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Falling Playbook 2

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Subtitle: Setting the Rules

Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (Seol)

Themes: smut | college!au | fwb!au

Word Count: 12.5k

Summary: Jungkook and I want to test the waters before we start anything serious.

Masterlist | 01 | 02 | …

It was Monday; first out of five days which were going to determine whether Jungkook and I could be friends or not. We had five days to test the waters before we could proceed with our arrangement. By Friday, we would either start our sexual adventure or just settle for that one time thing we had already shared. Regardless of the outcome, I was excited. It was new to me, and I just couldn’t help but smile whenever I thought about it.

Jungkook had been very persistent when he had told me he wouldn’t have let me leave his apartment until he had had my every social media account. We had to be in touch, we were supposed to become friends after all.

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Kiss Cam

Daveed Diggs x Reader

“Come on Y/N,” your co-worker Matt said to you. “Won’t you go out on one date with me? Just one date?”

He had been begging you for days now, not leaving you alone. It was getting annoying.

On the bright side he had some tickets to see the basketball game that you had really been wanting to go to.

“One date Matt. That’s all.”



The game was going well. You were intrigued by everything that was going on, not wanting to miss a single moment of it.

Matt didn’t seem to be interested in it at all. He would watch, then go on his phone and repeat that cycle all over again. It was no fun with him there.

But on the bright side you were sitting next to a really cute guy on your other side. He seemed to be enjoying the game, his friends and him were getting really into it.

You recognized them as the cast of Hamilton, a show that you had also been wanting to see for a long time.

You decided not to bother them, knowing that they were probably trying to enjoy their time off.

Halftime came and everyone was mulling about. The guys up in the booth were playing some music, and then the kiss cam came on.

It went through many cute couples before landing on you and Matt.

“Matt look,” you said, pointing towards the screen. He glanced up from his phone and nodded, ignoring you.

You gaped at him. After all this bugging about going on a date this is what you got?

You saw the other guy turn towards you.

You looked at him and he wiggled his eyebrows. You shrugged before leaning in for a kiss.

He kissed you long and deep, the crowd going wild.

Matt looked at you angrily. You shrugged, turning back to the man that you know fully recognized as Daveed Diggs.

Daveed laughed at Matt, giving him a smirk. The Hamilton cast were laughing, and now you were blushing.

“You can’t do that!” Matt cried, pointing an accusing finger at you. You shrugged again.

“I’m pretty sure that she can do whatever she want’s dude. Especially after you completely ignored her on that kiss cam. What kind of boyfriend are you?” Daveed asked.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” you said, turning to Daveed with a smile. “This was only a one time thing.”

“Only a one time thing,” you glared at Matt. He rolled his eyes and got up and left.

“Well it seems like I’m on my own now,” you muttered, starting to gather your stuff. There didn’t seem like a point to staying anymore.

“Uh, thanks for your help,” you told Daveed, putting your coat on and walking up the stairs and out of the stadium.

“Hey wait!” someone called from behind you.

It was Daveed.

“Yes?” you asked him, confused.

“Uh I know this might be sudden, but do you think I could take you out for some dinner right now?”

He shuffled a little bit, seeming nervous.

You smiled.

“I’d like that.”

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When putting Jimin’s makeup on

 @slutlingar have fun ~ I got so heated while writing this out >< My Jimin feels are pourin’

Key: Y/N: (Your Name) // MA: (Makeup Artist)

Warning: A lot of sexual tension going on between the two of you 

Y/N: What’s going on?

MA: Jimin only wants you to do his makeup

Y/N: *eyebrows raised* I’m sure if you coax him a bit he’ll liste-

JM: Y/N! Come here

Y/N: *walks over* Is something the matter?

JM: *mumbles* I’ve missed you…

Y/N: *looks down at him in alarm* Jimin!!

MA: *comes from behind* We don’t have enough time, how about I’ll do your eyes and Y/N will do your lips

JM: *sigh* fine

Y/N: *applying lip balm with slow movements*

JM: *looks up; watching you intently*

Y/N: *feeling restless from his gaze*

JM: *closes his eyes to the feeling of your touch*

Y/N: *cheeks start to redden* omg why is he doing this right now..

MA: If you’re done, you can finish his eye makeup, I’m gonna go grab something

Y/N: Mhm Sure *to Jimin* I’ve finished

JM: *looking down* Y/N..

Y/N: hmm?

JM: Can I kiss you right now..?

Y/N: *stuttering* th-..this.. isn’t the time and place for th…that..

JM: there’s no one here, just you and me..

Y/N: *slowly gets up* No.., I can’t risk someone comi-

JM: *grabs your arm and pulls you towards him

JM: *whispers; his mouth less than an inch from yours* 5 minutes is more than enough

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With it. With this. With you

A/N: Hello! I just want to apologize for that post I made this Sunday when I was drunk;;; if you didn’t see it (bc I deleted it), I am glad! Anyways, @a-flustered-paint-appeared thank you so much for this prompt! I’m sorry it took me sooo long. I hope you really really like it and enjoy it! 💕

Words: 3,934 (I am so sorry, I got a bit excited u,u. Under the cut, of course)

It was not a secret that Atsushi and Akutagawa were dating. The armed agency new, the port mafia knew and certain suicidal guy was always making sure to let everyone know in case they didn’t.

It was not a secret either that Nakajima Atsushi was the one that spoke up his feelings first, (Dazai made sure to let everyone know that, aswell); it was almost unbelievable, though, Atsushi was usually very squeaky and shy, but he managed to tell Akutagawa how he felt, and was quite amazed when Akutagawa, (in his own way of curse), told him that he felt the exact way.

They can be seen together on days off and weekends and Atsushi is always the one starting the affection: holding hands, kissing his lover’s forehead and even whispering a soft ‘I love you’ to Akutagawa, making him blush a few shades of red.

It was adorable, really. But it was still unbelievable watching Atsushi being so affectionate towards Akutagawa in the most comfortable way. Dazai was very flustered himself at Atsushi’s answer when he finally asked him why he wasn’t embarrassed of showing up their relationship:

“How can i be embarrased of showing affection to the person I love, Dazai-san?”, Atsushi asked him back, tilting his head to the side like a confused puppy. “If you hate someone you show it: by words or fights or punches, so why can’t we show love too? We’re not being vulgar, after all”

Later when Atsushi told this to Akutagawa the latter was thankful he wasn’t there when that happened. Atsushi was the one on charge to start the cuddling and stuff… Akutagawa was the one on charge to blush for the both of them.

Atsushi just finds endearing how easily Akutagawa gets flustered. He could just call him ‘love’ for all that matter and Akutagawa would blush out of this world…

… It was one of Atsushi’s favorite things.

“Ryu,” Atsushi says, entering his bedroom to find Akutagawa laying down, reading a book.

“Yes?”, he looks up and the first thing he sees is Atsushi’s bright smile, making his head spin a little. “What do you need?”

“We need to buy groceries”, Atsushi says, lifting a little notepad where he had wrote down a list with the things they needed. Atsushi takes out a pen from his back pocket and scribbles down a few more things. “Do you need something? Let’s put it on the list now before we forget”

“Erm… t-”

“I already have the tea anoted”

“Then some-”

“And figs”, Atsushi smiled after checking the list once again. “Anything else?”

Akutagawa shakes his head. “I think that’s all”

“Great, let’s go”. Atsushi tears up the page from the notepad and saves it along with the pen on his back pocket.

He pats his side pocket, making sure his little coin bag is there and, when Akutagawa is by his side, he immediately grabs his hand, lacing their fingers together.

“What-”, Akutagawa flinches, his cheeks quickly covering with a scarlet hue as he looks at Atsushi with wide eyes.

“What? Are you uncomfortable?”, Atsushi asks, furrowing his eyebrows and starting to unlock his fingers from Akutagawa’s.

“No! N-no!”, Akutagawa says, squeezing Atsushi’s hands. “Just- just let’s go”, he drags Atsushi out of his apartment, totally ignoring the tiny giggles he heard behind him.

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Anti’s Birthday - a Jack X Anti fanfic suggested by @cyndaquil17

(If you want to suggest ideas for fanfics/stories, just like @cyndaquil17 did, about anything from Youtubers to musicals to…well anything really, write me an ask here: ! You can also just ask me questions there if you wish!)

Wow, it feels so good to be writing jse fanfiction again! It’s been so long!

Anyway, the basic idea for this story was something Janti (Jack X Anti) related, ad I thought since it was Anti’s birthday a little while ago, why not include that in there too! So, here ya go!

I’m not very good at writing smuty/lovely stuff, but I tried! I didn’t want to make the lovey part of it too over the top, so I tried to go for something a bit more subtle. Hope you enjoy it!


“Anti? Hey, Anti! You there?”

 Jack knocked on the door of his office again, frowning as he still got no response. He could still hear the other ego’s harsh laughter coming from downstairs.

“Hey…come on!” Jack said, “I’m sorry, ok? I shouldn’t have let Chase do that. It was a dick move, I know! But, I’m sure he only meant to have a little fun! He didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m sure!”

When he still got no response from the glitch on the other side, Jack’s hand moved to the doorknob before pausing over it. As one last attempt to coax Anti out, Jack said:

“This is supposed to be your special day!”

“Then why does everyone still treat me like trash?!” Anti shouted from the other side of the door. Jack jumped, surprised at the sudden harsh shout. Jack opened his mouth to say that that wasn’t true, that he was accepted and loved by everyone, but stopped when he realised…Anti was kind of right. The other egos did seem to single him out more often than not.

“I’m always the laughing stock…” Anti said. Jack could hear him leaning against the door and sliding down it as he spoke. “I’m always the one who gets left out. They hate me, I know they do! I can see that deep down in their minds they all hate me!”

“That’s mostly just out of fear through, isn’t it?” Jack said slowly, leaning against his side of the door and sliding down too. Now, both he and Anti were leaning against their sides of the door. “Ever since that…incident at Halloween they’ve been weary of you. And who can blame them? No offence but…you did kinda kill me.”

“But that’s all I know how to do!” Anti yelled suddenly, punching the door with enough force to push Jack forward on the other side. Jack stayed leaning forward for a moment, hand over his heart in shock.

“All I’m good for is killing!” Anti screamed, his cries turning into sobs quickly, “That’s all I was created for! And you all deserve to hate me for it! I just…” he trailed off, getting lost in the sobs. Jack’s heart ached as he listened to Anti break down. In a sudden spur of confidence, Jack stood up and opened the door.

He was met with Anti curled up on the floor. He was shaking and crying, with large glitchy tears rolling down his cheeks. He looked up when Jack entered, staring at him with large black eyes. Without saying a word, Jack collapsed next to the curled up form and wrapped his arms around Anti, squeezing him as hard as he could. Anti pulled himself up and returned the hug, crying into Jack’s shoulder. The two stayed like that for a while in silence, until Anti calmed down. When he’d stopped crying, Jack pulled Anti away and gripped his shoulders, staring deep into his eyes.

“Just because you’re labelled as something specific, that doesn’t mean that’s the only thing you are.” He said gently, gripping Anti’s head and staring into his eyes, hoping somehow Anti would understand.

Anti looked down, a few extra tears running down his cheeks, deep in thought. Jack used his thumb to wipe the tears away, watching in silence as Anti took this point in.

“You can be so much more than a killer,” he said quietly, “You can prove the others wrong if you just try.”

“But…I don’t know how…” Anti muttered, not looking up, “I really struggle to do anything but…well…murder.”

“I’ll help you!” Jack said, a smile beginning to form on his face, “We all will! Over time the others will come to trust and help you too!”

“You…you really think so?” Anti muttered, finally looking up with hope starting to fill his eyes.

“I know so!” Jack replied.

After a moment, Anti smiled and threw himself on Jack, nearly suffocating him with the force of the hug. Jack fell back, unprepared for the sudden force, landing flat on his back with Anti now on top of him. Anti looked down and smiled, a large genuine smile that seemed to glisten in his eyes.

He’d never looked so genuinely happy.

Jack’s smile widened as he tried to cover up the fact he was still suffocating as he soaked up every inch of Anti’s beam. Finally, he spoke.

“Let’s go downstairs, shall we? The others will be wondering where we are.”

Anti’s smile faded slightly, nervousness replacing it.

“Don’t worry,” Jack said, “I’ll explain everything. They’ll understand. I’m sure of it. And I promise I’ll buy you a new cake, one with a few less bullet holes in it.”

Chuckling, Anti agreed, moving to allow Jack to stand up. Jack rolled over, glad to finally get oxygen into his lungs again, and stood up, taking a moment to get his breath back. Once he was happy, he motioned to the open door.

“After you, sir,” he said. Anti smiled again and bowed.

“My pleasure,” he replied with a chuckle, moving towards the door with Jack close behind.

“Hey, Anti?” Jack said suddenly as they went down the stairs.


“You really need to work on the force of those hugs. Maybe…tone it down a bit?”

Anti burst out laughing.

“Says you! Mr I-hug-fans-and-friends-so-hard-my-arms-nearly-fall-off!”

Jack opened his mouth to argue, but then smiled.

“Ah…you got me,” he said at last.

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Drabble: Please don’t go (Daryl Dixon x Reader)


13. “Please don’t go, don’t leave me alone”

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

 Sooooo, this is my first drabble ever!

I wanted to try something, maybe if you like it you can ask me to do another one, just choose a prompt from the list I just reblogged from hyenaswritings 

English is not my first language so, sorry for eventual grammatical errors.


Warnings: A little bit of angst

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We were shocked by Denise’s death, but the one who  got hit the most was Daryl.

Denise died right before him and somehow he blames himself: “ I should’ve kill him back in the woods”.

Later that night I enter in our bedroom and see Daryl clutching Denise’s keychain, he was upset: 

“Daryl…it wasn’t your fault” I say, hugging him from behind.

The day after I wake up alone in our bed, I go into living room and see Daryl packing up: “Daryl what are you doing?”. 

He turns around and come to me: “I’m sorry (Y/n), there is something I have to do”.

Realizing what he means, my eyes start waterin: “No..Daryl please! Please, don’t go, don’t leave me alone!”. 

He doesen’t say anything, just gives me a kiss on my forehead and walks outside, toward his bike.

I start to running and screaming “Don’t leave me here alone!” but that doesn’t stop him.

He will be okay?

Will I ever see again my beloved redneck with the crossbow?


And now I can go hide in the darkest corner of my room ;)

anonymous asked:

Hello. I sent you an ask a while ago I don't think you got it? Anyway, wanted a HC for Newt showering with you lol

Sorry! I’ve been out of town, barely getting to my inbox :)


Newt in the shower with you.

-Newt may be a witty, snarky little devil but I believe when it came to such an intimate act he would be a bit awkward at first, but also very excited because you’re naked.
-He’d climb in behind you, and before you could turn to look at him he’d be tangling his arms around you, pressing your back against his chest.
-He kisses your shoulders, taking your tiny gasps as a sign to go further and he’d kiss up your neck asking if it’s all ok the whole time, because your pleasure matters to him.
-He’d say something genuine but not realizing until it’s too late to take it back. “Hot enough for you?” He means the temp of the water but you take it differently lol
-He’s suddenly very aware of what he said, and looks around awkwardly.
-You laugh and turn around, putting your arms around his neck and kissing over his freckles. He’s smiling, and you help him wash his hair, and body. And he’s doing the same, just enjoying these small intimate moments with you.

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Nice hoodie you got there - Dylan O’Brien Imagine Pt 2

A/N: Starting to work through the list of requests I got. It feels like this part got a little less interesting than the first one, but I can already promise the next one will be better … at least I hope so. Enjoy reading ♥

word count: way too much  2536

Part one

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New Releases: Fall Video Games

I have a pretty bad memory for dates (thanks, dad!), so I like to keep lists for myself. My three week sabbatical from work got derailed a bit because of Hurricane Irma, and then I was on a Caribbean cruise for seven days, so I’m way behind on my gaming schedule. I doubt I’ll catch up before South Park comes out and I drop everything to play it, but here we go:

1. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice | PS4, PC | August 8th

2. Life Is Strange: Before the Storm - Ep. 1 | PS4, Xbox One, PC | August 31st

3. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider | PS4, Xbox One, PC | September 15th

4. A Hat in Time | PC | October 5th | PS4, Xbox One | Q4 2017

5. Middle-earth: Shadow of War | PS4, Xbox One, PC | October 10th

6. The Evil Within 2 | PS4, Xbox One, PC | October 13th

7. South Park: The Fractured but Whole | PS4, Xbox One, PC | October 17th

8. Assassin’s Creed Origins | PS4, Xbox One, PC | October 27th

9. Wolfenstein: The New Colossus | PS4, Xbox One, PC | October 27th

10. Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds | PS4 | November 7th

11. The Inpatient | PS4 | November 21st

My weekend To-Do list 10/5/17

2 loads of JUST my laundry. I should’ve done a warm load last weekend and am suffering for it

Cleaning the kitchen: Hubby and kid like to leave little bits of trash on the floor and I got tired of picking them all up with this bump in the way.

Cleaning the living room: MiL has an impossible stash of anything and everything stashed all around her chair, and I know for a fact the kid didn’t vacuum under the rabbit’s cage once again. 

Regular laundry: I’ve fallen behind on towels and their clothing.

I want to get a load of bumpkin’s clothing washed, but I still have another two garbage bags full of hand me downs. There shouldn’t be any more newborn/0-3 month left in them, but there could be. Good thing Hubby has two laundry lines up for me!

I have fallen a wee bit behind on my klarolineauweek To Do list, so today I’m posting a part one. An anon left me a zombie apocalypse prompt so this one is inspired by The Walking Dean (in my head, the reason the people in Alexandria have had so few trouble is because Caroline and Klaus have been kicking zombie ass in Mystic Falls. I’ve also cherry picked the TO characters that I like (Marcel, Gia, Josh - Welcome! Cami - oops, totally got eaten by a zombie).

Of Two Kinds

“Son of a bitch!” Caroline yelled, as a pair of teeth sunk into her shoulder. The offender’s head was quickly crushed into the concrete wall, a swing of a bat not so neatly dispatching the two things she’d been struggling with, after fumbling her knife. But she’d already taken down more than a dozen that’d cluttered up the perimeter overnight, and the handle was slick with blood and other assorted grossness.

Still. It was stupid of her, especially as she’d gone out alone.

Caroline shook her arm out, waiting for the sting of the bite to fade. It would be sore, until she sucked down an extra blood ration, while whatever sickness the dead carried struggled to take root in her blood.

But it would fail. Because a nifty perk of being a vampire? Immunity to whatever virus that caused humans to reanimate into mindless drones with a taste for flesh. The strength and speed that came with their nature was also more than a little handy. Vampires had a certain aptitude for killing the walking corpses that tended to mass near settlements. The Originals and Marcel liked to get fancy, pulling out swords and axes, when there was a herd to deal with, diving in and hacking, all deadly grace and accuracy. The Salvatore’s and Enzo (plus Caroline, who’d been taught to shoot by her mother) preferred rifles, taking headshots from a distance. The other baby vamps, Gia and Josh, had never handled weapons, but could hold their own with blunt objects and brute force.

Caroline yelped as her arm was grabbed, and the bite examined. She shot Kol a dirty look over her shoulder, “You’re late.”

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goldennmami...also fusionmami and croppedheaux.

So before I begin I have to say this is insanely complicated to put into words and make it easy to follow and understand so if I confuse you at any point let me know so I can rephrase it. I am also going to do a quick recap on our first story about goldennmami and the events that followed that, it’ll help you to understand why this all comes together in the end. I may also add a flow chart at the end idk it might help? 

Okay here we go, i need prayers to write this so be kind to me it’s really difficult lmao:

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Ok, so, I’m in love with Mystery Skulls Animated Ghost currently. I love the song, the video, the characters, the fandom. It’s great. But…. I can’t help thinking that the Cave was a seriously traumatic event…. And in most of the fanworks I’ve found, Arthur is pretty much the only one impacted (Obviously Lewis is dead, but he generally seems pretty OK with this). I just think that, after the Cave, they’d all be a bit more….traumatized, I guess. Like, they’d all have issues after that.

And because I can, I'mma list stuff out.

-So, most fanworks seem to portray Arthur as the one mainly impacted by the Cave, and I totally get behind that. I mean, the guy was possessed, killed his best friend, had his arm ripped off (and possibly eaten), his other friend doesn’t remember a thing, and he’s plagued by guilt and It’s All My Fault. So, yeah, he’s got it pretty dang bad.

-But consider this: I’ve seen a lot of people mentioning that Mystery was probably the only one Arthur felt comfortable around after the Cave, and that Mystery probably helped Arthur through as much as he could. However, Arthur GOT HIS ARM RIPPED OFF by this not-dog - who may or may not have eaten the thing. Arthur realizes that Mystery just saved his life and stopped him from being possessed, but…. I feel like Arthur would be a lot more nervous around Mystery. Yeah, Mystery saved him and he recognizes this, but he also lost a limb in an extraordinarily painful manner. That’s gotta leave more of a mark than a robotic limb.

-Also, Vivi’s memory. A lot of works I’ve seen have Vivi acting pretty normally after her memory comes back. But, she doesn’t know Arthur was possessed. I want to see her furious, confused, in pain, and unwilling to listen because, Holy Shit, My Best Friend Killed Lewis. I want to see her yell and freak out, and this would really hurt Arthur, because he doesn’t have many friends, and now they both hate him, and the poor kid already hates himself.

-This one’s in here primarily for my benefit – I just wanted to imagine a character more like me and Arthur seemed the perfect person for that. I have Tourette’s, and I’ve never seen anyone ever in anything who has any kind of Tic Disorder that isn’t used as comedic relief. So, I’ve just kind of been imagining Arthur with one – which gets worse the more nervous/scared/stressed he is. I think it fits his character, and I also just really wanted to have a character that I could relate more to, even if it’s only a headcanon.

-Lewis is dead. Yeah, that’s pretty bad. And he’s also kinda furious at Arthur for killing him. But, kinda like Vivi with her memory, a lot of things I’ve seen have Lewis being perfectly fine after he realizes Arthur was possessed. He goes back to his old self and everything’s fine, with the exception of Arthur still kind of freaking out all over the place.

-But, Lewis is dead. I don’t think that he could go back to being himself that easily, even after finding out Arthur was possessed and forgiving him. He’d probably still be really tense around Arthur, probably wouldn’t want to walk in front of him (we all know how well that ended last time). And Arthur would still be nervous around him, too, because This Is The Guy I Killed, Only I Was Possessed, But Still It’s My Fault, And He Tried To Kill Me Too And Oh My God. So, I feel like they’d have a pretty tense relationship in the beginning, after Lewis comes back to the gang.

-He probably wouldn’t like anything that reminded him of the Cave, either (neither would Arthur, for that matter). Green, heights/cliffs, anything like that. He’d probably be nervous, might avoid it, because it would bring back memories of falling, of dying (of betrayal that wasn’t really betrayal, but he still can’t help feeling like it was because that was almost literally a knife in the back – a stalagmite is close enough).

-Vivi seems to have gotten off the lightest, out of everyone. Yeah, she lost her memory, but that was because Lewis didn’t want her to remember his death. Because she had a front-row seat to that. Most of the things I’ve seen portray Vivi as an all-around awesome person, and I love that.

-However, they also almost always show her as remaining perfectly fine even after her memory is returned. She just keeps on being the same. And, while part of me really likes this because it shows a strong character who really wants to keep her friends together, part of me is also bothered by this. I mean, she saw him die. And she thought Arthur did it. So, having all of that come rushing back, along with all memories of Lewis that had been wiped from her mind? That can’t be a fun experience. I want to see Vivi struggle to deal with this. I want to see Vivi angry, upset, crying, panicking, everything! She’d be furious and confused with Arthur, because she and Lewis both think he killed Lewis. She’d be probably a little pissed at Lewis for wiping her memories in the first place, even with good intentions. She’d be re-living Lewis falling and hitting those spikes again, and that’d probably have her crying, panicking, something! I just really want to see Vivi trying to deal with her memories coming back.

-(I do agree with most of the fandom, that she’d also be the first one to get over/get a handle on everything. She’s the strongest out of the three of them, and she’d most likely bounce back the quickest, too, and try to keep the group together).

I just really want to see these guys traumatized and trying to deal with it. Because, obviously, I like my favorite characters to suffer.

Not entirely perfect

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” You sigh over the phone, pulling your carry-on luggage towards the line of boarding passengers.
“I think it’s great, just hurry up and get here.” Harry chuckles, rummaging sounding through the speakers of the phone.
“Are you eating?”
“No, wrapping presents, now please hurry and get here.” He replies,
“I can only go as fast as they let me. What happens if they don’t like me?”
“Well that’s simple, they just don’t like you.” Harry replies, making you roll your eyes.
“That’s very reassuring.” You mumble, looking down at your plane ticket, feeling more and more nervous as you get closer and closer to boarding the plane.
“They’ll love you like I do. Don’t worry.” He assures you, continuing to wrap on the other end of the phone.
“I don’t know.” You bite your lip, handing the flight attendant your plane ticket, she scans it and gives you a nod before allowing you to walk the boardwalk to the airplane.
“Well, it’s too late to chicken out.”
“No it isn’t.”
“Yes it is. You have to come home eventually, and I’d love to see you within the next four hours.” Harry says as you pull your carry-on behind you, feeling your nerves start to build up with each step.
“I have to go, I’m about to enter the plane. I’ll see you at the airport right?”
“Yes, I’ll meet you there.”
“Promise. Have a safe flight, you’ll see me at the airport. I love you.” Harry sweetly says, soothing your nerves slightly.
“I love you.”
“I’ll let you go love, goodbye.” Harry cheerily says,
“Goodbye.” You smile to yourself, hanging up the phone and looking at the two flight attendants’ at the door of the airplane.
“Hello, welcome aboard.” One smiles, instantly looking at my ticket. “Straight down the aisle, you’re on the left and have the aisle seat darling.” She sweetly announces, handing you back the ticket, allowing you to walk to your allocated seat. You place your carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment before sitting down in your seat, preparing for take off. You quickly send a last text message to Harry, before turning the phone on ‘flight-mode’ shoving it in your purse and grabbing a book to read.

*** ***

After a tedious flight, with a few bumps along the way, you finally touch down in your desired destination. You hurry of the plane, eager to see Harry, and get something decent to eat. Maybe that will help with the nerves that are attacking you. You take a breath and step off the plane, walking yourself around the airport away from the terminal. You stop and look around, looking for a particular set of green eyes, and mop of curly hair. You frown slightly, struggling to see your boyfriend, only able to see the swarm of everyone else waiting for their loved one. “You seem lost, are you looking for someone?” The familiar voice chimes from behind you, making you smile and turn around instantly.
“Looking for my boyfriend.” You smile, your eyes meeting with his.
“Well he’s a lucky guy to have someone as gorgeous as you.” He smirks, making you blush deeply. “That’s not funny.” You playfully hit his arm, hating the fact he purposely makes you blush.
“Actually it is” he chuckles adorably, “so are you going to hug me or just hit me?” He adds, opening his arms, wanting a hug. You fall into his arms and hug him tightly, loving the feeling of the strong embrace.
“what’s behind your back?” You question, pulling away, he smiles before he pulls his arm from behind him and holds out a bouquet of red roses. “These are for you.” He smiles, making your heart melt. “Awah.” You coo, leaning up and instantly kissing him. “You’re welcome gorgeous.” “You’re too sweet to me. I love you.” “I love you too. Just so you know, I was snapped carrying these. Expect it to be all over the headlines.” “I’m sure you looked adorable holding them.” You smile, hugging him tightly. “How was the flight?” He questions as you both break away, his hand finding its self with yours, laced together perfectly.
“Well, it was a little bumpy and boring. Made me feel extremely tired.” You reply, feeling your eyes getting heavier as you both start to walk to collect your luggage.
“Well as soon as we get to my house you can sleep.”
“Sounds Amazing.” You yawn, so happy to finally be back in London and with Harry. After a week at your parents’ and four months without seeing Harry, being with him now is like being in wonderland. “So tell me what happened the four months we were apart.” You smile, eager to hear all the stories he has to tell.
“Uhm, well… I’m not sure what to tell you. I got off my flight a few hours before you called me. As you know we went to parts or Europe, did a few things there, promos, some recording sessions, a bit of writing, and a few interviews and all that good stuff that is part of the job.”
“So you had a good time yeah?” You question, already knowing the answer you’re going to receive.
“Yes, but it was tiring, kind of draining too. Sleeping is the top thing on my list to do for the next few weeks.” He replies, stopping as you both reach the conveyor-belt .

Harry pulls your suitcase behind him while you pull your carry on. “Why don’t you carry a duffle-bag? This would be so easier.” He huffs, hitting the corner of the suitcase on one of the standing poles.
“Because they get heavy when lugging them around the airport.”
“I hate these so much.” Harry comments, forcefully tugging at the suitcase.
“You use them too.”
“I try not too.” He replies, taking your hand with his.
“Oh no.” Harry sighs as he looks around,
“What is it?” You question, looking up at him, expecting an answer. He looks at you as he bites down on his lip.
“Just keep your head down, and stay with me.” He instructs, causing you to look towards the glass doors. “Oh.” You sound, noticing the people with cameras waiting for the two of you to exit.
“Come on.” He gestures, gently tugging you towards the door. The automatic doors open, and flashes instantly start to go off. You do as you were told, keeping your head down as you make your way to his car. The car unlocks and Harry lets go of your hand, “get in, I’ll get the bags.” He instructs, and you do as he says. You hop into the warm car that smells like cologne. Harry quickly gets in the axe and shoves the key into the ignition, bringing the car to life. “Sorry about that.” He apologises sincerely, turning the heat up as he begins to drive.
“It’s okay, I know it is part of your job.”
“Yeah, but I don’t want you feeling like you have to be apart of it.”
“It’s okay, I see it this way. It’s their job, they are paid to take pictures of you and update people on what you’re doing. They have to support their families too, pay bills, and buy Christmas presents.”
“I know, but it’s annoying. I can’t even pick you up from the airport in peace. I mean, does the world need to know my every move?”
“Well, you have fans that like to keep up with you. At least your fans are interested in you.” You smile, giving him a reassuring smile.
“I guess. So straight to my house?”
“Unless you want to go somewhere else.”
“No, not really, I want to get home and sleep. Did you want something to eat? I know you hate the food they serve on the plane.” Harry asks, taking into consideration your hatred towards airplane food.
“That makes me sound so high maintenance.”
“No, not really.”
“I am picky with what I eat, aka I won’t eat airplane food.”
“Doesn’t make you high maintenance.” He shrugs, watching the roads as crazy drivers take the streets.
“Dick heads are on the roads again. You’d think they would know it’s icy.” Harry huffs, merging lanes to get away from the hooligans beside the two of you.
“Some people don’t understand the dangers of the roads.”
“I can tell. So what are we going to eat?”
“I don’t know, all I know is that I’m exhausted.” You yawn, struggling to keep yourself awake as your eyes get heavy and your head slowly makes its way to leaning on the cold window. “Baby I need to know what you want.” Harry says, but you shrug and slowly allow your eyes to fall asleep, lulling you away from reality.

Your eyes fly open as you hear a door close, you quickly glance around and see Harry making his way around the hood of the car. He comes to the passenger side and opens the door. “Hey you’re awake.” He whispers, and you nod.
“Come on sleepy.” He smiles, picking you up in his arms. You wrap your arm around him, letting your free hand clutch his plaid shirt lightly.

After just a few minutes you find yourself being laid down on the bed, the smell of vanilla sweeping your senses. “Did you buy candles?” You question, nuzzling Into the comfort of the duvet cover. “My sister May or may not have come past and made my house a bit girly.” He admits, making you laugh slightly. “Smells good.” “Are you telling me it doesn’t smell good any other time you’re here?” “No, it just smells more home like. It’s hard to explain.” You yawn, wanting nothing more than to fall asleep. “There’s something I want to quickly bring up with you.” “What is it?” “It can wait until after your sleep.” He smiles, before walking out of the bedroom. *** *** *** *** You nervously fix up your black top, adjusting it at the hem, anxiously waiting for Harry to get ready. “I don’t know why you’re so anxious this morning.” He comments, sliding on his shoes. “I’m meeting your parents for the first time.” “It’s just lunch, you will be fine.” “What if they don’t like me? What if they hate me?” You ask, getting worked up, “Well, that’s their problem. I think you’re great, and I’m sure they’ll love you, just like I do. So stop worrying, you’re driving me nuts.” He shakes his head, grabbing his jacket and pulling it up his long arms. You take in a breath and follow him out to his car, trying not to over-think the situation. The car ride to his mothers house, felt like hours, and in all seriousness it was. He lives in London meanwhile his family live just outside London in a small town. “This seems like a cute place, why don’t you live here?” You question, taking in the scene as he drives. “I wanted to experience the more city style life. Plus it is closer to the airport and more convenient for me at the moment.” He explains, turning down a small narrow road, lined with cute little stone houses. “Does your Mum live in a small cottage like house?” “Not quite, we upgraded from the small cottage like house.” He shakes his head, pulling into a cobble driveway, up towards a medium sized, yet adorable house. “Wow this is cute.” “You sound like this isn’t what you expected…:Did you think it would be some kind of shack of something?” He chuckles, opening the door of his car. “Well, quite honestly I had no idea what I was thinking the house would look like.” You admit, trying to work out how you imagined the house. Maybe you guessed it would look a little more older, and not as modern. “Well come on, we can’t wait forever.” Harry hurries you out of the car. He takes your hand and leads you to the front door. You look at him, wishing there was a way to back out, wishing you didn’t have to meet part of his family, but you know it wouldn’t be right. “If you don’t stop worrying I’m going to make you have a glass of wine or something.” He jokes, giving you a quick kiss to the cheek. “A glass of wine would be great, but it’s too early.” You pout, noticing your nerves beginning to pulsate through your body. He chuckles, ringing the doorbell before giving you yet another kiss. You hear the footsteps from inside the house get closer, meanwhile your heart beats faster and faster. Harry squeezes your hand as reassurance before the door swings open, revealing a young looking woman, quite shorter than Harry, with dirty blond kind of hair, with a hint of blue in it. “Well look who finally decided to show up.” She smirks as she leans on the door, her arms crossed. “Well what a lovely greeting.” Harry replies, looking directly at the woman. “It’s about time you show your presence around here. I was starting to forget what my little brother looked like.” She smiles, giving him a hug, making your hands part ways. “And who is this lovely lady? Is this your girlfriend?” She chimes with a wide smile, “Well yes it is, y/n this is my sister.” He introduces the two of you, and she smiles kindly at you. “Well, hello lovely.” She greets bringing you in for an unexpected, warm hug. “Hi.” You shyly greet, feeling as if you’re about to explode from the nerves that are eating you alive at the moment. “Come in, come in, it’s freezing outside.” She ushers the two of you in, closing the door in a hurry. You take a quick glance around the hallway, noticing the walls’ lined with pictures. Harry takes your hand and pulls you down the hallway, entering the living room and kitchen area that’s opened up into a large space. “Mum?” Harry calls, pulling you towards the kitchen, you let go of his hand, feeling more nervous than ever, terrified to meet his Mum. He looks at you and sighs before gently pulling you closer to him, wrapping an arm around you. “Oh you’re here.” You hear a slight screech right as you see someone pop up from behind the kitchen island. “Yes I’m here, I made it.” Harry smiles, letting go of you to give him Mum a large hug. “I’ve missed you so much” “I missed you mum.” He whispers, just loud enough for you to hear as well “I’m so glad you’re here. How long has it been? Four months?” She asks, seeming as if she’s about to cry. “Three and a half, please don’t cry. You know it breaks my heart.” He sighs, hugging her tightly. “I’ll try not too.” She giggles, breaking away from the hug and looking at you. Harry takes a step back and puts his arm back around you. “So this is y/n my girlfriend.” He introduces the two of you, “Hello.” You softly greet, trying your headrest to keep yourself together. “Hello dear.” She nods, giving you a smile. “Hi.” You awkwardly say again, unaware of what to say to make a good impression. “So how long have you two been together?” “Mum I told you, we’ve been together for seven months, she’s the one I’ve been telling you about.” Harry explains, “It’s taken seven months for me to meet her?” She questions, seeming a little hurt, “I’ve been busy and we wanted to get the relationship at a right point before we started being serious.” Harry comments, seeming a little taken back. “Mm not to worry, so tell me about the band and what’s happened, I want to hear everything.” She happily says, multitasking as she prepares food. After a while of listening to Harry and his Mum talk, and you keeping quiet, Harry leaves your side to go put firewood in the fireplace to spare his sister from having to do it. “So, what do you do as a job?” His sister asks, sitting down at the table, gesturing for you to come over and take a seat. “I work at a clothing store, and when I’m not there I work with my best-friend who is big in the fashion industry.” “Oh that seems cool.” “How many hours do you work?” His mum interrupts, “It really depends, I was working 42 hours a week, I’m thinking of working more to earn more money.” You honesty reply, earning a smile from his sister. “That’s a good thing, striving for more success.” “It is.” You nod, playing with the hem of your jacket nervously. “So, what did you graduate Uni with?” “I didn’t get to graduate.” You say with bitter disappointment, “You didn’t graduate?” His Mum asks as her eyes widen a little, and you feel the disapproval within. “No.” You shake your head, feeling a dagger in your heart as you feel the disapproval and judgment slightly settling in. “Oh well, neither did Harry.” His sister shrugs, but his Mum frowns a little. “What did you say your parents did for living?” His Mum nicely asks, wanting to get to know more about you. “My Mum doesn’t work, she used to be a lawyer, and my Dad is a uh, a florist.” “A florist?” She questions, “Yes.” You nod, biting your lip, hating having to lie. He wasn’t a florist, but you’re not allowed to tell people what your Dad does. You have to have a cover story. “Really, a florist?” She asks, seeming astounded, “Mum, she said a florist.” Harry’s sister looks at her, giving her a kind of look. Harry walks in and sits down beside you, looking between you and his sister. “You two getting along?” He questions, “Yes, I quite like this one. I say you should keep her.” His sister smiles, looking towards her mother. “Well it isn’t like she’s going anywhere, I intend on keeping her, if she allows me too.” He smiles widely, “I’d marry her if she’d let me.” He adds, and a sudden crash sounds. You all turn to look to the kitchen, “You alright Mum?” Harry asks, standing up from the table. “Just dropped the plate, a little clumsy.” She chuckles, cleaning up the mess before placing all the food on the table. “So Harry how did you two meet again?” His Mum asks as she sits down at the table. You pick up your drink and take a sip, your nerves still not settling down. “Well, we were at a nightclub and one of her friends’ happened to be a fan and knew who I was, her friend was all over me, and wouldn’t leave me alone. Somehow Y/N came Over to keep her friend away from me and something stuck out to me about Y/N and I decided to just talk to her even though her friend was crazy. Anyway, long story short we ended up hitting it off and seven months later we’re happily together.” “You met at a club?” His Mum asks, “Yes, things are different from you times Mum, we meet people when we go out.” Harry sighs, stabbing some of his salad with his fork. “So, the crazy friend, what happened to her?” His sister asks, “She was drunk that night and still apologises sincerely every time we catch up.” You smile, finding it funny. *** *** You help clean up after Lunch before taking a seat at the table. “I have to make a call, I’ll be right back.” He kisses you quickly, before walking away, “So, tell me about yourself, you’re very quiet.” His sister demands in a nice way, curious to get to know who you are. “What would you like to know?” You ask, looking at her, “Why are you interested in Harry?” Her Mum asks, cupping her mug as she leans on the kitchen counter top, looking directly at you. “He is the sweetest most heartwarming guy I have ever met, he’s so considerate, and understanding, he’s always putting others first and quite frankly, he’s a gentleman. He’s never spoken badly about anyone, he’s never mistreated me, and he just has characteristics that are perfect. He is everything a woman could possibly want and more. You’ve raised a very polite son.” You reply, unable to completely express him. “He is everything you’ve described. By why him? There are other boys that have those traits and characteristics.” “He’s the one that I fell for, I didn’t choose to fall for him, it happened. He’s the one that I want to be with, I don’t care about any other guy that walks this earth, they’re meaningless to me.” You reply, and his Mum nods. “That’s a nice necklace you’re wearing, is it new?” His Mum asks, making you look down to see which necklace you’re wearing. “Yes, it was an early gift from Harry.” You nod, your hand making it’s way to the necklace. “It’s lovely, he got the shoes for you too didn’t he?” She asks, and you nod. Unaware of how she knew. “Mum.” His sister sounds, seeming a little firm within her calling. “Yes, he gave me the shoes the same night he gave me the necklace. How’d you know?” “Well, they’re designer shoes.” “Mum, don’t.” His sister interrupts, “I’m just stating a fact.” She states, sipping her drink. “What does that have to do with anything?” You softly ask, feeling a little victimised. “It’s nothing, really.” His sister clears her throat, looking towards her mother. “Honey, I feel as if you’re just here to use him.” His Mum bluntly states trying to be sweet. Her words hit you right where it hurts, stabbing you right in the heart. “That’s not true, I’d never use someone, I’m not like that.” “Sweetie, you didn’t graduate from University, you’re not making a lot of money working at a clothing store. They get minimum pay.” “That doesn’t mean I am using him. I don’t care about money, money isn’t everything.” “I know it isn’t, and you seem lovely but you don’t seem right for him. I don’t want to see him get hurt.” “I assure you, hurting him is the last thing on my mind.” You softly say, looking down as you feel like she just doesn’t like you at all. “Mum can I talk to you for a second?” His sister stands up In a hurry, just as Harry walks in. “Okay, why does it feel like I entered the scene of a murder?” He asks, probably feeling the intensity with in the room. You get up from your chair and walk over to him, “I’m, I’m just going to go.” You clear your throat, composing yourself, refusing to let any tears fall. You are a lot stronger than this. “Why?” “You should aeons time with your family without me, you have a lot of catching up to do.” You reply,. He looks at you, then towards his Mum and sister. “What’s going on?” He asks, “Nothing, I’m just going to go.” You softly answer him, “Will you tell me why?” “I just, I need to go.” “Well, I’m coming with you.” “No, stay with your family.” You shake your head, not wanting to take him away from his family. “You’re part of my family. I don’t know what happened while I was gone but someone might want to explain it to me.” He comments, seeming irritating. “Please, just stay. I’ll meet you back at your house.” “You two live together?” His Mum asks, causing his sister to sigh deeply. “Yes, I’m going to take her back to my place, I’ll talk to you later.” He sighs, giving his Mum and sister a quick hug before pulling you out of the house. “Tell me what happened.” “Nothing.” You lie, getting into the car, refusing to let it slip. *** *** You quietly walk around his house, feeling out of place. Harry turns the christmas lights on, on the tree, before turning to you. “I missed you while I was gone.” He smiles, finally breaking the silence that’s been lingering between the two of you. “I missed you” you announce, hearing the doorbell sound cheerfully. He walks down the hall and gets the door, his Mum and sister walking in, making your heart skip a few beats. “I’ll uh, I’ll just leave.” You mumble, feeling uncomfortable, “Oh no, you’re not going anywhere. Sit down.” Harry instructs, for once being firm with you. He’s barely ever firm with you. You take a seat on the couch and he sits beside you. “Someone start talking about what happened today.” Harry instructs, looking at his sister. “Mum started it.” His sister instantly states like a three year old. “Okay, let’s act like mature adults. Why was my girlfriend made to leave?” “I wasn’t.” You instantly interrupt, not wanting things to get twisted. “Mum was going overboard.” His sister announces, making you sigh. You didn’t want this to happen. “She’s not good for you Harry, I’m trying to look out for you, especially after those other girls you brought home. You said you want to marry this girl, and as lovely as she is, she isn’t right. Darling she’s in it for the money. She doesn’t have a high paying job, she didn’t graduate from University, her Mum was a lawyer but doesn’t work anymore.” “Woah, hold on. You always told me never to judge anyone, this isn’t like you.” “I don’t want you getting hurt like the other girls did.” His Mum says, but he shakes his head. “You don’t know y/n, she’s not like them.” “She didn’t finish university, I’m sorry but that doesn’t exactly scream perfect wife for you.” “Did you tell her that?” He sighs, taking your hand as you look down at your lap, feeling disappointed within yourself. “No, I didn’t tell her, but wouldn’t you want someone who graduated? I’m just trying to make sure nobody uses you. You’ve got such a big heart and you’re sometimes Oblivious.” His Mum explains, but Harry shakes his head. “She didn’t tell you why she didn’t finish Uni, did she?” Harry asks, turning to you, “No, I didn’t tell her.” You shake your head. It isn’t something that comes up in conversation. You don’t tell everyone why you didn’t finish. “Can I tell her?” He asks, and you nod, figuring you have nothing to lose. “You know, you shouldn’t really judge someone until you know the whole story. She had of stop her studies half way through her last year and last few courses she had to take. She didn’t want to stop, but she had no choice. She ended up getting sick, which is why her Mum doesn’t work anymore, her mum had to stop working to take care of her daughter. She doesn’t have a high paying job because of how sick she was.” Harry explains, looking at you. “I look like such a terrible person.” His Mum sighs, “You’re not terrible, just looking out for your baby.” You half smile, hoping to not have any burnt bridges with her. She gets up and gives you a hug, suddenly wanting to embrace you. “Will you forgive me for my over protectiveness?” “Yes, will you accept me with your son?” You ask as she pulls away and sits back down. “Yes, I will.” She nods, making you feel a little happier about things. *** *** Harry steps into the bedroom as you grab a pair of pyjamas out of your suitcase. “Can we talk?” He asks as he jumps on his bed, you nod and turn to give him your full attention. “You know our sleeping arrangements?” He asks, referring to the one where one of you tends to sleep on the couch. “Yes.” “Do you think that we can change it?” “To what?” “Well, can we live together, like properly?” “So, officially move in together?” “Yes, and actually sleep in the same bed?” “I uh-“ “You don’t have too? I’m just asking.” He instantly cute you off, not wanting to push you or anything. “No, no. I want too.” You nod, wanting to officially take that step within the relationship. “Really?” “Yes, as long as your Mum approves of me.” “I’m pretty sure she officially approves of you and will never again judge you.” He chuckles, kissing your cheek. “I hope so. I just have to tell my parents about us officially moving in.” “I did that, I ask your Dad how he felt, he said it was fine, but if he found out we did anything, he’d ship me off to Utopia, whenever that is.” “Pretty sure it is a place, and I’m one hundred percent sure he probably wouldn’t send you off anywhere .” You giggle, “I’m scared he would probably push me off a cliff and make it look like an accident.” “Oh please, he wouldn’t do anything.” “Babe, he was close to hooking me up to a polygraph machine, like in that movie.” “First of all, that machine doesn’t work, second of all, it’s kind of funny because that movie you’re talking about relates exactly to my family.” “Trust me, that machine works. It isn’t really funny, your Dad probably knows every little bit of information on me, right down to my blood type. He probably knows every single move I make.” Harry huffs, making you roll your eyes and laugh. “You act like he’s part of the CIA.” “He is!” He exclaims, “Shh, you know that, that is classified information and just by saying it out loud it can get you in trouble. And he isn’t part of it, he’s a florist.” You hush, “A florist, I thought the cover story was that he’s a mechanic.?” “I kind of panicked and told your Mum he is a florist.” “And you say I’m going to get in trouble. At least I keep to one cover story.” “Shut up, my dad can cover my tracks, he can’t save your ass though.” You smirk, kissing his cheek. “Mhm, I’ll keep that in mind don’t worry. So I have a question.” “What’s that?” “What do you buy your girlfriends father, that’s part or was part of the CIA for Christmas?” “I don’t know, a pot plant?” You joke, making Harry sigh. “I was being serious.” “I don’t know, he doesn’t expect anything. Anything is fine with him.” You reply, “Okay, so uh, how do you feel about Christmas Eve with my Mum? I promise she won’t hound you with questions.” Harry questions, and you nod. “Seems lovely.” You nod, looking at Harry before kissing him sweetly.

Guess what time it is? That’s right, story time!

Christmas Eve 2013. I was in the south of France on exchange when my host sister knocked on my bedroom door and asked if I wanted to watch Peter Pan on TV. I said sure, went downstairs to find not the Disney animation like I’d expected but the 2003 live version.

Now, of course it was all dubbed in French so I couldn’t understand everything they were saying but I’m familiar with the story of Peter Pan and that film is visually incredible so I enjoyed it. What really drew me in was the insane chemistry between Peter and Wendy - maybe it was extra clear to me because I had to pay so much more attention to body language to make up for the fact all the dialogue was in French. But wow the amount of sparks between them is crazy.

I even found a French copy of Peter Pan in my room later that night.

I’m a writer, so I started coming up with all these ideas for recontextualised Peter Pan universes. A musical sequel called Darling Wendy. A modern AU where Wendy wakes up in modern London in a hospital and thinks she’s dreamed the whole thing until a boy called Peter appears at her school.

I got back home and rewatched the 2003 Peter Pan film - this time in English - as well as the original Disney animation.

The world of Peter Pan just started becoming so fascinating to me. I wanted more than anything to get my hands on an illustrated copy of J.M. Barrie’s original Peter and Wendy to help me work on my story.

I found myself at a bookstore (always dangerous) and came across the world’s most gorgeous copy of Peter Pan. Despite the fact that I couldn’t see myself finding time to read, I bought it. I just had to get it.

Somewhere amongst all this I found The New Adventures of Peter + Wendy which became my biggest form of procrastination before I found certain other web series that now dominate my time. It was really cool to see how someone else had decided to recontextualise Peter Pan and actually get to see a new take on the characters that existed outside of my head.

Fast forward to July, I’m on a plane to Adelaide to check out unis. I have with me my lit text and Peter Pan. Guess which one I decided to read.

I read the whole thing on the plane ride there and back. I loved it. Some of the quotes are just beautiful, I took so many photos on my phone because I couldn’t bare to mark the pages in any way.

Then season 1 of P+W ended, school got crazy and I had to leave Peter Pan behind for a little while.

Until today.

If you saw this post from yesterday, you might’ve guessed the punchline already but basically today I had my theatre exam. The big one. The exam is structured in three parts, and the last section is the biggest - it’s 60% of the paper. You have to develop a concept for an unseen play. Obviously you don’t need any prior knowledge of the play, they provide you with the synopsis, character list, themes, etc but every little bit of knowledge helps.

Last night I was going through every single possibility of trying to work out what they might do. The universe likes to trick me, I thought. So maybe it’s gonna be Shakespeare. Maybe I’ll get into the exam, read Much Ado About Nothing and die of laughter. Maybe it’s absurdist. Maybe it’s Greek. Maybe it’s Arthur Miller. Maybe it’s Oscar Wilde!

I walked into the exam today to read this:

You are a member of a production team putting on a performance of J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan Or The Boy Who Never Grew Up.”

What. Are. The. Chances. Of. That.

So the motto of this story is to always procrastinate and spend your time lost in imaginary worlds. Because who knows, it might end up being worth 60% of your theatre exam.

Much love x

(The second and third photos are mine. Please don’t steal them. Thank you.)

BrittanaCon Prompt Project - 7b

AUTHOR: laurasfantasia (FF account)

PROMPT: I would love to see Brittana in Disney world/land and Santana annoyed from the kids but also totally in love with Brittany.

PROMPTED BY: Tumblr Anon




This was a chapter I had originally planned for Dancing in a Downpour before that went on hiatus. Britt & Santana met at the start of the summer and are on a road trip across the States, ticking off items on a bucket list Brittany helped Santana to create. One of those items is “Stay awake for 48 hours”… and that is where this fic begins.

Hour 0 - 8.04am.

Stay awake for 48 hours.

I shook my head at this particular bucket list item before passing the list over to Santana with my finger against it.

“If we’re going to stay awake for that long, it’s gotta be here,” I stated.

“48 hours with no break from screaming children and queues?”

“48 hours of rollercoasters and sugar and Mickey Mouse.”

She reached under her bed for the Orlando guidebook and skimmed through it, then finally nodded.

“Alright, 48 hours of Disney it is. But if I break out into Disney Pox after this, I’m blaming you!”

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