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so so so.


i got a message earlier about someone plagiarizing one of my fics for another fandom. and. i recognized the url/username, which made me momentarily hopeful that it was all either: a) a misunderstanding, or b) a case of unintentional mimicry, which happens, and is valid, and is usually a sign of inexperience, and is not something i would ever hold against anyone, ever, because, again, it happens.

unfortunately, that wasn’t the case with this particular fic, and several sentences (that i saw; i didn’t read much farther) were lifted, almost word for word, from a drabble i wrote last year.

and i just.

look, im not mad, exactly, because this isn’t the first time someone has done this to me and it will probably not be the last, considering how much of my work is exclusively posted to tumblr.

im really, really sad, though, because this whole situation underscores a big problem with how fandom at large interacts with fic writers.

first: this isn’t a call out. i won’t be naming the author in question, and i’m never going to confront them/demand they take down their fic, because it’s…not really about the fic.

it’s about how fic writers are, more often than not, treated like disposable, interchangeable vending machines.

i want to preface what im about to say with this: i am a popular writer. i know that. i regularly receive tons of support, and tons of kind messages, and when i post new work, i am all but guaranteed an appreciative audience.

i am also an anomaly.

my response to being plagiarized, blatantly, should not have been resigned disappointment, and yet–it was. i was honestly not angry. i was honestly not surprised. my first thought, in fact, was about how many other people have gotten away with plagiarizing me, in far-off fandoms i will never have any meaningful exposure to.

which is kind of the problem.

it’s incredibly, stupidly easy to get away with plagiarism, especially if your source material isn’t legally protected, by most definitions, and comes from somewhere obscure. like a drabble on tumblr dot com that only has 150 notes, maybe 30 reblogs; your new fandom is unlikely to recognize it, and even if someone does, they’re unlikely to remember where they read it, or the name of the author who originally wrote it, or give it much thought beyond, “this sounds…familiar? maybe?”

because fic, in general, has become something people feel entitled to.

one facet of that is, obviously, the “UPDATE NOW” reviews that get left on multi-chapter fics, but it goes deeper than that, too, i think, in that fic is this commodity in fandom that’s integral to the community, is constantly talked about and referenced and used as a benchmark for pairing popularity, etc–and never treated like it.

edits and shitposts and moodboards and fanart and terrible memes are consumed and shared and validated, and fic…typically isn’t. fic is consumed and consumed and occasionally commented on but mostly just consumed.

and plagiarism is a malicious extension of that, yes, but still an extension.


im not mad. im not hurt. really.

but other writers are going to be, in the future, when it happens to them, and that’s what’s making me sad.

all the awards, holy hell, @bluestale hell yes hell YES HC ACCEPTED

i literally dropped the animation i was working on because i got emotional just reading your message earlier today at the memories of that song - then i listened to it, and immediately doomed myself - soooo here, here you all go, please join me in having feelings about Blue?? it’s a storyboard-style video but i had to do something with all of these feelings aw geez.

(also go listen to the full song here if you haven’t heard it)

Farm House

Natasha Romanoff x Reader

Summary- Natasha brings the team to her secret families home to hide from Ultron.

Message- I got this idea in my head earlier. So I wrote the fic. I know I said that I would put the first part of Love at first Punch out today, but I wrote this instead. Sorry. Sorry if this sucks.

Лапочка- sweetheart

Word Count- 1437

“Alexei, darling it’s time to wake up.” You whisper as you rub your four year olds back.

“No mommy, it’s too early!” Alexei moans.

“Come on baby, we can make pie.” At that Alexei shoots up.

“Apple?” he asks.

“Apple.” You confirm.

“Apples mama’s favorite! Do you think she will come home to eat some?” Alexei asks as he starts to change his clothes. His night shirt gets stuck on his head, so you move to help him.

“Maybe.” You sigh. “Baby, you know that mama has a very important job, right? You know that that’s why she’s not here all the time? She’s out there keeping us safe.” You say.

“Mama fights the bad guys! To keep us and sissy safe!” Alexei squeals.

“That’s right, Baby.” You laugh as you rub your baby bump.

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What’s Your Nightmare?

This is my entry for @hannahindie Party like a Pawnee, Indiana Challenge

Prompt is “My anxiety has kept me up for over 50 hours.” with Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: swearing, self-doubt thoughts, fluff

Word Count: 2,085

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Hakyeon: I feel like N would be be 50/50 in situations like these. Either he would be incredibly whiny and attention seeking, or he would be the most mature about it. There’s no in between. Whiny Hakyeon would mean a dramatic increase in skinship levels (like they’re not high enough already lol). He would nag and complain to you - ‘Y/N I want ice cream, why don’t we go get some now?’, or ‘I’m tired, can we go home now?’, all the while holding your hand or your arm and tugging you until that man was at least a 10 mile radius away from you. The other side of him however, would be that he would try to be as civil as he can to the said man, but he would try to wrap things up quickly. He would leave really subtle hints like ‘Yeah, it does tend to get dark earlier now…’ and hope that you got the message. If you didn’t, he may resort to whiny Hakyeon mode lol

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Leo: Daeguni is the self-confessed most jealous and protective of his significant other, so yes, he’s gonna be hella jealous lmao. I can see him growing quiet (or even more quiet) around you and the other man. This would be the first warning sign. He would sit next to you but silently play with his hands or phone and maybe have a slight pout to his face subconsciously. Because Leo is relatively reserved around new people anyway, this sign might not be that obvious. If you didn’t say goodbye to that man soon, Leo would eventually have enough and take you by the wrist, gently dragging you out whilst making some half-arsed excuse to the man as to why you had to leave so suddenly - ‘Sorry, she’s got a doctor’s appointment’ or something that just doesn’t make sense. He would mope around for a while after until you comfort him and reassure him that you only have eyes for him… and maybe get him an iced latte just to be safe.

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Ken: Ken… He would get sulky. Like, petty-child-throwing-a-tantrum sulky. Of course, that wouldn’t be his initial reaction. I feel like he would be mostly okay with you around other guys, I don’t really see him as the type to get overly jealous tbh. But if he was, he too, like Leo, would grow quieter. This would be more obvious with Ken than with Leo (evidently). If you still don’t notice, then he would cling on to your hand and rest his head on your shoulder, never leaving you alone for a split second. He would try his best to mask his jealousy - he doesn’t strike me as the type to make a scene or cause unnecessary drama, but the change in his mood will be fairly noticeable. Because he’s not the jealous type, when he does get jealous, I think you’d need to coax him quite a bit with a lot of aegyo, kisses and cuddles, just to make him feel loved and remind him that he will never be forgotten. 

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Ravi: Again, I don’t think Ravi is really the type to get jealous but he does have the tendency to over think things which might make him more likely (more likely than Ken, anyway) to be jealous. Wonsik wouldn’t really have a problem to start with but the deeper in the conversation you get with the other man, the more he doubts, not you, but himself. I can picture him beginning to get a little agitated, though he would certainly try to hide that. He can see that you’re happy and enjoying yourself so he wouldn’t want to be ‘selfish’ and stop you but he just can’t help it. Wonsik would patiently wait until you were done (what a lad) but you would notice that he would seem ‘off’ afterwards. He would repeatedly tell you that nothing was bothering him, so you would need to reassure him that you won’t judge him and that you are simply concerned about him before he would tell you that he was jealous. Poor baby would be so embarrassed so hug him lots okay?

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Hongbin: Bean is definitely the type to get jealous, don’t even fight me on this one. Like Ravi, he would try to seem like everything was okay because for him to admit that he was jealous would kill him with pure embarrassment. Hongbin would sit around for the most part but he would chime in when suitable to roast the guy you’re talking to because Bean is savage™. You would brush it off as a sarcastic remark and explain that he’s always like this but in Kong’s mind, he really meant what he said (mostly). He doesn’t mean to dislike that man you’re talking to, in fact, he knows that chances are, the man you’re talking to is a nice person or else you wouldn’t be speaking to him, but he just can’t help it when it comes to you. He would make these remarks all night until afterwards, you scold him and show him how irritated and embarrassed you are because of what he said. It’ll only be then when Savage Bean™ almost cries that he admits he was jealous. He would explain that he didn’t confess earlier because he was embarrassed. ‘Hey look, we’re both embarrassed now. Please don’t be mad…’

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Hyuk: I would see Hyogi as being in the middle of the jealous spectrum. He can be quite protective but he knows his limits. He would probably try the hardest of all members in the group to join in the conversation and befriend the man you’re speaking to. If things really do start worrying him though, he would begin to tune out of the conversation and begin to overthink. This giant baby would scoot over closer to you and reach for you hand because he needs to know that you’re still there and that you still love him and only him. He would probably start playing with your intertwined hands, holding them up to his eye level deliberately so he can rub it in the man’s face, showing him that you’re taken and his. Hyogi wouldn’t really speak much of it later. He would feel like he was able to resolve the problem himself lol but if this was a constant thing that happened often, he would talk to you openly about it, expressing his concerns. Only then would you need to comfort him with a cuddly anime marathon or something (idk this kid is weird man).

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Hopefully you enjoyed reading through this. Excuse my sarcasm in some places lol. Please feel free to request any scenarios or reactions! Have a beautiful day!^^


My Friends

Just like a PSA, I love my online friends and even if I change platforms from time to time, I still think about you all. I wonder if school is going well or if you are getting jobs. I wonder if you are happy and if your pets are happy. I wonder if you are taking care of yourself and if you smiled today. I wonder if you are happy with who you are or if you are discovering more about yourself. Even if I don’t always say something, I want you to know I hold my friendships close to me. Even if we don’t talk or if we have grown apart after a while, just know I am always wishing you the best


Alls well that ends well, eh? Sort of happy ending all round. I thought this was gonna be rubbish to be honest, but I’m still glad I wrote it. Just another little thing to add. Hope you guys enjoyed it too!

‘The Price of Lies’ (Part 3)

Part 2

Bucky was a little sore from his impromptu climb, but otherwise he was fine. The only ailment he suffered from was nerves as he sat in the tower’s main sitting room, awaiting your return. When you entered the room, he stood up. He noticed the silver tracks on your cheeks and frowned.

You marched towards him, seeming oddly composed for someone evidently emotional. Bucky held out his arms anyway, expecting to comfort you.

Instead, you slapped your hand into his and passed something into him. With confusion written on his features, he unfolded the paper you’d handed him. His face fell at the sight of the face looking back at him.
“Recognise her?” You asked bitterly. Perhaps you were being harsh, but you were all over the place currently.
“I… Yes.”

“That’s my mother.”
“(Y/n), I-”
“Don’t. I’ve never blamed you for your past; I’ve never antagonised you, and I’ve never let you feel guilty for what you did.” Bucky looked like he was on the verge of tears. He breathed a sigh of relief when you said:
“And I’m not about to start now.”

You led him to the same table and chairs you met at.
“You understand that I have to know though.”
“Of course, I do. I don’t even know where to begin. It was… just another mission to me then. They made me do it, but I also… I knew what I was doing, you know?”

You nodded, and sniffed. You had to be stronger than this. It wasn’t his fault… right?

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I never really post same sex couples and I got a message from @loveislesbian earlier and requested for me to post some of her and her girlfriend and let me just say how happy for you! Please remember that people who are in same sex relationships are people too and they are human! If anyone posts any negative comments about her or anything about same sex relationships, I’ll simply block you. There’s no space here for people being rude to people who love people of the same gender.

Mental Images

This gif was sent in for my 1K Follower Celebration by @trinityjadec: Congratulations!!!! I hope this is a good one!! I feel like it could be funny😬

The boys had been huddled together for hours, trying to figure out what they were dealing with.  The case was unlike any other they’d had.  Sometimes it seemed like vampires were behind the strange deaths, and sometimes seemed like werewolves or djinn.  Everything was confusing and nothing was adding up.

You knew that what they really needed was a break – a chance to get out of the library and let loose or rest.  Sam needed sleep, Dean needed a drink, and Cas needed….  Well, Cas being an angel, he didn’t really need anything, but you needed Cas.  It had been weeks since you’d gotten any time alone with him, and every cell in your body was going into withdrawals. You’d tried several times to talk to them, to tell them to take a couple of hours away from the research and theories, but you’d been shot down every time.

You were desperate; and with desperation came some pretty over-the-top ideas.  Smirking, you excused your self from the room and made your way to your bedroom.

In the library, Cas was in the middle of explaining to Dean why his latest theory wasn’t a viable one when he abruptly raised his hand up to the side of his head and briefly, as though he had a sudden headache.

“Cas?” Dean said, putting his hand on his friend’s shoulder.  “You ok, man?”

He opened his eyes.  “Y/N…she is praying to me.”

Both brothers looked confused.  “Why would she be praying to you?  She was just here.”

“I don’t know.” He answered.  “She keeps showing me images that are…”  Cas’s sentence cut off abruptly as his eyebrows shot up.  “Oh…OH!” He muttered, turning red.  “Um, I think we need to take a break for a few hours – get some rest or relax.  If you’ll excuse me.”

Sam and Dean looked at each other, confused. “Cas?  What’s going on?”

The blue-eyed angel shot them both a shy smile. “Y/N needs me.  I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

Dean gave him a wry grin.  “Mental sexting, Cas?” 

“I don’t understand that reference,” he replied. “But Y/N is waiting for me in her room.”

The hunter waved his friend on with a laugh. “Just keep it down!  There are things we don’t need to hear!”

Cas rushed down to your room and let himself in, breathing heavier than usual with a bright blush on his face.  You were waiting for him, looking just like you had in the mental image you’d sent him earlier.

“Oh, good,” you whispered, grinning.  “You got my message.”

So to clarify my earlier posts, we got another message. A third photo. This time it was someone I recognised but Sherlock didn’t have a clue who she was. It’s nice to occasionally be the clever one. The picture was of the recently deceased Connie Prince. Apparently, she’d died as a result of a tetanus infection but clearly our killer was suggesting otherwise. Again, we received a phone call, after receiving the picture.

This time it was an old woman - and she was blind. I mean, who would do that? How could anyone do that?! What sick mind -

I went along to visit Connie’s brother, Kenny. Sherlock went onto some internet forums and, with his usual tact and diplomacy, got answers that way. Between us, we worked out that while Connie’s death had been made to look like the result of a tetanus infection, it had actually been caused by poison - their houseboy, Raoul de Santos, had overdosed her on Botox! He did the injections himself and has been slowly poisoning her! So, another case cracked. Sherlock is posting another message on his blog to let the killer know that we’ve solved it. Let’s hope we can keep this up.

Better[Alexa Bliss]

A/N: 2 Fics and a drabble in one week, it’s a damn record! I think I misunderstood the request, but I hope it’s still good? Also, I can never remember my damn tag list. So I’m sorry if I tagged you by mistake! 
Request: Imagine where Alexa and the reader get into their first argument because Alexa got jealous and they start saying hurtful things to each other and one thing Alexa says really hurts the reader so Alexa regrets everything so she tries to win her over by smut? Can it be really fluffy smut?
Pairing: Alexa Bliss/Female Reader
Words: 1400+ 
Warnings: My writing, Female/Female Smut 
Tag List: @hardcorewwetrash @wwetrashqueen @wwedivasmut @thebutterflygirl16 @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues @the-geekgoddes @tvrnbvckle @bombomiver

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