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Weakness - Sherlock Holmes

A/n - This is my first imagine :) thank you to @eurusholmmes for helping me out 👍🏼 I hope you guys enjoy!


John Watson was my brother, well as close as anyway. I met Watson when we were younger and we have been best friends ever since. I hadn’t seen him for a while because I had moved away to the country side for a while. My family had suggested it would be good for me because I was getting “stressed”. Soon enough I got bored and decided that moving back to London would be my best bet. I hadn’t seen John in a good 3 years, he knew I was back, but he had been extremely busy with whatever he was doing. But earlier today I got a message from him, that seemed… Off??

“Y/N, come to 221b Baker Street ASAP! Need your help, see you soon! - JW”

As I read the message I furrowed my eyebrows before picking up my coat and walking out of my door. I hailed a cab, and made my way there. It seemed like the longest journey ever, I sat in the back of the cab thinking about what it was I was needed for. Was it something to do with him? Was he okay?

After some time the cab pulled up outside the flat and I hopped out, paying the cabbie quickly before knocking on the door. An older women came to the door and smiled at me telling me to come inside. I gratefully smiled back and followed her inside.

“Y/N dear! John has told me all about you! I’m Mrs Hudson, would you like a cup of tea? I’ll take you right upstairs to them. Follow me!”

“Thank you Mrs Hudson, tea would be lovely if you don’t mind!”

‘Them?’ Who was 'them’? Never the less, I followed Mrs Hudson up the twisted stairs where I found John standing in the door way smiling at me. I smiled back and ran to give him a hug.

“Its so good to see you John” I hummed in his ear. In which he chuckled slightly and returned the statement.

“Oh Y/N, this is Sherlock Holmes” John said before coughing slightly to get the mans attention. The tall dark haired man who was standing in front of the mucky fireplace fiddling with a skull, turned round and smiled slightly, it seemed almost like he was staring at me, it was… odd…

“Hello Y/N how nice it is to meet you, I have no idea why your parents decided to send you away you wasn’t stressed at all was you? But you went anyway, why? Don’t answer that you saw it as a chance to get away from something didn’t you? Something you didn’t tell anyone about… but what? It wasn’t family and it certainly wasn’t John oh no you two were to close…” Sherlock took a step closer to you and looked you up and down before carrying on what he was predicting about me.

“It was a guy. And that guy is exactly why we need you here, you knew him and I need to know how! You are his weak point! Oh Y/N this is brilliant!! Moriarty, how do you know him?” I stood there amazed before turning slightly towards John, who was rolling his eyes at the man.

“I um.. I dated him, i’m sorry how did you know all of that? That was… Amazing! A little strange… but fascinating none the less!” John at this point was chuckling again and Sherlock was now rolling his eyes. I looked at John for reasoning, but he just shrugged and laughed before sitting in the slightly discoloured arm chair. Sherlock was however, in the middle of creating a plan until he stopped and looked between me and John.

“Sherlock whatever you are thinking, no! Stop it right now!” Sherlock just smiled wider and looked at me

“How would feel about seeing him again?”

I looked up at Sherlock and then looked down again. “I uh… I mean I.. Whats going on? I don’t get it why do you need me to see him again?”

Sherlock and John looked at each other before explaining the story to me. They told me about how Moriarty got the cabbie to play games with people to make them take drugs, etc. By the end of this I was seething with anger and agreed to do whatever I could to help (much to John’s outrage).

Now here we are. Standing in a cold, dark room, next to a swimming pool, behind a man I had met a few hours ago.

“Brought you a little getting-to-know-you present. Not what you wanted I suppose but I have the next best thing! I’ll show you if you come out of hiding” Sherlock scoffed. My heart was racing.

“I’ve given you a glimpse, Sherlock, just a teensy glimpse of what I’ve got going on out there in the big bad world. And you didn’t bring me what I was after… What is this next best thing then Sherlock?” He stepped out from behind the red swinging doors, I heard Sherlock mutter “Jim” under his breath…

I stepped out in front of Sherlock trying to act more confident then I was. Moriarty’s face dropped, it was shocked… Some how… I got more confidence and decided to have a little fun!

“What’s the matter babe?? Wasn’t what you was expecting? See that’s the great thing about presents… You never know what your gonna get…” I smirked when I heard Sherlock chuckle.

“I found your weak point Moriarty. The only girl that ever left you. The girl that drove you crazy, and now she’s with me” I took a step back and grabbed Sherlocks side. He put his arm around my shoulders and winked at me before facing Moriarty once more.

“The flirtings over Y/N, daddy’s had enough now…” he muttered with venom in his voice. Just then Sherlock shook his head and pushed me gently behind him again, from then I had tuned out, all I could really notice was how sweet Sherlock was. How gorgeous his eyes were. Funny really my ex is standing in front of me and all i’m focused on is my new found crush on my pretend boyfriend…

“Kill you? N-no, don’t be obvious. I mean, I’m gonna kill you anyway some day. I don’t wanna rush it, though. I’m saving it up for something special. No-no-no-no-no. If you don’t stop prying, I’ll burn you.” Moriarty spoke with venom in his voice. No one that was the part I heard, he almost made it so it was obvious for me, as if he was spelling it out to me…

“Caio, Sherlock Holmes” he said before walking away leaving Sherlock and I in the murky room by ourselves. Sherlock turned round and faced me before giving me a small smile and walking me out of the pool. The plan had worked, he had got into Moriarty’s head. As we was walking out he placed his arm over my shoulders and placed a gentle kiss to the top of my head before smiling at me again.

“What was that for?” I blushed before looking at the smirking man.

“For helping. You’re blushing and your pupils have dilated, I know what that means Y/N… so, how would you like to go out tonight?” I smiled at him and nodded in agreement. I could not wait to tell John!!

Earlier today I got a private message from a dude  telling me my profile was funny and I’d be great to talk to. Alright. Sure. It is very rare for a male person to message a female person with only chat in mind. It happens, but its super unicorn rare. What feels like only 5 minutes of me humoring him with conversation and being calculative and kinda cold with my responses to show no interest… it happens. “Wanna help me get off?”

The true nature of the message has been revealed, and I stop responding. Dude keeps messaging, and finally I choose to respond with the true fact, “I don’t really play with males, I’m a lesbian.” And he quickly follows up with “That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!”

I don’t understand why, “No, I’m not interested…” translated to, “I want you to convince me I want to.” But regardless, what I want in these situations are never factored in by dudes.

A vented to a few friends and in another group; and a person in a group then suggested, “Well, tell them you’re a MtF Trans, that’ll scare them off.” The person who suggested that is new to the group, and may not know I am MtF trans. My selfie game is strong, and its hard to tell in photos I was born a male. But this hurt.

Tell the stranger what you are, and they’ll be repulsed and they’ll leave you alone. Now the quality of a person who doesn’t take no as an answer is questionable in its own right. Probably a misguided soul or at least he’s kind of a dick. But the idea of revealing what I am will turn away someone is horribly hurtful.

It validates so much of my fears and insecurities about not being good enough, or feeling broken. I didn’t tell the guy, I just muted him. I didn’t want to validate those fears. But the sad truth is, it probably would work.And that’s fine. people are allowed to not want dick with their girls. Its just a grim reminder of my reality.

any sort of sex positivity message that refers to its readers as “dearest perverts” is invariably going to alienate ppl who are uncomfortable with sex and sexuality, and they’re the ones who need it most. “embrace how disgusting you are” rhetoric is not going to benefit people who struggle to convince themselves that they aren’t actually disgusting


I really am a nice person until you start pushing my buttons. I’m not going to be talked to in any other way but respectful, just the same as I am going to treat you all. I’ve been busting my ass to get through the requests I got. I’ve only got 6 left out of a list of over 20 and that happened in a matter of days and yet I still got a rude message earlier from one of the requesters wanting to know why theirs hadn’t been done yet but others had. First of all, I am going down the list in order that requests were received in an attempt to be fair. Secondly, if I told you I couldn’t do yours I went out of my way to find someone to write it for you when I didn’t have to. Last and certainly not least, I stated I might not do all requests if I couldn’t come up with anything I felt good enough to put out. I don’t need to be rushed and I don’t need to be talked to like a child. I’m old enough to probably be some of your mothers (if that’s the case then please don’t tell me because I don’t want to know) and also please remember that writers have lives outside of this site. We don’t sit on it all day waiting to please you. I have a full time job, I attend online classes to further my current degree, I have a child of my own to look after, and a household to run. Be respectful of that and I am more than happy to talk to every last one of you, help you if you need it whether writing or personal, and I will continue to take requests and do celebrations as long as it’s appreciated. I really don’t think that’s too much to ask and I would like for all writers to be treated with that kindness. Thank you for reading my rant, following me, and liking what I put out for you guys.

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Maya!! Hope you had a lovely flight! All d best for ur work in London.

I have more coming and I hope I’ll be able to start cut and run book six this time around, hopefully with only total strangers on board, lol! Thank you, have a lovely day/night ❤

{I got a message a little earlier I wasn’t sure how to answer, any by who it doesn’t matter, but they asked what my favorite band was beside Ghost, and to post it to this page.

Oh, Lucifer. Okay. So I have one. Only one that I have loved for like six years.

Hollywood Undead. I know almost every song, and every lyric more than I know myself. Better than Ghost. I hope this makes this person happy, just sayin lmfao.}

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I don't know if you got my message earlier about the Joker from the Batman Beyond series but I think you would like him and plus the series is good too

I’ll check it out sometime :0

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you're really cool and i respect you a lot and the content you post on here is always either insightful or entertaining or both. i'm just like, lurking following u tbh but i'm sorry you got that message earlier. i was wondering, would you say what your tattoos are? they look lovely on you. if you don't want to just ignore this!!

ah sweetheart, thank you.

  • left shoulder is maximus’ tattoo from gladiator (i was seventeen and i’ve loved that movie since i was seven, hush)
  • left bicep reads “kill your authors”, referencing roland barthes’ death of the author essay and arthur quiller-couch’s oft reiterated and/or paraphrased advice to writers: “murder your darlings”
  • left forearm: the closing stanzas of louis macneice’s poem prayer before birth
  • right bicep is an excerpt from the closing pages of l.a. confidential by james ellroy
  • right ditch: figure from hugo simberg’s painting the garden of the death, w/ added halo. his name is stu
  • inner right wrist is a line from anne carson’s the glass essay: “the cauterization of heathcliff took longer.” 

So, as some of you know I’ve been in an unsafe living situation for a while. Not physically abusive but mentally abusive and severely draining.
It’s mostly why I’ve been trying to replace the laptop so badly, the distraction it offers and the access to support is invaluable.
So I got a phone call earlier, they left a message anyway, asking me to contact the letting department of the City Council, which I’m hoping means I got the place I applied for, or one of them at least. So I just…
I’m cautiously optimistic. I mean it might be nothing. But, yeah.
If I have, well that’s a whole other kettle of fish when it comes to furniture, appliances and everything. Though there are grant schemes that I’ve been looking into for those, though most of them require phone calls to apply.
But yeah. Keep things crossed.
There might be a healthier, happier, me on the horizon.

Findteenpenpals Travel Plans!

Hello lovelies!

Last time I went to Dublin, I only annoncend it on here that I go 24 hours before. Then I got a sweet message from a follower, that if she would have known earlier she wouldn’t have cancalled to go to the same big YouTuber meet up I went to if she knew I would come. So this time, I wanted to annonce where I’m going this year. If you aren’t a creepy old men, I would be totally interested in meeting you!

Not 100% confirmed dates yet but I’m going to Sweden - Stockholm to be excat on the 17th till the 19th of March.

I will be attending the Purpose Tour in Dublin on the 21st of June. The day I fly in isn’t confirmed yet but I leave on the 22nd.

I’m also planning to visit Amsterdam this year, London & Paris are still a “maybe, hopefully” in my head. Thailand is a country my parents plan to visit with me but it’s also not confirmed yet and it would be around November. I let you know if something changes. Where are you going this year? And where do you wish to go?

If you ever make a stop in Switzerland, let me know ;)

xoxo Giulia

So I got a few private messages earlier about what is freelance arting like. Well, I’m just now starting so really can’t give much insight, so here’s a progress report/journal of sorts of how it’s going so far if this will help in some way c:

So the month of July was the start of the first official month of freelancing. It’s been interesting and, to be honest, has gone a lot better than expected! I was expecting at most a commission here, a commission there, and the July convention (Hoshicon) that month to pay for most expenses. Expenses in my area are on the high side compared to the rest of the state (NC) as a whole, so I was thinking freelancing would pay for hopefully half of what’s needed monthly to live, starting out for the first couple of months. So to prepare I ran around like mad to gather around a year’s worth of savings before starting to freelance. But somehow I got a lot more work/commissions/things to do/etc and made enough to cover all expenses plus insurance and taxes for this month, plus some extra that will be added to the savings pile. Insane! I’m so thankful, so mind blown. Like… wow. Not a lot of people freelancing starting out can say the same thing, so I’m super duper grateful! But expectations aside, here’s experience so far:

It’s a lot more work than I thought. I knew it would be WORK, like 10 hour days. But technically I am working from the time I wake up till bedtime, drawing and sorting and such. It’s great! I love it so, so much. It really doesn’t feel like work (except the finances and accounting and typing >__>), so the days definitely fly by. I can’t get over the feeling of not doing enough, though. There’s so many new things to balance that are easily forgettable (save your receipts!). You try to get those tiny things done and before you know it, the day ends. But, you haven’t started this person’s commission or haven’t replied to that person yet, and kinda panic a little. At least this is what happens to me, ha. I’ve learned organization is important. Very important! I thought being fulltime freelance would solve the “always behind on emails” problem. No, no it has not. I get double the emails now, and still very much behind. About half the day goes to answering things (and there’s still plenty people who I don’t reply to in a timely fashion and I’m really sorry aagahh!), a quarter goes to commissions, and the remaining quarter goes to organization/personal art/general enhancement. I need to learn to type much faster and/or learn to communicate better. >__> Would like to reverse these stats, with more time going to equally personal art/commissions, and a lot less time on typing. But unless a lot more people aren’t replied to, that’s not a possibility at this time. Perhaps once there’s more establishment the scales will tilt a bit. Was hoping there would be a lot more time in the day to do “nothing” and play video games! So far, there has not been. This backlog of RPGs is calling my name and I continue to ignore DX

I vended at Hoshicon this year as an artist. Some panels we (amazing helper and I) could not attend but it was plenty fun watching the cosplays and meeting awesome people. The art booth set up feels outdated now, so thinking of ways to make it look more engaging and symmetrical, but not overwhelmed with tons of things (and make sure things stop falling!). Expense-wise, partner and I were slightly over breaking even and the remaining bit over has gone to the “get my car breaks fixed” fund.

So, that’s month 1! Thank you guys for asking! I didn’t really give this as much thought before. There’s lots of things to consider if you’d like to try it. I will make another progress report three months in and so on until it all starts to (hopefully) become the same. 

fic: how to take care of your time lord

lol because i’m an idiot i clicked ‘answer privately’ on @suavelydressedbrit‘s prompt ask instead of posting, so she got a ridiculously long message in her inbox earlier - sorry about that! here it is for everyone else to read :)

the prompt was: ‘Ten gets ill and Rose takes care of him (after he stops stubbornly insisting he’s not sick)’

“Right! Where would you like to go today, Rose Tyler?”

Rose glanced up from the article she was reading about a famous Graxicon artist. They’d accidentally landed in the middle of her exhibition at some spacestation gallery last week, and her work had awed Rose. She was a fascinating woman, too - well-travelled and smart and cool - and Rose had been devouring any information she could about her, including that which could be found in the gossip columns of her favourite galaxy-wide magazine.

“Doctor, how many times do I have to tell you, we’re not going anywhere ‘til you’re better.”

“I’m fine,” he insisted, before fishing into his pocket for a hanky and blowing his nose loudly. “How about we go meet Ms Donocapachia, eh?”

Rose was tempted - that was the name of the artist she’d been admiring - but he sounded bloody awful, all bunged up and coughing every five seconds, and apart from the fact he clearly needed rest and looking after, she also didn’t really fancy meeting her new hero alongside someone who was likely to sneeze on her. That would be so embarrassing.

She shook her head at him. “You’ve got a bad cold; what you need is some soup and some sleep, not an adventure.”

“Time Lords don’t get colds,” he scoffed at her, leaning against the console.

Rose turned back to her magazine. “Your nose is dripping.”

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I got a message earlier this week asking if I would make a maxi-length version of that Showtime wrap dress I edited, and although I was hesitant about the idea at first after @spladoum​ and another friend encouraged me to try it I decided to poke around at the project today.

Aaaand even though I’m super rusty at frankenmeshing and it took me all afternoon to get this far, I’m really glad I went for it! The dress turned out much better than I had expected it to. :D I still need to give it a pregnancy morph and make the medium and low levels of detail (BLEH), but it has working fat, fit, and thin morphs, no seams, a decent texture, and good bone assignments. So I am definitely making progress on it! If I push myself, I might be able to release both versions of the dress sometime tomorrow, but we’ll see if my attention span holds out that long. ;)

@cassandragoth96 What do you think? :) This was your suggestion, so I’d love to know your opinion on it and if you would like any specific changes.

once again: not about jonghyun but i got a message asking about this topic earlier. there’s a false fan account going around saying that onew said what was mentioned in the above and i’ve seen many talk about it so further clarification! the extra tidbit about how well the others took care of him / gave him strength after his surgery is also beautiful to know. false information is never fun! so, if you see that fan account spreading around on any sns site, especially tumblr, please message the person who posted it and request for them to delete it! thank you. (source: sullaem via onewsama_)


Inside, the man stirred a little. He coughed, feeling his throat close up from the dust and dirt he had been tossed into before shakily returning to his feet. The cameras seemed defunct by now, since the mission had been accomplished- hence, both men were now safe. Jejoo slowly opened her eyes too, the cat letting out a small, weak mew as she rolled over and back to her feet. The man carefully parted his trousers, watching the anklet blink to signal that it was still functioning and heaved a relieved sigh. After all, the company worked underground and destroying the anklet did not benefit them at all to attract unwanted attention. Jejoo staggered over to her owner’s feet, insistent on greeting him despite the suffering she had undergone.

He knelt down, planting his face into her sooty fur. “You are fine,” he repeated over and over, uncaring of what had just transpired, “That is all that matters to me.” As he finally removed his face from Jejoo’s coat (his face was caked in soot, but truly, he had been in much worst shape), he noticed a figure move outside and got wary once more. Jejoo managed her signature hiss before collapsing onto the ground, panting heavily as the man gathered her in one arm and retrieving his pipe in the other. As he took the pipe, he noticed his phone half-buried in the debris and dug it up. Without checking, he knew what had happened but stated nothing.

As he looked up, he noticed the figure collapse like a stone as if they had been shot, but no gunshot had rang out. He recalled the final game once more, and Jejoo let out another mew to anchor him back to reality. The figure obviously needed help- whether if they were friend or foe.

Slowly limping outside, he was mildly taken aback to see none other than his other self crouching on the ground with his hands over his head. The man knew instantly what was happening and set his cat down. Jejoo immediately went to the other man, gently nudging the man as affectionately as a tired cat could around the legs. “Do not worry,” stated the man, trying to reassure his other self, “We are fine. Safe, albeit slightly dirty. They only factory resetted my phone, since with the anklet on, they cannot injure me without risking the wrath of the police. Let us go home…together.” He squatted down in front of his other self, trying to make himself small and less intimidating- his ankle let out a sharp pain in protest, but it went ignored.

Hesitantly, the man extended a shaky and dirt-crusted hand.

His mind raced, images of his time there running through his mind. Images so strong, he could swear the past years had been a dream - a dream of things he shouldn’t want, of emotions he couldn’t let himself have. They would know. They always knew. They would bring him in and reeducate him, as they had done after the test game. He didn’t look forward to it, but he knew it was necessary. Perhaps this time, they would be successful. He would submit. He would become their perfect creation. He would…

He felt the nudging against his legs, and gradually came back to himself, the words being spoken to him slowly coming into focus. He lowered his arms, enough to peer over his hands, and, seeing it was his other self, he let himself fall into a sitting position, his breaths starting to slow - he hadn’t realized until then how rapidly his breathing had been. It took him several moments to process what had been said, and then he stared in confusion for a moment before he remembered what “home” meant - not the nearby guardhouse, but the home he’d been sharing with Sung Joon, the one he’d moved into after getting away from them.

He nodded weakly, accepting his other self’s hand without really recognizing the significance to the gesture. Pulled back into a standing position - somewhat awkwardly, due to the other man’s injury, but they managed - he shoved his hands in his pockets and looked downwards, mumbling, “The car is waiting for us,” before heading in that direction, not rushing, but not waiting for his other self.