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So to clarify my earlier posts, we got another message. A third photo. This time it was someone I recognised but Sherlock didn’t have a clue who she was. It’s nice to occasionally be the clever one. The picture was of the recently deceased Connie Prince. Apparently, she’d died as a result of a tetanus infection but clearly our killer was suggesting otherwise. Again, we received a phone call, after receiving the picture.

This time it was an old woman - and she was blind. I mean, who would do that? How could anyone do that?! What sick mind -

I went along to visit Connie’s brother, Kenny. Sherlock went onto some internet forums and, with his usual tact and diplomacy, got answers that way. Between us, we worked out that while Connie’s death had been made to look like the result of a tetanus infection, it had actually been caused by poison - their houseboy, Raoul de Santos, had overdosed her on Botox! He did the injections himself and has been slowly poisoning her! So, another case cracked. Sherlock is posting another message on his blog to let the killer know that we’ve solved it. Let’s hope we can keep this up.

I never really post same sex couples and I got a message from @loveislesbian earlier and requested for me to post some of her and her girlfriend and let me just say how happy for you! Please remember that people who are in same sex relationships are people too and they are human! If anyone posts any negative comments about her or anything about same sex relationships, I’ll simply block you. There’s no space here for people being rude to people who love people of the same gender.

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I have a lot of feelings about current time tattoo artist thizzee au, FEELINGS

you know whats really wild?? i was thinking about this earlier yesterday like right before i got this message but i still can’t decide what i Iike better

• do they own a tattoo shop together and they’re super lovey dovey at work and everybody just loves the warm and artistic vibe in the shop
• do they own ‘rival’ tattoo shops and meet each other one day to discuss how one of them needs to go but they end up going on a date instead
• does thor come into dizzee’s shop to get a tattoo and end up falling in love with him
• or is it dizzee that comes into thor’s shop??

dude idk but i know for a fact they fuck in the back room when there’s no customers

Mental Images

This gif was sent in for my 1K Follower Celebration by @trinityjadec: Congratulations!!!! I hope this is a good one!! I feel like it could be funny😬

The boys had been huddled together for hours, trying to figure out what they were dealing with.  The case was unlike any other they’d had.  Sometimes it seemed like vampires were behind the strange deaths, and sometimes seemed like werewolves or djinn.  Everything was confusing and nothing was adding up.

You knew that what they really needed was a break – a chance to get out of the library and let loose or rest.  Sam needed sleep, Dean needed a drink, and Cas needed….  Well, Cas being an angel, he didn’t really need anything, but you needed Cas.  It had been weeks since you’d gotten any time alone with him, and every cell in your body was going into withdrawals. You’d tried several times to talk to them, to tell them to take a couple of hours away from the research and theories, but you’d been shot down every time.

You were desperate; and with desperation came some pretty over-the-top ideas.  Smirking, you excused your self from the room and made your way to your bedroom.

In the library, Cas was in the middle of explaining to Dean why his latest theory wasn’t a viable one when he abruptly raised his hand up to the side of his head and briefly, as though he had a sudden headache.

“Cas?” Dean said, putting his hand on his friend’s shoulder.  “You ok, man?”

He opened his eyes.  “Y/N…she is praying to me.”

Both brothers looked confused.  “Why would she be praying to you?  She was just here.”

“I don’t know.” He answered.  “She keeps showing me images that are…”  Cas’s sentence cut off abruptly as his eyebrows shot up.  “Oh…OH!” He muttered, turning red.  “Um, I think we need to take a break for a few hours – get some rest or relax.  If you’ll excuse me.”

Sam and Dean looked at each other, confused. “Cas?  What’s going on?”

The blue-eyed angel shot them both a shy smile. “Y/N needs me.  I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

Dean gave him a wry grin.  “Mental sexting, Cas?” 

“I don’t understand that reference,” he replied. “But Y/N is waiting for me in her room.”

The hunter waved his friend on with a laugh. “Just keep it down!  There are things we don’t need to hear!”

Cas rushed down to your room and let himself in, breathing heavier than usual with a bright blush on his face.  You were waiting for him, looking just like you had in the mental image you’d sent him earlier.

“Oh, good,” you whispered, grinning.  “You got my message.”

Me busting through SamJack Fandom with Water Squirting Bottle
  • Me: I PROMOTE PEACE BUT DARN IT I WILL DEFEND THOSE WHO ARE HARASSED AND BULLIED TO DEATH. Also if y'all wanna settle your dispute then just like, talk to me and stuff. I'll try to figure out a solution. Got a message from an anon earlier about this situation and that's not cool.
Girls Night Part 3

Title: Girls Night Part 3

Part 1    Part 2

Pairing: Dean x Reader (we’re getting there!)

Warnings: a few curses

Word Count: 1254

A/N: Okay so this is short because I’m going to keep their first date in one part. I’m a details freak so that will probably be kind of long. Also I 100% believe Dean would be this awkward if he really liked someone and wasn’t looking for a booty call…just go with me here. 

Sitting at the library table, Dean stared at the screen of his phone and fiddled with the slip of paper holding Y/N’s number.

Sam entered the library after grabbing some coffee. “Dude.” He noticed the slip of paper in his hand, he’d been carrying it around like a little kid since the other night. “Seriously? You still haven’t called her?”

Dean just looked at him.

“Hey, she gave you her number and usually that means she actually wants you to call her.” Sam sat down to resume what he’d been working on.

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Fixing the Broken (Part 2)

Originally posted by tonyscap

Summary: Lance and Y/N are going through a divorce, but can their son change the route of the future?

Let me know what you think!

Part 1 

Lance spent the next week with the paper work that you left him with. Getting a divorce was harder than he had expected. It was finally Sunday which meant James got to sleep with his father. Lance’s friend whom he was temporarily living with was gone for the night.  He avoided doing paper work around his son just so they could spend some quality time together. You still haven’t decided who was taking the custody or how it was going to work out but one thing Lance knew was that he could not survive without his son.

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ok but a merthur chopped au where merlin is the contestant and arthur is the celeb judge who can't figure out how merlin keeps making delicious food out of the exceedingly strange ingredients (hint: it's magic, shenanigans ensue)

I love this. 

all of the other contestants will appear calmer, more collected, and actually speak as if they know what they are talking about. merlin, on the other hand, buzzes around the pantry like a man possessed, and at the two minute warning, still appears as though he has no idea what he is doing.

the other two judges are immediately endeared by the idiot’s fluttering eyelashes and blinding, goofy smiles. but arthur won’t be won over so easily. this is a cooking competition, not a popularity contest. yet irritatingly, every single dish is outstanding. how on earth does he do it!?

arthur watches merlin like a hawk during the desert round. the contestant he is up against has her shit together and a batch of cookies already in the oven. merlin, predictably, is still floating around in the pantry, and hasn’t even touched any of the required ingredients yet. 

with less than ten minutes to go, merlin has managed to successfully butcher the mangoes from his basket, has left his puff pastry baking in the oven for so long it’s a wonder it’s anything other than charcoal at this stage, and is staring thoughtfully at a cooling mug of coffee. this was going to be a disaster. 

arthur watched as merlin began frantically whipping a bowl of cream, seemingly in a distressed panic. the butchered mango “slices” were thrown carelessly into a frying pan with far too much rose water, and he still hadn’t removed the puff pastry from the oven. the other judges were whipped up into a frenzy right along with him, but arthur relaxed into his seat, a sly smile creeping across his face as he enjoyed the spectacle a flustered merlin made. 

all too soon (for merlin), the two minute warning was announced, and miss cool-and-collected began plating her delicious-smelling creation. merlin reached for his tray of disintegrated ash from the oven, and pulled out a perfectly cooked tray of golden puff pastry. arthur’s jaw dropped. there was no way-

in a blur of hands and pirouettes and sinful finger-licking, merlin brought together his plate of food, the tower forming before their very eyes as if by magic.

it was near-impossible to believe that the plate sitting in front of arthur now was created by the wild-haired maniac standing two feet away, in nothing less than 10 minutes of chaotic luck. and it had to be luck. arthur didn’t understand how he’d done it, but done it again he had. merlin’s magic fingers had whipped together the most delightfully sinful dessert arthur could remember eating in a very long time. crisp puff pastry that melted in the mouth, smooth coffee-flavoured cream, sweet rose-water pan-seared mango, crunchy graham crackers (and where the hell had they even come from!?) all lovingly topped with dark chocolate arthur hadn’t even seen him melt. 

merlin’s kitchen station looked as though a tornado had whipped through it. arthur didn’t even know where all the flour had possibly come from!? horrendously messy, uncoordinated, maniacal whirlwind of a man he may be, but he was also a damn magician. arthur was willing to accept the existence of magic if it meant eating more of this man’s food. (he drew the line at cleaning up after him though). 

Weakness - Sherlock Holmes

A/n - This is my first imagine :) thank you to @eurusholmmes for helping me out 👍🏼 I hope you guys enjoy!


John Watson was my brother, well as close as anyway. I met Watson when we were younger and we have been best friends ever since. I hadn’t seen him for a while because I had moved away to the country side for a while. My family had suggested it would be good for me because I was getting “stressed”. Soon enough I got bored and decided that moving back to London would be my best bet. I hadn’t seen John in a good 3 years, he knew I was back, but he had been extremely busy with whatever he was doing. But earlier today I got a message from him, that seemed… Off??

“Y/N, come to 221b Baker Street ASAP! Need your help, see you soon! - JW”

As I read the message I furrowed my eyebrows before picking up my coat and walking out of my door. I hailed a cab, and made my way there. It seemed like the longest journey ever, I sat in the back of the cab thinking about what it was I was needed for. Was it something to do with him? Was he okay?

After some time the cab pulled up outside the flat and I hopped out, paying the cabbie quickly before knocking on the door. An older women came to the door and smiled at me telling me to come inside. I gratefully smiled back and followed her inside.

“Y/N dear! John has told me all about you! I’m Mrs Hudson, would you like a cup of tea? I’ll take you right upstairs to them. Follow me!”

“Thank you Mrs Hudson, tea would be lovely if you don’t mind!”

‘Them?’ Who was 'them’? Never the less, I followed Mrs Hudson up the twisted stairs where I found John standing in the door way smiling at me. I smiled back and ran to give him a hug.

“Its so good to see you John” I hummed in his ear. In which he chuckled slightly and returned the statement.

“Oh Y/N, this is Sherlock Holmes” John said before coughing slightly to get the mans attention. The tall dark haired man who was standing in front of the mucky fireplace fiddling with a skull, turned round and smiled slightly, it seemed almost like he was staring at me, it was… odd…

“Hello Y/N how nice it is to meet you, I have no idea why your parents decided to send you away you wasn’t stressed at all was you? But you went anyway, why? Don’t answer that you saw it as a chance to get away from something didn’t you? Something you didn’t tell anyone about… but what? It wasn’t family and it certainly wasn’t John oh no you two were to close…” Sherlock took a step closer to you and looked you up and down before carrying on what he was predicting about me.

“It was a guy. And that guy is exactly why we need you here, you knew him and I need to know how! You are his weak point! Oh Y/N this is brilliant!! Moriarty, how do you know him?” I stood there amazed before turning slightly towards John, who was rolling his eyes at the man.

“I um.. I dated him, i’m sorry how did you know all of that? That was… Amazing! A little strange… but fascinating none the less!” John at this point was chuckling again and Sherlock was now rolling his eyes. I looked at John for reasoning, but he just shrugged and laughed before sitting in the slightly discoloured arm chair. Sherlock was however, in the middle of creating a plan until he stopped and looked between me and John.

“Sherlock whatever you are thinking, no! Stop it right now!” Sherlock just smiled wider and looked at me

“How would feel about seeing him again?”

I looked up at Sherlock and then looked down again. “I uh… I mean I.. Whats going on? I don’t get it why do you need me to see him again?”

Sherlock and John looked at each other before explaining the story to me. They told me about how Moriarty got the cabbie to play games with people to make them take drugs, etc. By the end of this I was seething with anger and agreed to do whatever I could to help (much to John’s outrage).

Now here we are. Standing in a cold, dark room, next to a swimming pool, behind a man I had met a few hours ago.

“Brought you a little getting-to-know-you present. Not what you wanted I suppose but I have the next best thing! I’ll show you if you come out of hiding” Sherlock scoffed. My heart was racing.

“I’ve given you a glimpse, Sherlock, just a teensy glimpse of what I’ve got going on out there in the big bad world. And you didn’t bring me what I was after… What is this next best thing then Sherlock?” He stepped out from behind the red swinging doors, I heard Sherlock mutter “Jim” under his breath…

I stepped out in front of Sherlock trying to act more confident then I was. Moriarty’s face dropped, it was shocked… Some how… I got more confidence and decided to have a little fun!

“What’s the matter babe?? Wasn’t what you was expecting? See that’s the great thing about presents… You never know what your gonna get…” I smirked when I heard Sherlock chuckle.

“I found your weak point Moriarty. The only girl that ever left you. The girl that drove you crazy, and now she’s with me” I took a step back and grabbed Sherlocks side. He put his arm around my shoulders and winked at me before facing Moriarty once more.

“The flirtings over Y/N, daddy’s had enough now…” he muttered with venom in his voice. Just then Sherlock shook his head and pushed me gently behind him again, from then I had tuned out, all I could really notice was how sweet Sherlock was. How gorgeous his eyes were. Funny really my ex is standing in front of me and all i’m focused on is my new found crush on my pretend boyfriend…

“Kill you? N-no, don’t be obvious. I mean, I’m gonna kill you anyway some day. I don’t wanna rush it, though. I’m saving it up for something special. No-no-no-no-no. If you don’t stop prying, I’ll burn you.” Moriarty spoke with venom in his voice. No one that was the part I heard, he almost made it so it was obvious for me, as if he was spelling it out to me…

“Caio, Sherlock Holmes” he said before walking away leaving Sherlock and I in the murky room by ourselves. Sherlock turned round and faced me before giving me a small smile and walking me out of the pool. The plan had worked, he had got into Moriarty’s head. As we was walking out he placed his arm over my shoulders and placed a gentle kiss to the top of my head before smiling at me again.

“What was that for?” I blushed before looking at the smirking man.

“For helping. You’re blushing and your pupils have dilated, I know what that means Y/N… so, how would you like to go out tonight?” I smiled at him and nodded in agreement. I could not wait to tell John!!

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Happy kanda headcanon: during the winter, kanda and alma liked to huddle together under a blanket and would muted insults about "the winter guy who freezes everything over". Another happy headcanon (maybe more bittersweet than happy but idk), every year on Alma's death anniversary, he plants a lotus flower in whatever town he's in for a mission at the time.

Maybe they eventually found out that winter is a season, not a person, but winter as some asshole guy became like an inside joke for them.

Kanda slips and falls on ice and is pissed/embarrassed, and Alma mock-yells at ‘old man winter’ for ‘tripping my friend, you jerk,’ and thinks he’s being hilarious.

He himself slips and falls into a pit like five seconds later, and after fishing him out, Kanda remarks, completely deadpan, that Old Man Winter is a vindictive jackass. Alma is so surprised to hear Kanda make a joke that he nearly falls back in. He thinks it’s hysterical. After that, they blame Old Man Winter for all cold-related mishaps.

(Sometimes Kanda still slips up and cusses out Old Man Winter for making his hands too cold to hold his sword properly or icing over the stairs at the train station.)

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ah could I request you bringing Dino food to the studio bc he didn't have anything to eat after all the other members eating the food there


Ah…Y/N…could you bring me food to the studio? ;;


What’s up? You just bragged about you ordering chinese with the members :p


We did order chinese but the hyungs ate it all while I was practicing my dances ㅠㅠ

You laughed a little at his text message. You could see his face of disappointment in your mind - lips in a sad pout, head down and back hunched when the other members are sarcastically apologising to him.

Not that they were mean but sharing food between thirteen people isn’t exactly a fair game so if you’re not there to eat immediately, you’re bound to not get any food. First come, first served.


Can you survive 20 minutes? I’ll bring pizza ;)


Ah I don’t know I might starve in 19,5 minutes…


Don’t buy the one with tuna though…that’s bad


Sure thing!


Thank you Y/N…you’re a lifesaver


I know right, I’m your angel haha.

You rushed up the stairs at the pledis building, trying your best not to fall and drop the pizza you had in your hands. The pizza box was burning hot from the bottom so that added to the fact that you tried to see where you were stepping was ought to be disastrous but luckily, you made it without the pizza dying or yourself.

You entered the grey room where the thirteen boys always filmed their andromeda’s and knocked on the door at the back of the room which you knew to be the room they recorded most of their songs in.

You entered the room and saw a lonely Chan sitting on a black leather chair in front of the computer with his headphones on. He clearly hadn’t noticed you walk in so you thought of scaring him but as soon as you took a step closer, he yelled: “Ya!” and you flinched, almost dropping the pizza. “Haha, got you” he laughed and pointed at you, amused by your shocked face.

“That’s the way you treat your food delivery? Wow Chan” you said, clicking your tongue, pretending to be hurt but still cool about it, even though your heart was beating really fast.

You sat on the chair next to him, handing him the pizza box. “Just kidding, I love you” he then stated and opened the box, letting out a content sigh as he took in a deep breath of the amazing smell of the pizza. “I swear, pizza has never smelt this good”, he said and took a bite of a pre-cut slice, offering you one as well. You took the slice gladly and ate it with him, just the sounds of you two munching on the food to be heard.

Before you were even finished with your first slice he must’ve been on his third one already - he was obviously starving to this moment. Poor boy, you thought and smiled when he started dancing while sitting and eating. “So delicious!” he mumbled with his mouth full of food and his eyes smiling. “Glad you like it” you said, turning to look around the room.

“Where did the others go?” you asked, curious because you got the image of them working in the studio together from his messages earlier on. “Ah, some went back to the dorms and some are practising their dancing somewhere, some hyungs might be writing lyrics somewhere too” he answered, finishing his last bite of the fifth big slice of pizza.

“I’m so full I can’t eat anymore” he claimed and you laughed at his facial expression. His brows knitted together and his hands on top of his tummy, that he exaggerated to be bigger than it was. You had brought him a family size pizza because he did say he was very hungry but that might’ve been a tiny bit too large…

“I think I’ll leave it for Vernon-hyung…he seemed really guilty of not leaving me any food” he stated and put the pizza box on the table and fiddling with his hands, trying to get rid of the grease on his hands. He was always a sweetheart, even though his members didn’t leave him food he still didn’t have the heart to eat the whole pizza without giving some for the members.

“I think I need to go back now” you said, letting out a sigh when you remembered all the things you still had to do when you got back home. “Yeah, I should probably finish this song too…” He got up, extending his hand out for you to take ahold of to get up, not that you needed it but holding his warm hand was always nice.

“Seriously, thank you” Chan thanked you once again, pecking your lips quickly before you opened the door. “My pleasure” you said, blushing a little because of the kiss because you two didn’t show affection like this very often, you mostly just snuggled or held hands and besides, as you opened the door - Seokmin and Joshua were there so it was a little awkward. You greeted them and waved Chan goodbye as you quickly stormed past the two members, not wanting to hear what they had to say.

You regretted not giving Chan another kiss but maybe next tomorrow when you planned on bringing him food again.

 Admin Memesol

So I got a few private messages earlier about what is freelance arting like. Well, I’m just now starting so really can’t give much insight, so here’s a progress report/journal of sorts of how it’s going so far if this will help in some way c:

So the month of July was the start of the first official month of freelancing. It’s been interesting and, to be honest, has gone a lot better than expected! I was expecting at most a commission here, a commission there, and the July convention (Hoshicon) that month to pay for most expenses. Expenses in my area are on the high side compared to the rest of the state (NC) as a whole, so I was thinking freelancing would pay for hopefully half of what’s needed monthly to live, starting out for the first couple of months. So to prepare I ran around like mad to gather around a year’s worth of savings before starting to freelance. But somehow I got a lot more work/commissions/things to do/etc and made enough to cover all expenses plus insurance and taxes for this month, plus some extra that will be added to the savings pile. Insane! I’m so thankful, so mind blown. Like… wow. Not a lot of people freelancing starting out can say the same thing, so I’m super duper grateful! But expectations aside, here’s experience so far:

It’s a lot more work than I thought. I knew it would be WORK, like 10 hour days. But technically I am working from the time I wake up till bedtime, drawing and sorting and such. It’s great! I love it so, so much. It really doesn’t feel like work (except the finances and accounting and typing >__>), so the days definitely fly by. I can’t get over the feeling of not doing enough, though. There’s so many new things to balance that are easily forgettable (save your receipts!). You try to get those tiny things done and before you know it, the day ends. But, you haven’t started this person’s commission or haven’t replied to that person yet, and kinda panic a little. At least this is what happens to me, ha. I’ve learned organization is important. Very important! I thought being fulltime freelance would solve the “always behind on emails” problem. No, no it has not. I get double the emails now, and still very much behind. About half the day goes to answering things (and there’s still plenty people who I don’t reply to in a timely fashion and I’m really sorry aagahh!), a quarter goes to commissions, and the remaining quarter goes to organization/personal art/general enhancement. I need to learn to type much faster and/or learn to communicate better. >__> Would like to reverse these stats, with more time going to equally personal art/commissions, and a lot less time on typing. But unless a lot more people aren’t replied to, that’s not a possibility at this time. Perhaps once there’s more establishment the scales will tilt a bit. Was hoping there would be a lot more time in the day to do “nothing” and play video games! So far, there has not been. This backlog of RPGs is calling my name and I continue to ignore DX

I vended at Hoshicon this year as an artist. Some panels we (amazing helper and I) could not attend but it was plenty fun watching the cosplays and meeting awesome people. The art booth set up feels outdated now, so thinking of ways to make it look more engaging and symmetrical, but not overwhelmed with tons of things (and make sure things stop falling!). Expense-wise, partner and I were slightly over breaking even and the remaining bit over has gone to the “get my car breaks fixed” fund.

So, that’s month 1! Thank you guys for asking! I didn’t really give this as much thought before. There’s lots of things to consider if you’d like to try it. I will make another progress report three months in and so on until it all starts to (hopefully) become the same.