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Every Part

In which Maggie and Alex love each other completely. Wholesome fluff. Because intimacy is in the little ways we tell each other “I love you.”

It was true, Maggie often got home late from work. That truth had hurt deeply when her previous girlfriends had thrown it in her face as proof that she didn’t think they were good enough. But it still hurt in little ways, ways Maggie often appreciated, deep down. Sore muscles from training reminded her of all the things her body could do, even when she felt her lowest. And she sometimes felt that hours of mind-numbing paperwork was well-deserved karma for her failings- something she would probably never share with Alex.

But Alex, it seemed, often understood without Maggie needing to explain. Not in some all-knowing, mysterious sense of mind-meld comprehension- Alex wasn’t M’gann, after all, but through the parallel training and long hours that Alex put in at the DEO. For once in her life, Maggie felt like her girlfriend was on the same page.

Maggie certainly felt relieved as each passing day made it seem less and less likely that Alex would leave because she had to share Maggie’s attention with work, culminating in the night, when, with Alex curled around her, fingers combing lightly through her hair, she managed to whisper her fears.

“I’m here to stay, sweetheart,” Alex said. “And do you want to know what I think?”

Maggie had nodded almost imperceptibly.

“I think that no one can be healthy if they’re only giving their attention to one thing. I’d be worried if I was the only thing in the world you cared about. I think anyone who couldn’t share you with the world- doing all the amazing things you do to make it a safer place- I think they didn’t care nearly half as much for you as you deserve.”

“So you’re saying you like me?”

Alex stuck had out her tongue, “Every part of you, Sawyer, every part.”

And Maggie began to believe her. She believed her because they would tag-team, one getting up to make breakfast while the other went to the gym. She believed her because Alex wanted to accompany her to a “boring straight-white-guy-donut-cop-type event” and got dressed in the queerest blazer possible because “we have to bring the party if it isn’t already there”. She believed her because Alex had figured out where her tension spots were, and would massage them automatically after a long day. She believed her because she began finding little notes around their apartment (technically Alex’s apartment, but in name only) whenever they missed each other between sleep and work.

“Got called in early to help Supergirl- just wanted to tell you I love you, and dinner’s on me tonight.”

“I’m so glad you got to sleep after work today, babe- when you wake up there’s peeled orange slices in the fridge.”

Silly stuff too-
“If you wake up soon enough, sleep head, you’ll catch the smile I left for you on the mirror, if it evaporates, I’ll just have to make it home extra quickly to give you that smile myself 😉”

And she wrote back- she waited for the fog from the mirror to clear, and wrote “Oops- I already miss that beautiful smile of yours. Better make it a quick return home!” and snapchatted the note back to Alex. And then “take as long as you need, though, Danvers. The DEO and Supergirl love to see your smile, too.”

Because she loved every part of Alex too.

“What do you mean you lost the money?”

“I mean,” Aleks snapped back, shoving a few extra clips into his bag, “That they fucking jumped me, beat my face in, and now the money is gone, Sly!”

“We just have to get it back before Kootra finds out,” Sly said, trying to calm him, but even he sounded doubtful. You don’t lose that much money when the money belongs to a crew like the Hub. He’d seen plenty of what happened to people who lose money in his lifetime and he needed all of his fingers, thanks. He was lucky to be alive now, he wasn’t gonna push it by hoping that the Hub was gonna be understanding here.

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You remember how Rafael looked at Yelina when she kissed Alex at the gala? Could you write a headcanon where Barba is there with his s/o and she sees that look and gets super pissed because he's with her now and shouldn't be jealous anymore?

So, I wrote another Barba/gala piece that was totally unprompted, but had to shelve it to next week so as to not make this one redundant and vice versa. Also had to rewatch “October Surprise” for this one. I’m really suffering for my art, folks

You heard your boyfriend sigh from the next room as you put the finishing touches on your makeup.

“We needed to leave 5 minutes ago, cariño” he groaned.

“Let me remind you that you are the one that decided we needed to go to this event. I would have been perfectly happy to stay home and watch Netflix” you chastised him as you walked into the room.

“Well, for what it’s worth, you look amazing” he remarked.

“Thank you, but we really should get going” you said, rushing to put your jacket on.

Rafael seemed nervous on the car ride over, but you weren’t sure how to address it, since he didn’t seem to want to talk about it.

And that’s when it hit you. You were going to a campaign event being held in Alex Muñoz’s honor. As if SVU’s investigation into Rafi’s oldest friend wasn’t causing him enough stress, he’d also be forced to see Yelina, or as you affectionately called her, She Who Must Not Be Named.

It wasn’t long after you got there that you ran into the two of them. You saw Rafael’s body tense up and felt your own radiate with anger. The tension among all of you was so thick, it needed to be cut with a chef’s knife. Rafael’s insistence to talk to Alex alone wasn’t helping matters, either.

Alex finally convinced his handler manager and She Who Must Not Be Named that he was fine, but she wasn’t about to let Rafael off the hook. She made sure to tell him where she stood, planting the world’s most obvious publicity stunt of a kiss on her husband.

After a quick roll of your eyes, you noticed how hurt Rafael looked. She Who Must Not Be Named was definitely trying to twist the knife in his back, and it seemed to be working. But if he was truly over her, like he’d told you, it shouldn’t have mattered. So why did it?

Not only that, but he has now left you alone with her. How were you supposed to talk to anyone at this event if they were all here to support the man Rafael was investigating? Not to mention the fact that she refused to remove her laser glare away from you.

The men couldn’t come back fast enough. When they finally did, Alex looked ready to punch a hole in the wall, and Rafael looked completely exasperated and hurt. Although you wanted to talk to Rafi about his reaction to that kiss, the look on his face told you that conversation could wait. He needed to leave, now.

“Maybe we should get out of here and do something a little more exciting” you say softly, gently leading him away from the front entrance.

“Confronting a mayoral candidate at his party less than a week before the election? I’m not sure it gets much more exciting than that” he quipped.

“I happen to know for a fact that we have a very full Netflix queue at home. And if we’re feeling particularly wild, we could eat that Oreo ice cream straight out of the container” you suggested.

“Are you sure? It sure would be a shame to waste all of this makeup” he said.

“Yeah, I think you’re right. We’ve had enough excitement for one night” you assured him.

“And Yeli–She Who Must Not Be Named, I’m sorry about our encounter. I just want you to know that you are the one I love, not her. And I apologize if you may have thought otherwise tonight” he confided to you.

“I love you too, now let’s go home” you said, leaning your head on his shoulder as he hailed a cab.

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Okay but imagine Alex and Justin secretly being a thing but Justin still hasn't properly ended things with Jessica.One time Justin tags along with Alex and his family to go on holiday and Alex is just so happy to feel like a proper couple for once.Justin completely loves the feeling as well and promised to finish things with Jess.Then they get back and Justin freaks out and doesn't do it so Alex ends things and Justin is torn apart.Eventually they get their happy ending together.ILoveYourWriting


And Justin never intentionally forgot to break it off with Jess, it was just that he got a little bit lost amongst his feelings. He’d never felt anything like what he felt with Alex, and he was just so excited to experience it all. He was also scared though. It was a new experience to him, and he needed to make sure his feelings were genuine first.

He honestly hadn’t really spent that much time with Jess, and they barely counted as being together anymore, but to Alex it meant an awful lot. He let it go at first, because he knew Justin must’ve been scared about coming out at school. Then they went on a family holiday together.

Justin effortlessly introduced himself as Alex’s boyfriend, and they spent the entire holiday cuddled up together, wearing each other’s clothes, taking cute selfies and testing out cute pet names for each other. Justin made it clear that he felt like a part of the family, and that’s exactly where he wanted to stay, and nothing made Alex happier.

Justin said that he’d break it off with Jess then. He had made up his mind, not that he hadn’t already done that long ago, before he was brave enough to admit it. When they got back Jess pounced at Justin the second she saw him at school, and Justin didn’t move to break her away at all. That’s when Alex decided he wasn’t having it anymore.

He gave Justin the silent treatment, and only once he was sure that Justin was desperate enough to fix things did he tell Justin what was wrong. Justin instantly felt guilty, and he actually started to tear up, even before Alex did, because he was scared that he was going to lose the blonde- the only person who really meant anything to him.

Justin offered to break up with Jess on the spot, but Alex calmed him down and gave him one last chance to do it politely in person. Justin was almost too eager to break it off, and he was surprised when Jess admitted that she’d seen it coming, and she also knew why. Justin felt horrible, but Jess handled it better than he did, and ended up giving him advice on how he should fix the mess he made with Alex.

He couldn’t tell Alex fast enough that he’d broken it off, and he even threw himself into Alex’s arms in the middle of school. A lot of things could be assumed from that hug, but it wasn’t hard to tell that they’d become an item. Alex felt a little guilty for scaring Justin so much, but since he’d also been a part of leading Jess on, he was glad that was over now.

Justin was in his arms, and he was only his now, and that’s all Alex had ever wanted


A/N: You can change the name of your pack members and friends if you want to I just used the names because it would be easier to follow.

You, Cole, Dylan, Gerard and Alexandra sat at one of the tables outside of the school during lunch, the McCall pack were sitting at the table across from you, your giggled as Dylan and Cole started arguing about something, you weren’t paying attention you were keeping a close eye on the other pack, you had seen the human jump up a couple of times but the Alpha had pulled him down every single time.

“(Y/N) you okay?” Gerard asked.

“Yea just keeping an eye out,” You answered smiling at him.

“You know if you wanted we could just kill them.” Alex pointed out.

“We’re not killing anyone,” You said.

“Probably wouldn’t be a good idea” Cole noted. Your eyes wondered over to the pack as they started to move, they were, in fact, heading over to you.

“Be nice” You ordered.

“You guys are a pack right?” The Alpha asked. Your eyes cast down as you tried to collect a sentence.

“We are,” Alex answered.

“you’re different.” The Beta noted.

“Your point?” Alex asked. 

“If you’re here to hurt anyone-”

“What makes you think we’re here to hurt anyone?” Gerard asked.

“Your name is Gerard.” The human answered.

“Okay, that’s enough! We aren’t here to hurt anyone but that doesn’t mean it’s not on the list okay! Now as long as you leave us alone we won’t hurt you” You warned.

“Fine but can you, at least, tell us why your different?” The banshee asked as the bell rang.

“We’re evolved werewolves.” You answered before you and your pack got up going to your next class.

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First Date

(Thanks to a prompt from @cassellate- this is probably less fluffy than expected. Also for the purposes of this, Alex is not a 00 agent)

Alex really wants this to work out. Okay, that’s a lie; he needs this to work out. If it doesn’t…well he doesn’t know if his supposedly genius brain could handle it.

He met Q about four months ago when his department happened to require assistance from Q branch and had felt an immediate connection. He supposes it must be something to do with his striking physical resemblance to Danny but Alex felt and instant attraction towards him.

Q was brilliant. He was the sort of man Alex used to daydream he’d meet one day whilst studying alone in his room at Cambridge. He’d always imagined his perfect match, an intellectual equal who could make sarcastic quips but then become intensely invested in some obscure coding seconds later. He was a literal walking dream come true, with glasses and cute hair to top it off.

But then there was the guilt. He loved Danny, he loves him no matter what, even if he might not be as smart or witty. He loves Danny like nothing he’s ever felt before, a really genuine emotion that courses through his veins like so much blood. What he felt for Q was just attraction, intellectual or sexual whichever took prominence at the time. He’d almost convinced himself of that when Q kissed him.

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do you think that bill is the main antagonist of the series? What if there's someone else pulling the strings? Maybe I'm just overthinking, but i was wondering. why bill wanted dipper's journal? why everyone wants to have the 3 journals? How journal 2 ended up in the hands of Gideon? what if someone gave it to him? I don't know if anyone have asked you before, i just want to know what you think.

That I can’t say. Bill is this kind of “undefeatable” foe. 

Yes, the kids “beat” him before. But were they really full defeats?

The first time they “beat” him, he’d already lost his deal b/c Gideon wasn’t patient. Fighting the twins and Soos was more like a punishment, done out of irritation. I think he was caught by surprise when they figured out how the mind worked. I believe it was possibly the effect of Stan’s tattoo that gave them the upper hand. After all, it was an image of Stan that told Dipper what he could do. Perhaps the tattoo allows for lucid dreaming, an awareness that what you are experiencing isn’t real and can’t hurt you. Keeps Bill from overpowering you. So, when the kids could fight against Bill, he decided he’d had enough and left, on his own flashy terms. 

The second “defeat” was possibly because he wasn’t on his turf. He hadn’t possessed a body in a long while. I assume he’d never possessed a ticklish child before either. A setback, sure, but one that didn’t really cost him anything. He already got what he wanted, he made the deal with Dipper and by breaking the computer, fulfilled his end when they saw the name on the broken piece. Bill wins when deals are completed on his end. 

Bill is enough of a sneaky villain already. I would be very surprised if there was a villain above him… Except maybe Alex Hirsch himself. He is a canon character after all. Well, sort of.