why writing takes forever
  • writer: *stops mid-sentence* damn what's the word I want?
  • writer: *spends 25 minutes on google trying to figure out the right vocab word*
  • writer: *gets a paragraph done*
  • writer: *starts another sentence, stops* what is that really specific fact I need?
  • writer: *spends an hour trying to figure out this obscure thing that probably doesn't actually matter*
  • writer: Wait what's that thing called again?
  • writer: *has no idea how to search for what I need*
  • writer: *ends up digging through blogs and other archived websites for details*
  • writer: *needs to reference source material for fact checking*
  • writer: *has to eat and sleep at some point*
  • writer: should it be "she regards him with disdain" or "she glares at him with disdain" ??? (hint: it doesnt matter but gunna go back and forth over it for an hour)
  • writer: *gets distracted by the internet in general*
  • writer: HOW IS THIS ONLY 800 WORDS???????
  • writer: fuck proofreading
  • writer: okay fine i'll proofread.
  • writer: holy shit this is awful.
  • writer: *reworks entire sections*
  • writer: *doesn't think I'm good enough as a writer and stops for a few days*
  • writer: repeat process as needed.

If I could create some sort of magic thing, what would it be?

anonymous asked:

The matchmaking theory is aliveeeee ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€

indeed it is anon!!

I’m sat here trying to follow the skam timeline and figure out when/how/why Sana would know about Even’s infatuation with Isak after Even came to Nissen.

I’m thinking it’s probably somewhere between between Isak stashing the weed and talking with Isak about it during class. The biggest contender I’m coming up, that we’ve actually seen, is when Vilde (and surely Sana) stands in the background of ‘går ned på chicks’ talking to Even…

Either Sana clued in to Even’s not so subtle looks Isak’s way, or he may have outright indicated that he’d join if Isak et al. joined…. yeah who’s to say. I wonder if we’ll find out!!!!!

askretroland  asked:

Bendy: Ok normal me. Try saying Apple. A-p-p-l-e. Apple! It should be simple enough.

That’s- not what they were asking, Bendy.