got 1x08

So I was thinking about how a Bellarke kiss might go down.

And I remembered this bts pic of clarkes drawing on her cell wall in the ark.

And I was immediately reminded that it looked suspiciously like Bellamy and Clarke embracing in a passionate kiss. Now some would say it’s just trees ( yes I know it’s probably just trees but A GIRL CAN DREAM) And I admit fully that this is a reach but it’s been like 3 weeks without the show and THIS IS OCCUPYING MY BRAIN SO WHAT I CAN REACH AS MUCH AS I WANT! And also it’s fiction so anything’s possible remember? It’s supposed to be fun to speculate and guess!I think some people forget that. Fandoms are fun they said 🙃

And when I was thinking about how the kiss could happen I thought maybe it will happen when they are on their own in the forest. Which would be everything considering their history of being alone in the forest, remember this scene?

And more importantly this one?

This was a pivotal scene for Bellamy and Clarke. After this scene their relationship changed. From this moment on they understood each other and finally worked together as a team. It was the start of their relationship be it romantic or platonic, it was the beginning of Clarke and bellamy as one unit.

Also that scene had parts cut out where Bellamy asks Clarke to run away with him, from the camp, to make it on their own together. The drawing on clarkes wall be foreshadowing to a scene very much like the one we got in 1x08 surrounded by trees in the forest? 

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Imagine Bellamy telling Clarke he’s not going to save himself, that he doesn’t think he deserves a place in the bunker. Imagine Clarke giving him another speech about how he needs to stay with her, that if it’s forgiveness he needs she can give it to him, that she needs him again now more than ever. Imagine her confiding in Bellamy all over again that all she can think about is how to keep everyone alive, especially him. She’s scared losing him ( I can’t lose you too!) she doesn’t want to have to face being apart from him. And just like the in the script Bellamy has a sudden desperate thought, pulls her close and he kisses her, for a sudden electrifying moment before the world ends Clarke thinks again how easy it would be to just run away with Bellamy and be together like he asked months before but we all know that it’s not that simple and they have to say goodbye.

I’m predicting the kiss will happen in the forest while they are alone by that tree paralleling the scene you see above.

They are ready now JUST KISS ALREADY (always go back to 1x08 script for proof of canon guys. Not one bit of subtext, allllll text)

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⇀ 1x08: “I got so caught up playing house that I forgot about why we were really here. And you will end Savage someday. I guess the last thing a 4000 year old demigoddess needs is an overprotective husband. What she needs is a partner. What do you say?


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There’s your peace. Joffrey saw to that when he decided to remove Ned Stark’s head. You’ll have an easier time drinking from that cup that you will bringing Robb Stark to the table now. He’s winning, in case you haven’t noticed..