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Sophie finished filming!! We always think about what happens when Petyr dies, but what if Sansa might be the one to die?

ok haven’t seen that interview, but if so it also means Aidan’s finished as well. which means we needn’t worry about his facial hair and haircolour any longer.

ahhhh well. if Sansa dies then Petyr dies as well. they are one. Petyr’s storyline cannot exist without her at this point anymore. whether you ship it or not, it doesn’t matter. you cannot have one without the other. so should they go down, they will go down together. and they will go down with a bang!!

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edit: “bang” probably wasn’t the wisest choice of word in this fandom. I forgot what the first thing is you all think about xD no, I meant more like: they will go down with loads of blood and destruction and take as many lives as possible with them. their deaths would be an epic disaster. surely not in vain.

I need to remember not to

compare my journey to anyone else’s. 

I am a member of several men’s WLS groups on facebook. Posts in these  groups over the past few days have caused me to get down on myself. 

First, I got some negative feedback on what I was eating. Though I am 100% within the guidelines of my program i got 6 or 7 negative comments. :/

Then last night I saw a guy that started the same time as me but that had lost significantly more than me. 

Both of these caused me to feel pretty negative - despite the fact I was flying high just 24 hours before. 

The truth of the matter is none of is the same. Our starting place, our ages, our goals and even the drs approaches are different. I picked my program because they are one of the best in the nation. I need to stay the course and enjoy the ride. 

I will stay in these groups only as long as they are a positive part of my journey. If they continue to distract / discourage then I need to remove myself from them.

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"They fuck in like every other chapter" -how i sold someone on iadm

omg thank you for your sale if you rec it to 10 more people you’ll get a free shotglass with hux’s ex of your choice on it

ALSO this has led me to calculate fucks per chapter in IADM

chapter 1: 2 fucks, setting the fuck tone

chapters 2-3: zero fucks

chapter 4: a single fuck

chapter 5: another fuck

chapter 6: kylo gave a lot of fucks but got none

chapter 7: hux gives a fuck back

chapter 8-11: they have NOT fucked!!!

so what i’m seeing is a heavily frontloaded fuck pattern that resulted in a 46% fuckratio. will this trend soon reverse? or will fucks continue to diminish as the fic goes on? 

anyway if we include skirtfic in iadm that gives us a perfect 50/50 fuckratio. 

*praises boy group for sexual choreography, bashes girl group for sexual choreography*

*only wants to visit Korea because of kpop*

*wants idol to speak English* *has no intention of learning Korean*




Sassy gf JB is the best tbh 

  • Friendly reminder that it's ok to support more than one kpop group.
  • Friendly reminder that just because you only support one kpop group, it doesn't make you better than people that support others too.
  • Friendly reminder that fan wars are immature and you are allowed to support any group you like.
  • Friendly reminder that you can still be a kpop fan even if you have never seen your group perform live, don't own any merchandise and don't live in Korea.

I’m crying this is so cringy Jackson