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You do not need to be born a certain way to be able to show strength. You do not need to be a specific person to be able to conquer challenges. You have everything that you need with in you, right at this very moment, regardless of who you are.

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For the fic meme: "You look like shit," he greeted, dropping his bag and toeing his shoes off.

(I made this otayuri because I’m trashed also I know the prompt says the next five sentences but I got carried away)

“You look like shit,” he greeted, dropping his bag and toeing his shoes off.

Otabek sighed, closing the book he had half heartedly been reading. “Hi to you too, Yura. If it’s any consolation I feel as good as I look.”

“Oh, so you feel like the handsomest boyfriend in the world?” Yuri responded with a grin, walking over towards Otabek’s position on the couch. He was covered in several blankets and his hair was in an amusing state of disarray.

“I do believe that award goes to you, kitten. After all, you always look stunning.” He managed a small grin at the sight of the red starting to show on his boyfriend’s cheeks. “Especially when you blush.”

“Alright, easy now, Altin. Your fever is getting the better of you because that was terribly mushy, even for you.” There was a caring smile on Yuri’s face as he walked towards Otabek, reaching out to check his forehead. “You’re not as warm as you were, which is good.”

“Did you bring me soup while you were out?”

“What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t? I’ll go heat some up right now. But after that you need to sleep. You were supposed to be sleep long while I was shopping, Beka.”

“I couldn’t sleep without you, Yuri.”

“You’re such a sap, Beka.” With that, Yuri placed a kiss on Otabek’s forehead and made his way towards the bag he had left by the door.

“Ah, but I’m your sap and you love it.”

“Correction, I love you, Otabek.”

Yuri heard a soft chuckle as he walked into the kitchen, a can of soup in his hand. “I love you too, Yuri Plisetsky. You’re the best boyfriend ever.”


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(P)update 3/26/17

Our little Mozzi is already getting so big! He likes belly rubs, but has a tendency to try nibbling on the fingers that are scratching him.

He loves playing with the others, but his mom is pretty much the only one who will wrestle with him. Right now he has an adorable little growl that sounds like a cat purring.

Meanwhile, Tuna and Vinny just lay around and watch. Tuna is still a little afraid Vic will chase him away if he gets too close to the puppy.

I can’t wait for Mozzi to be big enough to take all four of them on walks together.