got a lot of good posters out of it though

Music Store Owner!Yoongi

Next up in the “adorable meeting” series is ½ of the Daegu princes, my spirit animal, Min Yoongi as music store owner!Yoongi~

  • Owns this lil store right next to the café
  • The walls are covered top to bottom in posters of various artists and groups
  • He sells a lot of hip hop and rap albums but he does have basically every other genre too
  • He does specialize in hip hop though like if anyone’s ever looking for an older album that you can only find online, he’s got it
  • His friends that hang out at the shop know his real name but most customers just know him as Suga
  • One of your best friends loves hip hop more than anything so when his birthday comes up, you decide to be a good friend and get him the album his favorite artist had just released
  • Naturally, you went to the closest music store in hopes they’d have it
  • There were only two other people in there when you went in but the store obviously wasn’t struggling based on its looks
  • You saw row after row of albums and it was a bit overwhelming bc you’d never seen so many albums in one place before
  • You don’t even bother trying to find the album yourself bc there are too many and you don’t even know where to start so you just walk up to the counter to ask the one and only worker if they had it
  • He doesn’t really notice you at first bc he’s talking to one of his customers and his voice is so raspy and lazy and you find it relaxing for some reason
  • You just sit there for a minute and think “I could listen to him talk for hours” before you snap out of it and clear your throat to get his attention
  • He finally looks at you and you kinda just have to take a minute to admire his face bc w o w
  • He’s the one to clear his throat this time bc you’ve been sitting there for like twenty seconds just staring at him
  • “I know I’m attractive and all but did you need some help with something?”
  • You just silently hold out your phone to show the picture of the album bc you lowkey want an excuse to be able to look at him without creeping him out
  • He just nods and points you over to the corner of the store and says it should be over there
  • You walk over and start to look but you don’t see it anywhere
  • He may or may not have pointed you to the wrong area just so he could come over and talk to you a bit more using the excuse of “do you need help finding it?”
  • He does exactly that and you of course have to accept the offer bc maybe you’re just missing it 
  • He pretends to look in the area you’re in for a bit so his cover isn’t blown
  • At one point he leans in a bit to look at a cover and you smell his cologne and he just smells so amazing
  • If Autumn had a scent, that’s what he smelled like
  • It reminded you of being cold but slowly warming up, of playing in leaves and wearing oversized sweaters
  • He eventually does lead you over to where the album actually is and as he’s going through the albums to find it he starts asking you about music
  • “So are you buying this for yourself or…a boyfriend maybe?”
  • You tell him you don’t have a boyfriend and one of the customers, Namjoon, overhears Yoongi attempting to subtly flirt and just gives him a look of approval
  • You see the cute worker glare at someone over your head and turn around to see the customer mouthing things at him
  • You can barely make out the “get each others numbers" but you do and it gives you a lil boost of confidence
  • So you start asking the cute worker what type of music he likes and he just kinda gestures around the store
  • “You’re looking at it”
  • But he does tell you about his favorite artist, who happens to be your favorite too and you get so excited bc not only is he nice af but his music taste is nice too bless
  • He gets just as excited bc wow the one time he flirts it actually works out
  • You two end up standing there for like an hour talking about your favorite artists and he starts suggesting albums
  • You pick out the few that he says he won’t let you walk out of the store without
  • But while you two talk, your smile is so wide your cheeks end up hurting but you somehow can’t force yourself to stop bc he’s actually really funny
  • And his smile is the cutest thing you may have ever seen
  • He gives you a discount and as he’s ringing you up, he casually mentions this underground rap thing he and his friends were thinking of going to
  • Then that customer from earlier, Namjoon, just leans over to whisper, “he’s trying to ask you out” and the look cute worker gives him is enough to make him shut up
  • You of course say yes and as you’re giving him your number, you ask each other for your names
  • Instead of giving you the usual “everyone calls me Suga” he tells you his real name and Namjoon is just snickering bc Yoongi’s got a crush
  • You walk out of the store with a few new albums and a new number in your phone
Accidental Fusion - a fanfic

I’m too freakin deep in this fandom -throws this- I can’t believe I spent time on this and ok with it what is my life coming to, I’m kidding this was quite the experience… ba dum tish… Alright so I really liked the third possibility/idea on your post of how they discovered fusion and I lost control and wrote this.

I’m way to shy/embarrassed to submit this via my tumblr account but just here (I mean unless you want to know who I am then I’ll message you). I haven’t written a fanfiction since I was 13 so I hope I wrote everyone in character enough I always worry about that. Hope you like and enjoy

and I may have slipped a little gay shipping in there shh


“Aaand that should be all, enjoy your new base guys…” the woman in purple stated ending the tour as her and the group of men behind her returned back to the main lobby of the base. She continued in a dispirited tone despite her rather upbeat talk during the guided tour, “you know, until we have to move again… in case someone blows it up until there’s nothing but dust…” Pauling sighed, exasperated as if she had to clean up the mess. She took another breath in before turning back to the group, “If there are any concerns, please. Please. Let me know, ok? So we can take care of it. Quickly. And not let it destroy the base or any person, ok?” She paused, praying that everyone understood. When they gave either sounds or motions of approval, she nodded, thankful, “Good. Now I have to hurry–”

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As I was discussing with one of the anons the other day, one time I tried to make an EEnE fanmovie and the backgrounds were basically my tribute to the show’s world.  

If you’re interested in seeing more, they’re under the cut!  I got 90 minutes into this animatic so there’s A LOT of backgrounds I’m proud of hahaha hehhhhh i can’t believe i didnt finish this project

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