got a bit lazy because of exams


Day 11: A photoset detailing your routine for the day


Dressed and ready to catch the bus to go to my college

10:29 Did some old exam questions for my law exam, seen as it is going to be the first one I have

10:35 Went to a little coffee shop with some friends to get breakfast… there’s nothing like a good hot chocolate to motivate you

11:02 Made even more notes on my english key quotes sheet because I’ve got to work on my analysis of quotations for the exam

12:14 I thought it was starting to look like spring, the flowers were blooming and the sun was out

12:36 I was proven wrong

13:41 Completed some filing as I’d become a bit lazy with it and was sick of finding random sheets of paper everywhere

15:31 Made a C4 cheat sheet in maths (my last lesson of the day)

(Photos taken: 29-04-16)