They say the Queen in the North was kissed by fire.
The Dragon Queen has hair that was kissed by ice.

  • the starks: hey bran we're going to the crypts to hang out and look at some statues mysteriously for a while you wanna join us
  • bran: i'm not brandon stark. my name is 3-3Y3D R4V5N the seer android. i know which one of you is going to die a gruesome painful death during the long night. have fun in your human activies, female siblings. *nods at jon* male cousin. beep boop

People are really out there calling Sansa useless because she didn’t have a weapon to defend herself in the new promo as if she wasn’t surrounded by the worst manipulators and serial killers for years and still survived due to her wits and her resilience. Just say you hate traditional femininity and go.

Some random observations about the trailer

  • All the three quotes(Ned, Catelyn and Lyanna) are about Jon Snow and Jon Snow only and not Jon, Sansa and Arya. Interesting thing to notice here is that Jon, Sansa and Arya are this generation’s Ned,Catelyn and Lyanna,
  • For the third consecutive time Jon/Sansa are at the centre of the GOT teaser.
  • I know this trailer including the previous one is pretty Stark heavy but this final image gives a strong Aegon and his sisters vibes.