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Never allow your mind to wander untamed like a wild animal that exists on the basis of survival of the fittest. Tame your mind with consistent focus on your goals and desires.
—  Steven Richards
Spread positivity on what you like instead of hate on what you don't

When we’re talking about something as inconsequential as fiction and fandom, our response needs to be a lot calmer. If some of you hate something and can’t stand it, then block it. And go cheer on the stuff you do like. You’ll feel a lot better.

If your aim is to educate on a certain point then do that nicely and respectfully, it’s not hard to do, and very useful. But the language of hate is very clear and distinguishable from education. Don’t encroach on a tag for fans just to let off your anger. You can easily block what you hate. Because the fans have established again and again that they are adults who are able to separate reality from fiction.

I get that you’ve just started getting exposed to tumblr ‘culture’ but maybe you need to chill and take a step back and just leave the stuff you don’t like alone. Not only that, it’s self care when you steer clear of what bothers/annoys you.

I’m too old and been here too long to get involved in fandom wank

It just gets annoying when the tags I’m in get bombarded with stupidity

Listen, I’ve been on this damn site for a long time, and let me tell you: it’s not worth the effort to hate. People are still gonna like what they like.

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I honestly am still shell shocked that vmin and yoonseok have been literally confirmed soulmates by the actual members. They actually said soulmates. For each other. This is a dream it has to be, pinch me

yes dude yes doesn’t that just make u so happy though. like… i feel like idol life can be so lonely but the fact that they have people they love that much….. god that just fuckin thrills me. GOD i love vmin. god i love yoonseok. GOd i love bangtan.