If Tyrion & Sansa don’t reunite in S7 can I at least have a scene were Tyrion is eating lemon cakes? It sounds silly but lemon cakes were Sansa’s favorite and I think it’s just a little symbol of Sansa.

Or even Sansa having a bunch of wine or just drinking wine a lot and someone makes a comment about it.

You know just little symbols/things.



Judging Elia:  versus Lyanna.      
We have the eternal war between Lyanna x Elia. A war that wasn’t even started from both of them, or their families, but from the fandom.                
Let’s remember that when Eddard Stark found out about Elia and her children’s bodies he was the only one, between Starks, Baratheons and Arryns, to find that disgusting and even he cut ties for a time with Robert.  
When we know that Oberyn wanted to champion Viserys’ cause, and emerge a war against Robert, he never blamed Lyanna, never even he mentioned her at all.    
There is nothing known – yet - about Elia’s reaction to the events of the Tourney of Harrenhal, not we know also Lyanna’s thoughts on Rhaegar being married and a father of two. But we know that Elia had a “sweet wit” and that she knew that “the dragon must have 3 heads” we also know that one of the main problems of Lyanna being married to Robert, was the that he was an womanizer, he “wouldn’t be stick to their bed.” And she knew it, so I really believe that these two points speaks volumes about what really happened in the events later. So, no, I don’t believe in “love run” or much less in a marriage thing, like the series want us to accept. Especially because Rhaegar wasn’t the king, he had no real power to null any marriage and a second marriage was forbidden by the faith…but the HBO show wants to make Jon a legitimate king at any costs, even if logic is going to be out of the table.        

So, Elia is judge by her “not so beauty”, by her feminine aspects and pitted against a teenager mostly by the fandom.        

Judging Elia:The Frail, weak girl              
In a last aspect, let’s talk about Elia’s health, that seems to be one of the major aspects we know of her, that Elia was fragile, that she almost died giving birth to her children and she couldn’t give birth to a third child, the third head.              
Still, believe it or not, she gets judge because of that too. She get’s judge for not being healthy enough to have one more baby. And about that there is nothing I can say about it, I have no words at all to write about people who criticizes a character for not being healthy enough.                

So, why would you care?
So, why should you care about Elia Martell being dismissed and getting bash from HBO show Got? Because Elia is a metaphor of what being a women in a sexist world means. You will be judge by your looks, the ones you date, your style, how you act and react and will be pitted against others, and gets bash if they think you are not better than them.

Elia died a victim of her husband and father-in-law actions, Elia died, raped and murdered, so people could “ship” a couple, Elia watched her son being murdered, so Jon can be called “Aegon” and turn out to be the legitimate heir, and now Elia fans will have to see her marriage being null and children getting illegitimate, so Lyanna and Rhaegar can be a happy family with Jon, the king. Sorry, don’t ask me to support this and I’m sure that, if these kind of things happen in the books (which I highly doubt) I’m sure George Martin will give us in a logic and well written chain of events. Unlike is happening in the show.

That is my vent and, Elia deserved better.


English is not my first language so please excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes or if some sentences just don’t make sense (if that’s the case, it’d be lovely if you told me 😅). This is my first one shot, so please leave a note if you like it! Some of the lines are from @hyenaswritings drabbles list.

Jon Snow x Female Reader

Words: 337

“It just… It just happened.” You’ve never felt more betrayed as you looked at the man in front of you. He was the love of your life and after all this time you thought he felt the same about you. Although now you seemed to learn that this wasn’t the case.

“Oh, alright, so you fucking one of these whores running around out there ‘just happened’?” he sighed, bit his lip and looked away when he caught the sarcastic tone in your voice.

“Listen, Y/N you need to know that I love you…” he started talking before you interrupted him harshly. “You say you love me but if you do, why would you hurt me like this?”

“I never wanted to hurt you!” he responded angrily. Jon never liked it when you accused him of something and got angry pretty easily. You chuckled humorless and shook your head in disbelief. You always thought that you would cry and scream at him if he ever did something like that, but you didn’t. You just wanted to know why he did it. Why he cheated on you, the woman he proclaimed his love for, even when you only were together for three months.

Inside, you knew that this would’ve happened eventually. He was Jon Snow, King in the North. A man like him could have any woman out there, but you really thought he was different. Just like he always used to tell you when you felt insecure.

“Well, you just did. But you know what? I get it. All I am is a maid. I’m here to please your needs. Whatever it may be.” you turned around and walked away while he looked at you in shock. You secretly hoped that he’d stop you by grabbing your arm, turn you around, kiss you like only he could and tell you that all you just said was a lie. That he loved you, only you and that he’d never lay eyes on another woman again.

You broke a little when he didn’t.