got 3x08


Perhaps I will die too, she told herself, and the thought did not seem so terrible to her. If she flung herself from the window, she could put an end to her suffering, and in the years to come the singers would write songs of her grief. Her body would lie on the stones below, broken and innocent, shaming all those who had betrayed her.

OK, let’s talk about 3x08 (and the promo).

1) I feel like I’m watching Season 1 again when it comes to everything that isn’t Jonnor.

2) I feel like I’m watching Season 2A again when it comes to Jonnor.

3) I’m really annoyed at the writers for how they treat Jonnor. We were promised a “summer of Jonnor”, and we got…a three-episode story arc and a fourth episode (3x03) that is Jonnor-focused but unrelated to the arc at the beginning of the season. Since then, we’ve effectively been given a six-week hiatus from Jonnor with a reminder every two weeks that the relationship still exists without any notable development (3x06, we got “I’m going to Connor’s,”, 3x08 we got Connor being concerned for Jude in a couple of two-second scenes). By the end of the season, we might have had more AJ and Rita development than Jonnor, both of which are supporting characters! What the hell, writers? And no, Brallie shippers, don’t say “Well we haven’t gotten stuff in 2 seasons!” Yeah, because if Callie got adopted (which she was supposed to!), that would be incest, and that isn’t acceptable, and if she’s being fostered (which she is!), she would get kicked out of the house by her social worker. There are actually plot-important reasons why you’re not getting Brallie, while there is no reason we’re not getting Jonnor other than…we’re just not getting it.

4) Why am I supposed to be mad at Jude again? He was having a bad day, we know he has a lot of psychological issues (he goes to therapy for Christ’s sake!), Jonnor is clearly going strong given that Jude is almost always at Connor’s house…like, honestly, I see no reason to be mad at Jude.

5) I never thought I’d say this but…where’s Mariana? Maybe it’s more noticeable without Jesus there, but I feel like she played no role this episode at all, even though she was there.

6) I know liking Callie is the unpopular opinion now…but, honestly, her problem is that she thinks for others before herself. That is, on some level, why she’s not adopted yet. Yeah, she makes dumb decisions, but they’re usually attempts to protect others from hurt before herself, and I think that’s a positive quality of her character.

7) But honestly, how can anyone not despise Brandon after this episode? He has literally become a whiny crybaby that fucking emanates white privilege. My least favorite line in this episode was when Stef said to Brandon “In my mind, you’ve suffered less than the others.” But, that’s the thing, he objectively has suffered less than the others! Lest we forget: 

  • Jesus and Mariana had a drug addict for a mother and didn’t know their father, were abandoned in favor of said drugs, were left with a ton of psychological baggage (including abandonment issues), and then were guilted into giving her money when they met her again, and had any remaining shred of trust for their mother destroyed. Mariana, to this day, is still trying to repair that relationship. (Who’s Jesus again?)
  • Jude’s mother died and his father went to jail when he was really young and he was shoved into the foster system, was abused in at least one of them for being perceived as LGBT, had to deal with his sister, his only protector, being forcefully removed when she tried to protect him from said abuse, developed psychological issues that he starts going to therapy in 2A for (since no one notices these issues until he goes mute), has totally shut down twice in three seasons, has consistently been losing hope in his sister getting adopted, and has developed an idea that he needs to keep quiet out of worry of being abused (I feel like this was part of 3x08 that most people didn’t talk about, but it is super important that he thought Stef or Lena might hit him or kick him out of the house).
  • I don’t think I really need to go over Callie’s situation but let’s do it anyway…Her mother died at a young age, her stepfather (who she didn’t even know was her stepfather) was sent to jail for it, she was sent into the foster system at a young age, was raped by a foster brother, was sent to juvy for trying to protect her brother from an abusive foster father, has had her adoption stalled for the length of nearly two whole seasons (1x10-now) while she watched her brother get adopted at the end of Season 1, found out Donald wasn’t actually her father, had to deal with a custody battle with a father she barely knew and a suicidal sister, got sucked into all of the problems of the other girls at Girls United, has gotten kicked out of the house twice without anyone in the house’s consent, and really has not ever had a stable life in her 17 years of living.

…how do Brandon’s problems compare at all to this? I’m sorry, Brandon really needs to stop whining about his feelings and his terrible experience at Idyllwild that is 99.9% his fault. That’s all he’s done this entire season, and I’m quite peeved by it.

8) Brallie has become toxic, even if it didn’t start that way. I mean that: its only result is that it actively hurts Callie with no real risk to Brandon. To all the people saying Callie doesn’t need a piece of paper to be happy: it is so much more than that. She needs the stability of being part of a family for good without any risk of getting kicked out again, if she does anything with Brandon she will get kicked out again (we’ve seen this with AJ), and it’s also about Jude’s feelings too: you all saw Jude’s downward spiral. Twice.

9) To Brallie shippers annoyed that there is Jonnor in the Brallie tag: you know that Brallie shippers put Brallie in the Jonnor tag too, right? Trust me, a lot of Jonnor shippers either don’t care about or dislike Brallie as much as y’all don’t care about or dislike Jonnor (if not moreso), so please stop whining about it. Thanks.

10) Last point: why did Rita, a supporting character, get a more in-depth and longer storyline in this episode than Jude and Mariana, both main characters?

He kisses her like he’s always wanted to - with a fiery passion that could rival a strike of lightning. 

They are locked together in the moment, and not even Fate, Destiny, or whatever god is out there can separate them.

The second kiss is sweeter, a breath longer than the first, and when they separate both of them have their eyes cast at the ground, neither wanting to break the moment they’d been granted. 

As she feels his breath on her lips Jemma’s eyes open gently, brain registering first the stubble on his cheeks, her fingers over his chin, the memory of the prickle of short bristly hairs on the side of her lip lingering. She continues to trace the contours of his face - so familiar, and yet so strange when seen in the close proximity….