Goodbye ‘Gossip Girl’: The Best Moments from the Final Season

It’s hard to say goodbye to our favorite Upper East Siders. We’ll miss the schemes, the fashion, and the fabulous lifestyles of Manhattan’s elite. Now that we’ve watched the series finale and learned Gossip Girl’s identity, let’s take a look back at the best moments from the final season.

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‘Gossip Girl’ Series Finale Recap: Gossip Girl’s Identity is Revealed

On the series finale of Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair get married to avoid prosecution, Serena doesn’t quite make it out to LA and the identity of Gossip Girl is finally revealed. Spoiler alert: it’s not Veronica Mars!

We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs with Gossip Girl. It might have felt recently like there have been more downs than ups that we were the proverbial Bart Basses hanging off the Empire and there was nowhere to go but splat. But as the retrospective played before this final episode reminded us, there were plenty of great times on Gossip Girl.

The finale, and the final Gossip Girl reveal, will likely be divisive for many fans. In its last chance to shock us, however, Gossip Girl decided to go out with an OMG instead of a whimper.

The reveal of Gossip Girl was one that seemed both insane and also almost too obvious. Of course it was Dan, the ultimate outsider who always searched for his way into the elite realm of the Upper East Side. In hindsight, last season’s Dan book storyline could be subtitled, “I am Gossip Girl: The Novel." 

Does Dan being Gossip Girl make 100% sense, like going back and watching The Sixth Sense and noticing how no one talks to Bruce Willis? Well, no. But does Dan being GG himself make Gossip Girl-sense, where you can get from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side faster than getting Starbucks in midtown? Well, in that case, it does.

As a series finale, the episode was ultimately as big, fun, emotional and nonsensical as the show itself. The show made a great many missteps in its final season, none more so than choosing to stuff in more guest stars and open more plot avenues with only 10 episodes to close out the show.

So therefore, a lot of storylines were rushed in the finale, but generally speaking, they were the ones we didn’t care much about anyway. (Anyone care about Ivy and William? Anyone? Bueller?)

As usual with Gossip Girl, it wasn’t about the plot as much as it was about the characters. And we got some emotional moments and one final, big OMG in our final hour with these crazy Upper East Siders.

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Gossip Girl series finale predictions by Harper:
  • Derena is canon even though Serena’s naive and Dan’s an ass.
  • Lily lives happily ever after in a spa surrounded by pretty art & jewelry.
  • Rufus moves somewhere with lots of music and pot.
  • Nate and Sage live happily ever after in pedo heaven.
  • Ivy and William do not fuck because that is disgusting.
  • Bart’s dead as a doornail.
  • Shitty music and great clothes and me crying.