No points, but doesn’t it seem a little odd that Eleanor keeps picking out Blair’s sex clothes??? I would be definitely weirded out if my mother chose the outfit I lost my virginity with AND the one that gets me chucked on her piano. Those are way too many freudian points for me to do the math.


Not to mention the creepy 2x25 “Are you dressing for someone?” scene where Eleanor proudly sends Blair off to seduce Chuck!

anonymous asked:

Since you are a big gg fan, I have to ask you this: when/in what episode does blair have sex with jack bass? i watched all of the episodes, but that was couple of years ago and i can't really remember. also, how did it happen? great blog btw, you are amazing

Thank you, but why so anon?

Blair/Jack was never shown on screen, only that it happened on New Year’s. The hints began at the end of 2.14 (“he can’t know what happened on New Year’s”) and then in 2.15. Then the promos (shorter, extended) even implied that this was going to be revealed in the episode (“Blair wouldn’t touch you” “you should ask her about it”), but those scenes disappeared when it aired. It was only revisited in 2.25, when Gossip Girl announced it at Nate’s graduation party along with other bombs (like Chuck sleeping with Vanessa).