got a bit 'deep' there didn't i lol

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Hello :) I was wondering if you could do a BTS reaction where s/o is just sitting or doing something innocent, but s/o is wearing a tank top and she didn't know her boob/bra was hanging out. This happens to me all the time lol :'D Love your blog btw.


He sat there pondering on if he should tell you that he could see the perfect curve of your breast or how your shirt was falling down, until he saw the other members come in causing him to straighten himself up a bit. “Uhm, jagi.. You’re shirt is down.”


He got really flustered quickly his face turning a deep shade of red as he pointed at your body trying to call your attention scolding you. “What are you doing?! I can see your breast Y/N.”


He walks up to you pulling up your shirt covering your breast that were seeming to spill out from your top as you concentrated on the game that was playing on your phone, he scolded you slightly with a pout looking in your eyes. “Be careful, I don’t want anyone else seeing you like that. 


He stared at you with a heated gaze, not taking his eyes off you or even blinking that many times. When you looked at him and questioned it he shrugged smirking. “You were putting on a show for me with those breast so I thought I would look.” 


His thoughts went south really quickly, seeing you bend over your breast falling forward pressing against your bra in your tight tank. He continued to lick his lips, and when you looked up at him he squirmed trying to play it off. “W-why are you looking at me?!”


He squirmed in his seat, moving over to you he wrapped his arm around your shoulders smiling down at you. “I don’t think you realized this.. But your breast were out and I didn’t want the other members to see you.” He said softly burying his face in your neck. 


He looked up and down at your body, feeling a bit defensive as he saw your plump mounds become on display for everyone. Not wanting to call attention to it because he knew they were seeing it, he grabbed at your hand taking you for a walk until you were both out of the room. Stopping you in the hallway he kissed your forehead pulling your shirt up. “Be careful more time. We could see your breast noona and I don’t want them looking at you like that.”