabriel had slept for more than a hour at a time. He needed the rest.

So Jack just watched him, unabashed. Their legs were still tangled from their earlier endeavors in the bed. Jack could feel the hair of Gabriel’s leg prickling against his own as Gabriel shifted a little in the bed. He let out a soft noise in his slumber, sending a shiver down Jack’s spine. His eyes moved to Gabriel’s lips.

They were plush, thick, and dry. Jack remembered how they felt on his body, kissing every inch of him, but he loved when they were against his the most. He loved how Gabriel kissed, like it was his objective to erase any thought from Jack’s mind that wasn’t centered around the way Gabriel’s tongue felt against his own. Jack sighed, unable to resist leaning forward and pressing his lips to Gabriel’s.

It was chaste and brief. When Jack pulled away, Gabriel’s eyes were open, brown and dewy with sleep as they glanced over at him, a little confused. “Jack?” Gabriel asked in a groggy groan, raising a thick eyebrow. 

“Sorry,” murmured Jack, not all that apologetic at all. He kept staring at Gabriel’s lips, seeing his own moisture on Gabriel’s lower lip.

Gabriel breathed deeply, readjusting his pillow and closing his eyes. “If you can’t control yourself for more than a few hours, I may have to find somewhere else to sleep,” he said, but there was a smirk on his mouth.

“Maybe you should. Can’t help it,” admitted Jack, moving his leg so that it curled around Gabriel’s and brought him closer. 

Gabriel let out a quiet chuckle. Then, an eye slid open. “You didn’t have to stop, you know.”

Jack was smiling when he pressed his lips to Gabriel’s once more.

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Hi love ❤️ I just wanted to ask for a Keith x reader in which lance is flirting with Keith's girlfriend and he is NOT HAPPY. An angry make out session would be nice ;)

Hey guys! Everything is not going as planned, I thought I’d be able to write earlier than this but alas, shit happens. BUT I am not dead, season 2 is right around the corner and I hope to be inspired with brand new ideas and writings for you all! So yes, this ask caught my eye, so this will be the comeback of dreams! Thank you nonny for requesting, its not as long as I’d hoped, but I hope it’s okay! SOrry for the long wait that totally was not worth it

Coran had instructed you to clean the healing pods, routine up-keep of the castle ship was mandatory when it came to staying there. As you found yourself scrubbing the unknown substance that clung to the inside of one of the chambers, a voice from behind startled you into an upright position.

“Ya know, you shouldn’t be cleaning these by yourself, I got trapped in one once. Barely made it out alive.” You could almost hear the confidence oozing out with every syllable, as you turned around to face the blue paladin with a sigh.

“Really?!” You said with a fake gasp, “That must have been suuuper scary! Getting trapped in something that can only heal! You brave soul!” You must have picked up some of your negativity from your boyfriend, but he wasn’t doing anything after all! He needs to do something towards the chores that need to be done anyway. Almost immediately turning back around, you carried on with the task at hand.

“Why yes, it was- Hey! It was scary Y/N! Imagine being trapped in that ice-cold pod, knowing no one will ever find you again…” His voice turned dark and creepy, a disturbing aura radiating from where he was stood. Shivers ran down your spine. Now that sounded a little bit terrifying.

Unbeknownst to the two, however, Keith was stood around the corner, listening in on their conversation, immediately concluding that they were hitting it off. Arms crossed and his signature scowl on his face, Keith stormed out of hiding and into the open area. He couldn’t let Lance of all people talk to his girlfriend!

A flash of red caught your eye as you stood up straight, only to be met by the piercing gaze of your boyfriend, who did not look to happy. He despised you even coming ten feet of Lance.

Before you could say something, however Lance’s voice bounced across the metal walls. “Heeeeyyyy Keith! Whatcha doin, nothing important again I see… At least somebody had the integrity to help your girlfriend out.” The blue paladin boasted, gesturing to himself with his thumb, an overly confident grin on his face.

Keith knew he was purposely pushing his buttons, and knew better not to fuel Lance’s fire, he had things to take care of, after all.

Taking the initiative, Keith grabbed your wrist, dragging you to his side before shooting a threatening glare at Lance, his eyes dark with warning.

“Back Off.”

Lance held his hands up defensively, chuckling. “Hey man, don’t get your panties in a twist.” He murmured, his tone less obnoxious as earlier, putting his hands behind his head as he began whistling an unfamiliar tune, walking away from the two. “Just keep her close, yeah?”

Keith didn’t respond, merely making a ‘tch’ sound, dragging you by the wrist to a destination unknown to you.  “Keith, he didn’t mean any harm…” You trail off, the atmosphere so thick, you could cut it with a knife, afraid to finish your sentence.

Nevertheless, the man stayed silent as he led you to a door you were unfamiliar with. A storage closet? “Keith-“

You were cut off b him swinging the door open angrily, tugging you inside, closing and locking it behind you. A dominant aura radiated off his being, you didn’t need to see his controlling gaze to know he was looking at you in the dark, yet cramped space.

Suddenly, your chin was grabbed in a clothed hand, feeling soft breaths of hot air travel from your now reddened cheeks, along your jaw, and behind your ear. You could feel a body barricading you against the wall, his knee finding it’s way between your thighs, a gasp audible from your lips. His warm panting was right in your ear, as he spoke, voice smooth as silk, with no evidence of hesitation upon delivery:

“Tell me, Y/N, who do you belong to?”

Your breath hitched at the back of your throat, resulting in a strangled whine to emit into the heavy air, thick with lust, power, passion…

A feather-like kiss was pressed against your neck, a low growl heard from the man against your skin.

“Speak up so I can hear you.” He whispered, getting more out of breath by the second, panting softly into your ear. Guess he couldn’t handle it either.

“I… Ngh… I’m yours, Keith.”

A chuckle tickled your eardrums as his teeth played with your ear lobe.

“Good kitty.”


I know i broke my promise a few weeks ago but know i will be able to update more because i got tumblr to work on my computer so i can finally write reactions with out my phone messing it from now on i am going to update more often..Thank you guys for being so patient and the you for the 103 followers! Bye!

Originally posted by jxon-jungkook

(the gif has nothing to do with it.. i just wanted to use it lol) 

Hello again everyone!! The end of my service is fast approaching and I’ve got plans to travel to the US in the summer to be a counselor in a camp and then stay on a bit to visit all of my internet friends and penpals before returning home. Help me turn my life-long dream into reality and commission me? The more I have saved up, the more friends I can visit and meet for the first time ;v;

Details under the cut :)

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porcelainmystery  asked:

Can the promtis x reader thing happen often, because threesome docs are my favorite, and downtime was amazing

I’m so glad that you enjoyed Downtime (I enjoyed dreaming about it LOLOLOL), and I’d love to write more stuff like that since I’ve got season passes on all of the ships ever at this point.

But then I think of my usual production rate (slow asf/fickle), the pile of requests/asks I’ve gotten sitting in my inbox collecting dust that I gotta do still, and my general life that leaves me little time to do much else besides shitpost constantly… so I can’t say that it will happen often

But it will happen again.

She’s a little odd - Dylan O’Brien Imagine [Request]

A/N: requested by @loveislouder14. I hope you like it. I really like the idea, so I hope it turned out well.
Requests are always open!

word count: 1476

It all started off with one simple tweet. People got used to Dylan O'Briens girlfriend – the Teen Wolf super-fan, but things got strange once they learned about me shipping Stydia. The day it finally happened on show not only I went totally nuts but also questions over-floated. They always kept wondering how I could be so supportive, when it actually came to my man kissing some other woman and when fans hearts stopped as wishes and dreams finally came true, I was one of them. I felt it becoming one of the most discussed topics in fan groups or even Tumblr, but to be honest I never got their point.

First of all this was part of Dylans job, so there was actually no chance I got jealous about him kissing someone else. Well, to be honest at first I had to get used to it, but it didn’t took me this long. Apart from this I simply didn’t care as long as I knew who his heart belonged to.

Now that months have passed, each day advanced towards Comic Con. In fact Dylan offered me more than once to accompany him, but I declined kindly every time he asked.

To anyone else there haven’t been much of a reason for my behavior but to me and my best friend (Y/F/N), this has been our event for ages now and I wouldn’t want to break with this tradition for anything – not even Dylan.

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Written BTS, GOT7, Monsta X Ship

Okay so the description was too long to copy, so I’ll just post what I got from this person’s personality.

Requested by-

*gifs are not mine*

BTS member I ship you with is: Taehyung

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

You need someone who’s equally as spunk as you. Tae is all about self-positivity and he’ll help you love your uncontrollable hair. He’ll be that person that’ll help you make sure your dreams and goals come true. He’d find it very interesing that you decided to train in pole dancing & he’d make sure to tag along. Tae will make sure you were smothered in gifts and love. Constantly worrying about you & if you had everything you needed. Tae has a deep voice and you have a soft voice; those two compliment each other well. Your dedication to sleep is something he’d find very intriguing.

GOT7 member I ship you with is: Jackson

Originally posted by weebits

Jackson is an all around goof ball. He’d make sure you loved everything about yourself. He’d be a little surprised at your height, but hey he likes you for you. Your soft voice would catch him off guard, and he’d help you in maximizing the volume of your voice. He’s all down for skinship: receiving and giving. Jackson isn’t too fond of aggression either and would want to talk it out right away. Major fanboy when he accompanies you to your pole dance training class.

Monsta X member I ship you with is: Minhyuk

Originally posted by hyunwoo

He’s very out there and different. Your personalities would match very well. He’s the type of person to initiate all skinship. Your height might intimidate him a little bit, but he’ll get over it. He’d find your  hair texture very fascinating because his fair is flat. He’d be surprised that someone as soft spoken as you wants to be a tattoo artist. He’d allow you to do his make-up, so you can improve and reach your goal. He also isn’t big on conflict. He’d wear odd socks all day everyday.

Young Remus Lupin Imagine - Sweet Dreams

I don’t know if the request are open, but could you do one where Y/N is scared of storms and one night, it’s really bad and she sneaks into young Remus’s Dorm?  Can it be full of fluff? - requested by anon

Just got off from school for Thanksgiving so you can expect a few more imagines in the days to come!  I’ll try to get a lot of ships done as well.  I’m actually really behind on everything.

Hope you like it!

     The Gryffindor common room is usually my favorite place to be.  Its warmth, brightness, and general atmosphere make it very soothing to me.  It only has one problem - it is in one of the tallest towers of the castle.

     Normally, this provides an amazing view.  I love heights, and it makes me feel like I’m flying.  But I hate storms, and tonight was one of the biggest of the year so far.

     Whenever lightning flashed across the sky, it lit up the room like I was in a scene from a horror film.  And the thunder that followed echoed through the stone rooms and sent chills up my spine.

     I’d given up on sleeping hours ago, when there were still people down in the common room.  Now, I was sitting alone with the storm swirling around outside.

     A particularly loud crash of thunder sounded and I winced and wrapped a blanket even tighter around myself.

     Think of happy things.  I needed to think of happy things, or else I’d never calm down.

     Okay.  The beach.  New books.  Cats.  Sunny days.  Mint.  Chocolate.  My boyfriend, Remus.

     Even the thought of my best friend and love weren’t making me feel any better.  I gasped as the sky lit up outside the tower.

     I couldn’t stop myself any more.

     I crept up the stairs to the boys’ dormitories, making sure to skip the creaky seventh step, stopping when I got to the old, scratched up door of Remus and his best friends.

     I turned the doorknob and stepped inside the room.  It was messy, as usual, but not unpleasantly.  Remus’ bed was in the corner.  I couldn’t help from smiling when I saw his hair, all tousled from bed, and his mismatched pajamas.

     Quietly, I sat on the edge of his bed and touched his arm, waking him up.  Remus blinked several times and mumbled, “y/n?”

     I put a finger to my lips.  Remus slid over in the bed and pulled back the covers so I could lay down with him.

     When we were both comfortable, Remus wrapped his arms around me and breathed in my ear, “What’s wrong?  You’re shaking.”

     Distant thunder echoed as I whispered back, “The storm.”

     “Oh, god, I forgot,” he replied, “I should never have left you in the common room.”

     “It’s okay.”  I scooted closer to Remus and kissed him gently on the lips.  I loved cuddling with him like this - it was so intimate and yet so innocent.

     He played with a stray strand of my hair and said quietly, “No, it isn’t.”

     I could see in his eyes that he meant it.  Remus was the sort of person who felt responsible for everything, and that thought tore him up inside.  The worst thing about it was that there was nothing I could say to make him feel better.  So I did the next best thing - I kissed him.

     Remus smiled gently at me.  I loved him when he was like this - still sleepy, with a dreamy look in his eyes and a soft expression on his face.

     We lay together for a long time, not talking, just being together.  Eventually, I yawned and Remus said, “You are adorable when you’re tired.  But I’m sure it won’t be good for you tomorrow in class.  Do you think you can fall asleep?”

     I nodded and moved to leave, but Remus stopped me.  “y/n, you can stay here.  You know that, right?  James, Sirius, and Peter might make fun of us in the morning, but it won’t be that bad.”

     I giggled, said “I know,” and relaxed back into his arms.

     “Good night, y/n,” Remus whispered to me, “Sweet dreams.”


Hello~ I was wondering if I could possibly have a selca ship with bts, got7, seventeen, nct dream (if you do them of course ~!), astro, block b, blackpink and mamamoo please? If its not too much trouble of course ~ thank you in advance and take care ❤

Of course! I just updated the rules for nct dream now but because you asked before I did it, I’ll do it anyway :)

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anonymous asked:

omg do you still do those match up things ?? Cause if you can you please do me ?? I'm 5'4 with medium length dirty blonde hair basically bordering brown, I have green eyes and got pretty big thighs and a big ol' booty. I like to do some light workouts and keep a pretty good healthy lifestyle since I use to be kinda chunky when I was growing up. I also love watching wrestling and dream to be one in the future (I also just break into singing Disney songs at times.)

I ship you with: Jumin!

Shake what your mama gave you honey! Jumin loves that you’re keeping yourself fit and healthy. And it’s always important to be happy and doing what you love. Believe or not, he’ll support and fund you for you wrestling career and even be your manager. He may not have the sufficient knowledge about wrestling but give him a day or two with books about wrestling and he’s ready to go. 

hope you like it! sorry if you didn’t get who you wanted :-)