got 1k

Hello everyone~ So, I just hit my big goal of 1k followers and I’m honestly speechless. I started this account about five months ago at the end of September and I, honestly, never thought it’d grow this big, this fast. Nor did I think that I’d devote myself to getting even just one post out for all of you every single day. But, I absolutely love posting my gifs and edits of Jongdae for all of you to see and the amount of love you all give those posts makes me really happy. Thank you for appreciating the things I make no matter the quality of it and, especially, thank you for loving Jongdae along with me.

I made this account in hopes to spread Jongdae’s cheerful and beautiful self to everyone. To show just how amazing and adorable he is. By making series’ such as the “gifs to brighten your day”, “gifs of jongdae being his ethereal self”, as well as the newer, “sweet moments with jongdae”, I feel like I can show the sides of Jongdae that more people need to see. Not only is he exo’s powerful vocalist, but he’s also one of the most warm hearted, hard working, and absolutely stunning members in the group. Even with the great amount of people who are still sleeping on his vocals, I feel that people are sleeping even more on just how wonderful of a human Jongdae is with his humble and sincere greetings and his dedication to helping others in need.

I myself have also grown a lot along with this account. When I began posting, my gifs weren’t as great or as hd quality as I would’ve liked, but as I kept working on them and learning how to do different things in photoshop, my gifs became better, not exactly perfect, but better. I hope to grow even more with this account and post some A+++ quality Jongdae content soon. 

Thank you, again, for sticking with me since the beginning, or even since this morning, I really do appreciate the amount of support you all give me and hope to continue to brighten your days with my gifs and edits of Jongdae.♡

(I hope to get to know more of you as well! Feel free to message/send an ask to me anytime you want! My twitter is also a great place to talk to me about Jongdae~!)

anonymous asked:

how many followers do you have?

I’ve got 16.1k right now but the number doesn’t matter as much as the people behind it

keep asking me stuff ♥

So now I’m hearing The Fine Brothers are trying to trademark “react” and even the reaction video format. B.O.B. and Tila Tequila think the world is flat. Tony the Tiger is being sexually harassed by furries. And Amber Rose revealed that Kanye likes having fingers up his ass. 2016 has been so wild already, and it’s only a month old.