got 500

i was gonna post a screenshiot i found of thomas jefferson w the caption “thomas jefferson grew & smoked weed.”  cus it was funny but i know if it got over 500 notes some motherfucker would be like Well Actualyl I Go To History College. And This Is In Fact A True State Ment Because He Did. I Know This IS A  Joke Post But i Had To Make A Coment.        i dont wanna deal with that

Thank you!!

I somehow got 500 people to follow me. I don’t understand how. I never imagine this many people would follow me especially after just one and half month and with so little time I have to focus on my tumblr. So I want to say big THANK YOU to every single one of you. It doesn’t matter if we never talked but I appreciate every single one of you! I hope you will enjoy my posts and reblogs in the future :) 

P.S. I hope you have wonderful day !!

like, some people don’t know what it’s like to be ugly

like its the worst shit, knowing that no one may actually end up loving you because you’re too weird or you just don’t look appeasing. You wake up every morning wishing you would somehow magically become prettier and wish to be someone else entirely. Avoiding the mirror because you already know you look like shit.. like that’s so weird how some people don’t know how that feels