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When it is time to work, you better hope that you’ve got your brave boots on. Now is the time for you to show the world what you have got.

I’m doing a marathon by Amy Kennedy


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Hello!!! For the color palette challenge, I was wondering if you could do pallet #5 with the word ‘dream’. (uwu)

Dreams full of magic (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Interviewing the ‘Friend’

Requested by: Anon

Request: Can you do something with Grant where the reader is an actress on either show with him idc and they’re being interviewed and the interviewer is asking the reader really mean questions and Grant sticks up for her? Romantic or non-romantic it doesn’t really matter :)

Word: 1,020

It was hard being an actress, through the countless auditions and rejections. It was even harder being an actress on a popular TV show such as Glee.  You loved singing and acting so when Glee was presented; it was something you auditioned for (among many other things). You had gotten the role as Sebastian’s best friend, Christina… who happened to go to William McKinley High.

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Hcs for being damian waynes motherly/sister figure?❤❤

I appreciate this request because I, too, wish I could adopt damian

  • I’m imagining you somehow getting involved with Team Batman and meeting tiny ferocious Robin and just thinking, “yes, this child needs mothering and he is mine now.”
  • Bruce is probably a little suspicious at first because people trying to get close to his children usually do so because of some ulterior motive, but Damian warms up to you surprisingly fast and eventually Batdad decides you’re trustworthy. Plus, he’ll be the first to admit that Damian could always use more nonviolent influences in his life.
  • The way that Damian shows affection is a lot like the way a cat does. He’s not sitting next to you because he enjoys your presence, it was simply the most convenient spot. He “just happens” to be in the same room as you, trying very hard to look busy. It’s not because he’s lonely and wants company, and he’s frankly a little insulted that you’d make that assumption.
  • Hugs are Out Of The Question, at least at first. Damian is definitely not used to being touched in a casual or affectionate way, so he’ll probably never be a touchy person. And again, like a skittish cat, it’s best to proceed with caution on the physical affection front.
  • I feel like you’re going to spend a lot of time trying to make up for all of the normal childhood things that Damian never got to do. Marathoning your favorite kid movies, baking cookies, giving him your old favorite books to read, ect.
  • His reactions to the movies vary (he enjoys Mulan but isn’t a big fan of most of the princess-y ones), but he’ll grudgingly admit that he really does like your cookies. His reactions to the books are a little bit hilarious, because he’ll come to you with these deep observations about themes, even if the book in question is, like, Percy Jackson or something.
  • If you take him to a pet shop or a dog park you will instantly become his Favorite Person. You make an effort to take him back at least once every couple of weeks. 

you can’t escape from yourself
like a wished-for dream
don’t you want what can be broken?


I reached a follower goal not that long ago and I’d planned to do blogrates then… but I got distracted by marathoning Game of Thrones. I still really want to do them, though, so here we go!

if you don’t want to see this on your dash, blacklist “chelle br”. Format under the cut! 

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Hey, so the london marathon happened at the weekend and it got me thinking, do you reckon the Waynes take part in marathons and other charity runs? Because they certainly have the stamina!

Oh definitely they do charity runs and the like all the time. Not only does it give them an opportunity to raise money for good causes, but they also looove showing off how fit they are. (Dick especially enjoys showing off how great his butt looks in running shorts 😉) 

I had a dream about Supernatural but instead of Dean and Sam it was Drake and Josh.

Drake got infected by like, this “anger” Demon? And was being super unfair and angry at Josh and the only way to ‘cure’ it was to read this magazine that had articles about dealing with your feelings. Which took a LOT of convincing for him to do because he thought that was full of BS and there’s no way he’d do something so ‘uncool’

Sejiou Family headcanons: 1st years to 3rd years

-He has a sister 3 years younger
-Born into a very traditional family
-definitely had a very controlled life outside of volleyball
-Parents forced him to start playing violin. But he really didn’t like it.
-Sejio feels more like a family to him and he’ll miss it when he graduates

-Two siblings. An older sister by three years and a younger brother by two years.
-Single mother
-His brother is a musical prodigy and his mom would much rather go to one of his brother’s concerts than his games.
-His sister is the best sister in the world. She was the ace of her volleyball team and she had to take him to practice once and he decided his sister is the coolest person he has ever known. Because you know “Beautiful+Powerful=superhero”.(Iwaizumi comes in second when it comes to coolest people he knows)
-His sister will be at all of his games no matter how far away she is She could be in Tokyo but will make it.
-His mother is a teacher and hiss sister is studying to be a doctor.

-He is the oldest of three. The two younger siblings are a pair of twins a girl and a boy who are 7 and happen to love and adore their older brother.
-His mother died when the twins were barely one by a drunk driver. They live with their dad and his step-wife who owns a tiny daycare/afterschool program.
-His father got him an Alaskan malamute puppy as a gift on his 7th birthday.
-His siblings love his teammates. Mainly Iwaizumi and Kyoutani because their suckers when it comes to a kid giving them puppy dog eyes. Plus they give the best piggyback rides.
-They wouldn’t trade Watari for the world.

-He has a twin sister who looks exactly (except for longer hair, eyelashes and the fact she has bewbs) like him and has a personality very close to his. She just happens to be younger by 15 minutes.
-He lives with his dad who’s kind of distant due to him working long weird hours.
-They visit their mom twice a month and his mom is a free lance artist and art teacher
-He and his sister can tell if anything is even slightly wrong or different and would kick the ass of anyone who even tried to hurt the other.
-His sister can play piano, violin, and guitar. He can play the piano. They recorded duets they do to see how well they did. They can both sing like angels.
-Over the years, they develop an us against the world mentality. Yahaba also feels he needs to take care of her because he is the older one technically.
-He and his sister have a hard times parting ways when it comes to them going to different colleges.

-He is the fith of six children and is also the only boy.
-His older sisters are 5 ,3 and 2 years apart from him respectivly. His youngest sister is 2 years younger
-He dosesn’t allow anyone to call girl names or to harass them because if he learned anything from his sisters is not to condone any of that because what if one of them were in that situation.
-His youngest sister is exactly like him but more friendly. She can actually hurt him because she took MMA classes after an incident that could have ended badly.
-Kyoutani is the man of the house affter at 5 and a half after his dad walks out on his family. Kyoutani promises to hurt his dad if he ever sees his him after seeing his mom cry.
-His mom works long nine-hour shifts at a hospital and takes online college cources to get her Ph.D in education. She wants to be creative writting teacher.


-He has a little brother who is just like him except he’d rather read or write stories then do anything including physical activity.
-He has unwrully blackish blue curls that are slightly longer then matsun’s.
-He has really nice eyebrows while matsun has catipillers for eyebrows.
-Matsun’s mom is a baker who owns a popular bakery.
-His little brother thinks memes are stupid. Matsukawa felt like he had been betrayed.

-He has a younger sister. She’s only a year younger and they share a birthday.
-Hanamaki has two moms and I will DIE for this headcanon.
-His actuall mom is a florist and his other mom works in the bakery with Matsuns mom.
-He and his sister are pretty close and listen to trashy american pop music together.
-His sister is an amuture model because of hanamaki.
-Her matsun and Makki like to joke , prank and meme with eachother.

-The only child. Like I can’t imagen him having to deal with a sibling And oikawa
-His father is a stay at home dad and his mom is a Pediactric sergeon.
-Iwa has been to a hospital 2 times in his life.
-He and his family + Oikawa always got together and had a movie marathon every friday night and still do it occasonaly.
-He get’s his love for godzilla from his mom.
-His dad uses to be an astroligist and learned all the constilations to impress Oikawa. He still knows them up to now.

-He is the youngest and has a sister 5 years older than him.
-She taught him how to do his signiture pose.
-Oikawa’s mom is a scientist who works from home.
-His love for astrology comes from a trip to a planiterium with his mom one day where she had to go there to do some research.
-Oikawa’s love for aliens comes from the x-files.
-While his sister was babysiting him and iwa. He would to reinact scenes with him as mulder and iwa as skully.

Ueda on the topic of his victory in this year’s marathon, and the members.

…Indeed, there were definitely some regrets regarding last year’s marathon where I didn’t manage to do quite well, and it was true that many thoughts were running through my mind at that moment. I thought I had to do something about it, and getting a second place just won’t do. If I got #1 in the marathon, it would somehow help enhance KAT-TUN’s image as well. I was happy (that I won). The people around me were happy for me, Nakamaru even cried about it because he knew I practised really hard for this marathon. When I met Kame the next day, he told me he watched the program and was amazed at the result. He said I was ‘Sugoi!’. But Kame complained that Nakamaru should have waited for me at the goal because the sight would have been more kakkoii. Lol. However, Nakamaru being Nakamaru, he knew that it would have been a hindrance if he really did that.

BTS reaction: their s/o being obsessed with Disney

Thank you fro requesting, deary! xx

Jin: According to members’ profiles, he likes Disney princesses (it may or may not be true, I don’t know), but even if he isn’t, he’s got his own obsession with Mario. So, he will definitely not judge you, and probably just obsess with you. Maybe not to the same extent, but he will still do it. He’ll give you whatever merch he can find as presents, and I can totally imagine him being down for Disney-marathons when he’s got the time. And I’m just gonna put this out here: duets while the two of you are cooking and/or cleaning. With whisks or whatever as microphones. And horrible dancing.

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Suga: He might look like he’s judging you whenever he finds you basically dying over something Disney-related but trust me, he’s actually not. He’ll definitely lowkey find it adorable. He’ll roll his eyes every time he finds you under a blanket, watching Disney. And probably ask how you’re still such a child. But for every occasion where he feels like he’s obliged to give you a present (birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, when he needs to apologize etc.) he’ll get you Disney merch. And he’ll try (and fail) to hide his gummy smile when he sees your face light up when he gives it to you. And it won’t be impossible that he’ll watch some movies with you once in a while.

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J-Hope: Whatever you love, he’ll love. He’ll find it so incredibly cute that he’ll probably giggle a bit whenever he comes home to you watching the Lion King again. And every time, he’ll just drop his stuff and maybe take a quick shower before joining you. And the other members will probably be so annoyed because he’s always humming on some Disney song, that eventually they’ll lightly smack him as soon as he does. And expect him to sometimes surprise you with tickets to go see the new Disney movie.


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Rap Monster: He’s another one who’ll find it lowkey adorable, but try to hide it. Only, he’s going to be worse at hiding it than Yoongi. If he finds you fangirling, he’ll roll his eyes and pretend to think that it’s childish, but his very visible smile will betray him. He’ll also be down for marathons whenever he’s got the time, and you’ll probably have to do a bit of aegyo to get him to agree. And for your birthday, he’ll probably get you either something Disney-related that’s a bit more rare than maybe a blanket with the princesses, or just a big box full of different merch. 

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Jimin: He’s going to find it highkey adorable, and not hide it. He’s going to be very smiley and giggly whenever you’re fangirling, and tell you how cute you look. You know how good he is at finding gifts for the other members? Yeah, just imagine what he’d et for you. But he’ll also tease you sometimes. Like, “aren’t you getting a bit too old to have such a crush on Prince Eric?” and you’ll pout and start protesting. 

“I do not have a crush on…” but you won’t be able to finish the sentence before he attacks you with a hug and kisses your cheek. I think he’s also the type to, whenever you’re watching one of the movies together and a song starts playing, he’ll stand up with his hand stretched out towards you and a smile on his face.

“May I, my princess?” Just because he’s probably very cheesy when he feels like it.

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I cringed so hard writing that last part omg

V: Not gonna lie, he probably really likes Disney, too. And if he doesn’t, he’ll start liking it because of you. He’s definitely the typ to watch all the princess movies with you in one sitting, even if that means you’re staying up until 4 AM. And he’ll definitely start calling you “my princess”, and probably want you to call him “my prince”. And he’ll shower you in Disney plushies. And he seems to be the member who likes couple items the most, just saying. So Disney-themed couple clothing will probably be taking up a large part of your wardrobe.

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Jungkook: Teasing, teasing and teasing. Did I mention teasing? But it will only be because that’s his way of covering up the fact he think you’re the cutest thing to ever walk the earth. He’ll always make fun of, but be careful to not go too far. But, as he loves to see your smile, he’ll occasionally surprise you with either some cute merch or tickets to a new movie. And if he’s got some free time and it’s close to either your birthday or your anniversary, he would probably come home and be like: “you know what, Y/N? Let’s go to Disneyland. I want to try all the rides.”

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