Monday Male Street Style Crush - Jared Leto

Jared Leto makes my first monday male street style crush list. His style is relaxed, comfortable, laid-back, cool and collected with a bit of edge. He never fails to impress in any outfit he wears and he wears them as if it’s just something so easily put together. He is a man that has style no matter what he wears and will always have style as he isn’t trying to hard. Between the flannels and the leather, he is my favorite male celebrity street style to get inspiration from. Lately he is getting classical pieces of clothing in his wardrobe but still keeping it very him. You, Jared Leto are my choice of this Monday street style crush. :)

anonymous asked:

I love you blog! I wanted to buy a asymmetrical skirt today but my friend said not to because they are ugly. What do you think about them?

I quite like them. Yes there are some ugly ones out there but you just got to find the right ones. I’m currently wearing a burgundy one right now. You just got to style them right. Plus on another note, if you like something go for it don’t let others not let you do things, you should do them or get them cause you want too! :)