got 4.10


So I went to the Young Adult Literature Con (as part of the London Film and Comic Con) today and MET RAINBOW FREAKIN’ ROWELL!

I went there JUST to meet her (I honestly didn’t know who 95% of the other people were), had to wait in line for 6 hours in the scorching heat, only to be told about 3 hours in that the venue had reached capacity and they were only letting new people in once some people had left. Her signing was schedule for 2.15-4.15. I got my ticket at 4.10, ran down to the YA Lit section, got told by two different people that she had already finished signing, almost cried, asked another worker and got pointed to a short queue just in front of me and EEEEK.

Rainbow is just the sweetest, most lovely person ever and it was SO AMAZING to finally meet her! I got my collages signed!

I went up to her and asked “Can I be cheeky and get my posters signed instead of a book?” and she freakin’ recognised them! And I’m assuming me too, since I tweeted her about getting them signed a few days ago and she was so so so sweet! She said she wanted a photo of them for herself so she came around and we took a couple of photos together then I asked whether I could get some on my phone and so we did and omgosh SHE FREAKING INITIATED THE PHOTO! I was just expecting an autograph like everyone else, but she just came over and put her arm around me and I was shaking and sweating and it was beautiful.

And so yeah, waited 6 hours, was inside for literally like 10 minutes, BUT SO WORTH IT.  I love you Rainbow Rowell, you are far too awesome for words!

Also a big thank you to fictionalsummer for keeping me company for half the time :p