Ghostface Killah: "We Celebrate" (feat. Kid Capri)

CRUSHED by the Raiders' late choke job.  Our secondary sure can negate some quality offensive efforts (Carson Palmer: 32/40, 367 yds, TD, 113.2 rating).  We blew a big opportunity today, too, in that the Jets and the Tebows both lost.  That one hurt.  

At least Tebow lost.  I very, very rarely find myself rooting for the tuck-rule Pats, but today was that day.  Thanks for putting a tent on that circus, Pats.

Only after the Raiders’ loss did I hear about BARON DAVIS COMING TO NY, and that he may not need 8-10 weeks to heal up after all.  One more time: BARON DAVIS IS A KNICK!  Yeah, we can’t help but get happy about that news.  Time to “Celebrate” w/ a little GFK, y'all.

(chica) “What’s that in your pocket, Ghost?"  (GFK) "A dill pickle.” (chica) “Not that…"  (GFK) "Oh, that’s the forty-five stainless nickel."