One of the things I think might happen in season 7 is sweetrobins death.

Like it’s coming in the books, and he was brought back and shown on screen last season. They have to do something with him now that storylines are wrapping up.

The Vale and its army is still technically his. Maybe he objects to LF and Sansa using his forces for the Norths benefit again? Maybe LF and Sansa decide that he’s not beneficial to keep around anymore. 

I just feel like his death is being set up to be a kind of moral event horizon in the books for Sansa, so it might come back and be one in the show too.

had a dream I made a post and it got 7 notes. 7. That’s what happening in my wildest dreams, 7 notes on tumblr dot com. I made a type in it too.

goodnight, gamers… thank you all for being so kind to me today, you all really helped me feel better about myself and stuff. you’re amazing people, all of you!! have a good one.

Dans live show 9/27/16

•he cut his hand today on his headphone
•*shows thumb*
•rants about no headphone jack on the new iPhone
•he got his new iPhone 7
•he cut his fingers on the adapter part
•"it bleed for like an hour"
•dan review on HE iPhone 7
-nice color
-headphones will attack you
•he would never have a pet chicken
•he does not have a snapchat
•the TØP cover was “cool”
•he liked the vibe of it
•he prefers Gerard singing it better
•he really likes pewdiepie
•he’s looking forward to the new Ben IVER album
•he liked P!atd when he was 14
•he said they will always hold a special place in heart
~political talk~
•he said debates should be like game shows (basically more organized)
•he said black butler was okay
•"somebody once told me"
•he’s excited for walking dead
~rants about Last seasons finale~
•quick talk about DILS birthday
•might make him a cake in the next episode
•undertale week
•around 7pm for them
•the teaser trailer only makes sense if you saw TATINOF
•TATINOF apparently tells a story
•spoilers in the official trailers
•THEYRE changing their branding tomorrow to o with the show
•there will be a dan and Phil billboard in LA and possibly other large cities
•THEYRE doing a 5 day countdown of “gifts” on Twitter
•will have pictures and maybe short videos
•dan hates chickens confirmed
•he will warn stranger things
•his door was open
•"is it possible to be too happy?“
•the Becky sign on his door disappeared
•talks about phil being drug shamed at the doctors
•if you don’t want to do your homework, just break your legs
•(break your legs was his answer To multiple things)
"Who is dan” (he asked the chat to answer)
-hardcore memer
-literal flop
-tall bean
-internet cult leader
-Winnie the poo
-tall lesbian
-best person ever
-my mom
-a prickle
•he’s had a “fandabby doozey day”
~talks about him winning
~ .io shaming~
•says no to playing piano
•"what even is pumpkin spice?“
•he says it just cinnamon
•"I can good” “are you ready for me to good”
•*weirs moan/yawn noise *
~talks about avatar~
•he agrees that zuco is daddy
•5/5 dad rating
•"shanked by an iPhone" #ripdansfinger
•food wars will be featured in his anime video
•Nokia 33 10 was his first phone
~talks about the Pokémon go tracking thing~
•he’s lost Interest in the game
•he’s almost level 30
•he will come back to it when there’s better updates
•THEYRE thinking about Christmas baking
•oh change of topic to LA DEVOTEE
•nope we’re back to the postman
•jk we’re talking about the Ali A tweet
•okay back to the postman
•when he got rid of old clothes he kept the doge shirt because he likes dogs
•he felt attacked by the postman winking at him
•"I wasn’t ready"
•he wasn’t wearing socks when it happened
•it made him vulnerable¿^^
~talks about safety in his teen years vs. now~
•AHS *hes suddenly serious*
•re swears to god there will be a plot twist
•still no EVAN P
•phil is busy doing phil things in his phil life
•he called is plebs
•he said he was kidding
•he’s only listened to the first new green day song
( #bringphil is happening in the Chat)
•he really did cry watching great British bake off
•he likes Candice
•he says she looks like Zoe
•he called Zoe queen
•"can you shut up, like honestly I’m talking about cartoons right now"- dan @ the sirens
•they fixed the printer
•he does not have a secret snapchat
•phil only made one to looks at filters
•his mac was crashing towards the end
•he will probably do a live show next week
•shits about to hit the fan

And he left

THe ends (sorry this is a few hours late)

anonymous asked:

Everyone is speculating about who is going to cure Jorah. Quaithe, Sam, Melisandre... But did you ever consider the possibility that he won't find a cure. (It's GOT!) I believe Jorah Mormont still has an important role to play, however I doubt there is a cure for greyscale at all.

You very well could be right perhaps he won’t find a cure -  As you say it’s GOT after all.

I think many people think that he may just find some solution though as it was a quest commanded him from Daenerys - To find a cure and then rejoin her..

Perhaps he will just find things out about Greyscale - Important things that could have some effect on Endgame / On THE GREAT WAR…

That’s got to be pretty good incentive for the BEAR Knight

So hopefully a cure is out there Or some solution -  Otherwise actually the whole Greyscale  story seems a wee bit pointless…

Thanks for the comment ☺

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Hundreds Line Up for Second Round Of Hamilton Tickets (CBS Chicago):

The hip hop musical sensation “Hamilton” began its run in Chicago on Tuesday, the same day a new block of tickets went on sale.

There has been a lot of competition for tickets, and it’s not just theater goers lining up.

Dozens arrived before dawn to get their place in line before the Private Bank box office opened at 10 a.m.

“We got here at 4 a.m., a little early but it’s well worth it,” said Jose Morena of Portage, Ind. He and his daughter brought their chairs and tents to be one of the first to buy a second block of tickets that were released today.

“I’m so excited I’m shaking. I got tickets to the April 8th show. I’ve got my countdown clock on my phone already,” said Elizabeth Morena, 19.


Lynn Roman got in line around 7 a.m. She says she’s a new “Hamilton” fan.

“My daughter asked me to get tickets for her. I didn’t expect all these people, it’s probably one of the crazier things I’ve done. This and waiting in line for Barry Manilow,” she laughed.

hamilparents: they’ll tell the story of tonight

Got up around 7 (without an alarm), did my laundry, ate breakfast and made it to campus before 8:45. I hope my day is as productive as the hour and a half after I woke up this morning. :P