got a bit lazy because of exams


Hello there! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I’m back home! How are you?? I hope you all had a lovely weekend! <3 As I’ve already written in my last post, I spent these days far from home (and from books&notes) and boy, did I need that. My boyfriend and I went to one of his friend’s house and we had lots of fun!! :) Also, we both needed some fresh air XD

yay :D


creepy cibia is creepy

I don’t know about you, but I’m not really used to this kind of portion (and the picture doesn’t do it justice!) XD I failed miserably, ahah (no doubt from the beginning – thank god you can ask for a doggy bag), but it was very good!

Then we went to an American-diner-inspired-restaurant/bar and I was so happy because I’ve never had the chance to try anything like that so far! The maximum we got here is a pizzeria with a pirate ship inside, but the food kinda sucks (oops). And my boyfriend basically stayed in the bathroom the whole time because everytime you go in there the Happy Days theme song starts playing lol. Anyway, they said they make the best milkshakes in the whole Veneto region and so I had to try one :’) (despite the fact that I was full because of the (half???)burger I had at the Canadian’s place)

no cibia don’t do that it’s creepy stop smiling and hide yourself somewhere in the darkness

What else can I say…nothing cibia, we don’t care, well, we tried the Resident Evil 7 demo on Playstation VR and my boyfriend got so scared that he fucking hit me XD it was an accident, but still- ahahah XD and then we played Mansions of Madness and holy crap that game is awesome. I mean, I’ve never been a very big fan of board games (I usually don’t have enough time to play them – and friends to play with *cough*) but this one completely (and positively) floored me! Actually, I may just download the app and explore all of the scenarios even if I don’t own the physical copy of the game lol I’m such a sucker for creepy things, ah (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Long story short, I had fun and I’m a bit sad that it’s already over ;; especially because I’m back to studying mode now (still three exams to do…wtf such a bore I WANT TO DRAW MY BABIES ARGH) -_- oh well…oh, anyway, I got 30/30 in my English exam and I’m so happy! :) At least one 30 ahah cibia you lazy thing …mhn…Are you still reading this? Wow! Thank you for your attention! :D Have a nice day! <3


Day 11: A photoset detailing your routine for the day


Dressed and ready to catch the bus to go to my college

10:29 Did some old exam questions for my law exam, seen as it is going to be the first one I have

10:35 Went to a little coffee shop with some friends to get breakfast… there’s nothing like a good hot chocolate to motivate you

11:02 Made even more notes on my english key quotes sheet because I’ve got to work on my analysis of quotations for the exam

12:14 I thought it was starting to look like spring, the flowers were blooming and the sun was out

12:36 I was proven wrong

13:41 Completed some filing as I’d become a bit lazy with it and was sick of finding random sheets of paper everywhere

15:31 Made a C4 cheat sheet in maths (my last lesson of the day)

(Photos taken: 29-04-16)