Will Sansa betray Jon?

Let me start by saying that I don’t think Starkbowl is a real thing and if it is, it’s too contrived and out of character for Sansa. So, now that Jon is no longer at Winterfell, does that mean that Sansa will side with Little Finger and betray Jon?

Well, I don’t think so. Let’s break it down. Following last season and the way it ended, Sansa’s main objective was getting Winterfell back from the Boltons, taking back her home so that her remaining family would be safe. That was the driving force. We also know that Jon never wanted to be King in the North, just as he didn’t want to be Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Both positions were thrust on him. Jon is a man of action, he doesn’t really have patience for politics or diplomacy, both of which are important if one wants to be a leader in either scenario. One also cannot ignore threats within their own camp.

Jon’s actions as Lord Commander were honourable but he ended up getting murdered by his own brothers for it because while he saw their dissent, he didn’t take the threat they presented seriously enough. 

Then there’s Sansa, who was groomed for as long as we can remember to be a Lady, to be faithful and loyal to her husband. In King’s Landing, she got a rude awakening when her father was executed right in front of her. She soon found herself in a nest of vipers with no friends or allies, there was literally NO one looking out for her. This was true of her time in KL as well as when she travels to the Vale as Little Finger’s bastard daughter, and need I even mention her time as Ramsay’s wife. But despite all of that, she survived. She learnt from those around her, saw them play their games and adapted. It’s why she’s politically more savvy, she knows how the court works and that being good and honourable aren’t enough to survive. Ned and Robb were both of those things and they still died.

Which brings us to this season. There was some tension between Jon and Sansa in episode 1 where they disagreed very publicly but then, they spoke to each other and listened to each other. The change was evident in episode 2 where Jon actively asked for her opinion and considered it. Even their disagreement in the Great Hall wasn’t as aggressive as it had been in the previous episode.

The entire Starkbowl theory rests on the assumption that Sansa is hungry for power and so far we haven’t seen anything to support that. If Sansa is indeed power hungry, she has a very ineffective way of going after it. She let Jon know when she disagreed with him and when she was approached by LF, she rebuffed him. Even in their exchange in the Great Hall in episode 2, she let Jon know, in no uncertain terms that she wanted him to stay back, that it wasn’t safe for him to leave. That, by leaving, he was abandoning the North, their home and their people. And what is it that LF can use to manipulate Sansa to his side; that he can promise her power and the recognition she deserves. Except, that no longer works as a lure.

Jon voluntarily hands over his crown to her, to rule in his absence, thereby nullifying LF’s lure. Jon says that he doesn’t want to be king, he never wanted that power, Sansa doesn’t either. And he hands over the reins knowing full well that their approach is different, they both perceive the threat of the White Walkers and Cersie differently. Despite all this, he still trusts her enough to hand over all that power. And he’s taking Davos with him, the only man who could have second-guessed Sansa’s decisions. He does this because even though Sansa might rule differently from him, their objective is the same, keep Winterfell and the North safe. And Sansa will take it a step further, she will do anything necessary to keep what remains of her family safe.

In making her the Queen, Jon also gave her something else, for the first time, she doesn’t have to depend on any man to protect her. For the first time in her life, she is independent and she has agency. I don’t see her giving it up just so LF can sit on the Iron Throne and let’s be honest, everyone knows (except LF) that he’s never going to get near the throne. She won’t interfere with Jon because having him with her also bolsters her own position whether as QitN or Lady of Winterfell.

so jon aint even rheagar’s bastard….? that means he’s the “rightful” heir instead of dany. now i don’t think jon will ever want the throne but i’m worried that the leaks about dany burning the tarlys and tyrion being worried about her actions could mean dany will see jon as a threat in s8 (im wondering where jonerys fits into this)

not sure what to make of this

Okay, but can we talk about how terrified Sansa is about being left alone again? How scared she is that she’ll lose her family again? She just lost Rickon (which D&D have failed to even mention after his death. Which is dumb) and has no idea if Bran and Arya are even alive. It’s been months, even years since anyone has confirmed that they are alive. Jon is the only family member she knows for certain is safe, and he’s leaving.

Every time the Starks leave the North, someone dies and just she’s scared. She doesn’t want to lose him, and my bby girl is going to be alone again with a bunch of people that don’t really give a damn about her, and one person that is far too interested in her.

Idk ok. Sansa has serious abandonment issues and I think that this entire season she has tried to be hard and cold, like the North, like Lyanna Mormont and during that scene we see the fear in her eyes and I just have a lot of feelings.