Dear Ignorant Fans

There is nothing wrong with having “negative” emotions such as sadness and pain, and for you to believe that the “happy/sunshine” image that your bias shows on camera all the time is the only emotion they have, is ignorant of you. 

They are human.

Yes, surprising, I know. 

They feel all the emotions we feel as well. 

Happiness. Sadness. Anger. Pain. Joy. Fear. Excitement. 


So don’t try and accuse others of “tainting” their image just because they acknowledge that these people, who sacrifice their freedom and social life in order to pursue their dreams and make good music for us, do indeed feel pain as well. 

Thank you.

probably gonna delete later but just needed to rant


GOT7 Wallpapers - Never Ever

Feel free to use

Please do not steal/repost as your own


His English 😍