Monday, 02.10.17 • 16:16 • at home

022/100 Days of Productivity

Maths will be the death of me, rip
Today will be my “chill” day, I did some work just now and next I’ll do a face mask and watch some GMM or Gossip Girl. Gotta get some stuff done tomorrow before I’m gone Wednesday and Thursday (hella stressed abt missing class, especially Maths, I’ll miss 3 whole lessons). Does someone have tips abt how to catch up efficiently?

Listening to: Szaman - Paluch

Dair au during season 4: Blair feels lonely and makes a phone call to Dan.

Blair: Humphrey, where are you?
Dan: Oh hi to you too Blair. Actually I’m hanging out with some friends.
Blair: Do you have any friends besides Nate and Eric? I’m surprised.
Dan: Ok Waldorf, you called me just to insult me or is in need of something? Are you fine?
Blair: Of course i’m fine, actually forget that i called to you. Bye.

Today my friend finished watching Gossip Girl for the first time and I was there with him and it’s safe to say it was an emotional journey, brought back my massive love for the finale so for the next few days I’ll be posting everything to do with the Gossip Girl finale! Exciting stuff.