Request from @awsmazinganimexd can you make a proper edit with my poem?

My precious Eijun

Keep fighting and don’t lose hope

Proudly watching you

Not a king, a challenger

Growing stronger, day by day

You’ll always be my ace <3 

So, I sort of bought myself a thing on ebay…

I mean, hello, Pav is on the cover and “Olympic preview” meant a definite chance of some Bah and Phil.



He’s so importanttttt omg I could cry. And yes the title of the article is “The Rangers’ Mighty-Mite.” Though I’m not a huge fan of the word “mite” – he’s small but hi he’s not a child – but I’m honestly okay with any combination of words that emphasizes his size and his awesomeness, so. :’)

And reading about how his Jeep was parked among the flashy, expensive cars of his teammates was kind of the best. What a pERFECT HUMAN HE IS. And the article included what I think is the first story about his and Bah’s time in Lugano I’ve ever heard.

And HEY speaking of Bah!

YAY. :)

And there was also a random surprise bonus…

People were angry that Dave Silk was traded from the Rangers and OMG that just warms my heart. :)))

So yeah in conclusion do NOT look up your faves on ebay because you’ll find yourself emotionally compromised by 30-year-old publications.