gossip sessions

Dear Trans Women…

You are welcome,

Join our little toilet gossip session!
Tell me where you got that bomb ass dress from, as we wash our hands!
Let’s talk through the stalls!
Tell me how you did that beautiful hairstyle, as you fix it up in the mirror!
Join our little haven from that one pedo guy out there!
Tell me how bad those gorgeous heels are rubbing your feet, as I pass you a bandage for the blisters!
Let’s take a hundred mirror selfies!
Tell me how you blended that eyeshadow so flawlessly, as we talk over the hand dryers!

Because, you are ALWAYS welcome here.

Hufflepuff is staying up all night giggling with friends. It’s the sleepy “I love you” at the end of a five hour phone call. It’s a significant other running their fingers through your hair during a Sunday picnic. It’s finding a baby bird with a broken wing and nursing it back to health. It’s smiling at a stranger on the subway. Hufflepuff is picking flowers off of trees and tying them into your friend’s hair. Its wiping the sweat from your forehead after a long day’s work. It’s freshly baked bread and golden sunlight flooding through the windows. Hufflepuff is loving food way too much and crying with friends and loving until it hurts.

Gryffindor is laughing so loudly that strangers stare at you. It’s playing truth or dare at three in the morning. It’s running around like crazy people with your lover. It’s catching fireflies on a warm summer night. It’s complimenting a stranger’s crazy hair color and feeling so good when they smile. Gryffindor is hurling toilet paper over someone’s yard then laughing so hard it hurts. It’s standing up to a childhood bully. It’s unhealthy amounts of candy and fiery red sunsets. Gryffindor is being an adrenaline junkie and trying to do what’s right and getting back up after being knocked down .

Ravenclaw is 3am conversations about the meaning of life. It’s having a small close knit circle of friends who would die for each other. It’s longing to touch your lover’s soul. It’s googling pictures of llamas in tuxedos when you actually got online for a research paper. It’s feeling an instant bond with a stranger who’s wearing a band or tv show t-shirt. It’s being quirky and not caring. Ravenclaw is drinking coffee at 11pm. It’s effortlessly acing classes that you’re interested in. It’s dusty sheet music and a starry night sky. Ravenclaw is being obsessed with a certain book or show and pouring your soul into your work and expressing yourself creatively.

Slytherin is being willing to kill for the people you love. It’s having 3am gossip sessions with your best friend. It’s staring into your significant other’s eyes and instantly knowing what they’re thinking. It’s daydreaming about what the future holds. It’s always having a twinkle in your eye because you’re always one step ahead. It’s the thrill you get when you’re playing strategic board games. Slytherin is putting up walls because you feel things so deeply. It’s people being attracted to your mysterious vibe. It’s a waterfall in the middle of nowhere and an ambitious dream. Slytherin is being a natural leader and being successful and loving so much more than you let on.


- High school AU’s include if one isn’t at school for a day they get cranky cause they have no one to yell at and they can’t loose their yelling buddy that not good

- Aggressively making sure the other is okay

- Defending each other cause “only I can call him that you insensitive prick!”

- Them hating each other but still worrying about each other

- Would never actually confess that they are worried when the other isn’t there

- DoUbLe DaTeS

- Being pared in ton of class projects and pretending to hate it

- Will lowkey defend each other
- hang out a lot but it’s only because “we have mutual friends and have no choice”

- College AU includes debate club only ever being filled with the shouts of them two

- They always think they themselves won

- Being dorm mates

- Thomas cleaning the dorm and organizing Alex’s stuff since “you will never spend time doing it and my OCD got to me”

- Late night gossip sessions

- They help each other threw brake ups

- “We hate each other but we know how to make each other feel happy and we know each other’s insecurities but would never pull on those heart strings cause that’s too bitchy”

- Late night talking sessions in general

- Thomas hating the hot but he keeps the heater on cause he knows how Alex is used to the hot Caribbean and how it’s hard for Alex to work with ten blankets on him

- They have totally fought people that made the other hurt

- “Do you know how much pain you put him threw cause I do! I see it everyday you fuckoo!”

- being each other’s wingman but like complaining about the “cute” shit the other does to make the person the other likes want to date which ever

- “sometime it’s so annoying cause he sneezes in his sleep like snoring but it’s like baby sneezes and I could almost call it cute if he was the worst ever and it wasn’t so god damn annoying, like it doesn’t happen every second or anything but frequent enough”

- Job AU consists of completely going against the others ideas

- fighting for the same higher position

- both getting the position and having to make compromises and such for big decisions

- having to go to the other'a house because of how much work they have to do

- Martha and Eliza competing in being the nicest to each other’s husband because “I just want them to work the best together and have a good working condition”

- defending each other in Job gossip

- “Excuse me how dare you accuse him of that he’s the worst ever but he wouldn’t do that

- late night Skype calls for work that turn into them venting to each other

- (teacher AU) jumping into each other’s class room and critiquing their lesson

- they help each other plan lessons

- “Pft oh come on, you could do this so much better”

- switching classes and teaching the other’s class every once and awhile

- PTO AU includes aggressively supporting their children

- Angelica Hamilton and Lucy Jefferson playing on the same soccer team

- Lucy first meeting Philip since they are closer in age and are in the same class together but she started being friends with Angelica instead

- Angelica going to Lucy’s house and vise versa but Alex/Thomas has to stay cause they are daddy’s girls and they find comfort in their dad’s just being in the same house as them

- Alex and Thomas slowly start rooting for each other’s kids for sports and such

- Lucy and Angelica start being so close that they have a schedule when they are going over to each other’s houses and the two dad’s being sorta sad that they can’t have tea and talk about things going

- soccer mom Alexander and Thomas tagging along for he ride with each other

- One of the dad’s can’t make it to the soccer game so the other cheers both of the girls on

- those Girl Scout selling cookies competitions get heated


Ease - Part 6



Length: 3.7k

SummaryYou and your best friend Taehyung have recently got into the same university in the capital of Seoul. Hoping that this was your year to finally admit your romantic feelings towards your said best friend, uni seems an exciting prospect. But of course, the future never really goes according to plan.

A/N: i’m not very happy with this part and i’m sorry it took forever!! hopefully you like it anyway 💚   

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“She ran up to me, full speed, and I was saying to myself, ‘I’m not prepared for this’. I had my arms open for her to jump into but I could tell that this was it, these were my last breaths…”

You sat back in contentment, listening to Yoongi’s story about his dog while laughing along with Hoseok. The three of you sat in the practice room in the early morning, with the sun streaming in through the small windows at the top of the high walls. This had become a routine for you: leaving the house before anyone had even woken up, going to the practice room, and hanging out with Hoseok, Yoongi, and Jungkook before you all left for lectures. Today was especially nice, as although it was slightly chilly outside, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and the sun shone brilliantly.

“…and I fell straight into the wet mud, the dog still going mad. The worst part of it all was I could hear my crush laughing with her friends. And do you know what I said to her, trying to rectify the situation? ‘I have weak knees’. Could’ve said anything, and I chose that. Holly was still having a great time, while I sat in a bog completely humiliated. Smelt like manure for days.”

Neither of you could stop laughing, clutching your sides with the pain of it all. At that moment, Jungkook tottered in, carrying a tray with four coffees on top, one for the each of you. Although you came there every morning to practice, Hoseok used the time wisely by having group gossip sessions, urging you to keep him completely up to date with everything going on with Taehyung. Seeing as Yoongi was usually barely awake and Jungkook always struggled to stop yawning, they didn’t mind slouching against the wall, sipping coffee and listening to your conversation.

Normally, there wasn’t much to say about Taehyung, as the last few weeks had passed by without any drama. It’d all gone back to normal after seafood night at his house, as Taehyung was asking every other day to hang out, especially whenever Yeji was busy or when he had any important news to tell you. You’d even studied together like you used to, which although didn’t involve a lot of talking, just having him as company always made you feel better. That feeling was difficult to explain, as you knew Taehyung was firmly taken and his relationship was going swimmingly with Yeji. But that feeling would not go away.

Looking at your watch and sighing, you said goodbye to the others and made your way to your first lecture.

“My roots are showing! I need you to re-dye it!” pleaded Taehyung, pulling at your shirtsleeve like a toddler asking for attention. “I’ve got a date tonight and I don’t want to be looking shabby.”

Sitting at Taehyung’s desk in his room, you swung your feet listlessly, pretending to not hear his whines. Biting the end of the pencil, you flicked a page of the textbook you were supposed to be revising from, but the boy still prodding your arm was slightly distracting.

“Pleeease,” he begged, dragging out the word. “It won’t take long.”

“Get Namjoon to do it.”

You continued peering at your Korean assignment, which was an analysis essay on a book that was currently hidden somewhere around the house - thanks to Taehyung. However, a head began obscuring your view as Taehyung leaned over your shoulder, and you tried your hardest to keep your expression blank as he smiled cheekily. With is hair no longer hanging over his forehead, you could clearly see his black hair showing beneath all the orange.

Head hanging upside-down, he said amusingly, “You look like my aunt from this angle.”

“Oh, shut up,” you grumbled, pushing his chest so he fell back onto his bed.

“Please do it for me. I’ll give you your book back?”

There was a moment of consideration where you wondered whether you could afford losing your book, just to wind up Taehyung, but then you thought better of it. “Orange again?” you asked, sighing heavily.

Taehyung bounced up from the bed, hugging you from behind and sticking his hair in your eyes, as if to prove a point about the colour. “Thanks, Y/N,” he murmured.

“Yeah, yeah.” You shrugged him off, but didn’t attempt to hide the pleased smile on your face.

So the process began again, wetting his hair and lathering in the orange dye, making sure to get into his roots. He trusted you to do this properly, you thought happily, and the fact that he wasn’t at the stage where he wanted Yeji to see his roots made you feel even better. Taehyung had really been trying to keep up-to-date with your life after you called him out for leaving you, so it was only fair that you should try just as hard with his interests, despite the jealousy that burnt your blood whenever Yeji’s name was mentioned.

It was hard, swallowing your pride and helping Taehyung look good for Yeji. Whenever Taehyung asked if it was okay that he left to see her, you always took a deep breath and said ‘go for it’. Although this had been going on for weeks, it didn’t get any easier. Despite being his best friend, you still had to take a backseat and let Yeji have top priority over Taehyung’s time. To distract yourself, you’d ring Jungkook for an extra practice session or you’d ask Namjoon if he wanted to go shopping or you’d hang out with Yoongi and Hoseok at Cake Corner, which Taehyung was now calling the cupcake shop. It worked every time, until you’d walk home and realise Yeji was probably kissing him that second, or that they might be cuddling on the couch together. Then the sadness would return.

Taehyung closed his eyes in relaxation as you massaged his scalp, a silly smile playing on his lips as he hummed a song. Precious moments like this, you thought to yourself, make all this bitterness and heartache worth it.

“Y/N,” Taehyung began, his eyes still shut, “did you do anything this morning?”

Your moved your hands slower, slightly confused by his question. “Do anything? Like what?”

“Oh, you know. You might have gone out, or something.” His voice was nonchalant and seemingly innocent, but you knew Taehyung well enough to understand that he was never innocent.

“Yeah, I met up with some friends of mine.”

“Friends, as in plural?”

Stopping the massaging completely, you lay your wrists on his shoulders and stared at his eyes in the mirror’s reflection. “What do you want to know, Tae?”

He shook his head, playing it off. “Nothing, don’t worry.”

Giving him a sideways glance, you finished up on the roots and whipped off your gloves, leaving Taehyung sitting on the stool in the bathroom so the dye could be absorbed. Just as you were about to leave, he added, “It’s just that Jungkook’s been going out early in the morning almost every day. I was just wondering whether he’d been meeting you.”

Something about the way Taehyung was talking brought up your defences, so your reply came out a little harsher than you intended as you span round to face him again. “Yeah, he has. Why, what’s wrong with that?”

Taehyung pursed his lips as his eyelids fluttered, looking slightly shocked at this new information. “Are you… seeing each other?”

“I just told you, I saw him this morning-”

“No, silly. Are you dating Jungkook?”

Taken aback, your mouth opened uselessly as Taehyung gawked at you, barely moving in his chair except for the slight movement of his chest as he breathed. What did he just say?

After you realised that he wasn’t going to explain his reasoning for his question, as he continued to stare blithely, you stuttered out, “No, no I’m not.”

“Good,” he nodded.


He paused, choosing his next words carefully. “I don’t want there to be any… miscommunications, like last time, you know? Those two weeks where you didn’t reply to me was hard, and I could barely sleep because of it. I want you to remember that you can tell me anything, Y/N. No more secrets.”

Leaving the bathroom with a heavy heart, you went downstairs to join the others, Taehyung’s words swimming around in your head. No more secrets. Although you knew that he was referring to your meetings with Jungkook, there was a bigger secret that plagued your mind. But you couldn’t tell him about that. Not now.

You weren’t even sure why you weren’t telling Taehyung about the dancing; it was either because you didn’t want him finding out about money problems or the fact that this was the first hobby you’d done without him. You loved Taehyung, in more ways than one, but dancing with Jungkook and watching Hoseok and Yoongi perform their piece distracted you from your troubles. It stopped you thinking about Taehyung.

However, you also found your mind deeply rooted in the other thing Taehyung had told you. Up until that point, you were unaware that he had found it difficult when you ignored him. As far as you were concerned, Taehyung was so infatuated with Yeji that he probably didn’t notice your lack of replies. When really, he couldn’t stop thinking about you.

“Taehyung going out with Yeji again?” Jin asked you softly, as you sat down meekly on the sofa next to him. There were definitely no secrets between you and Taehyung’s housemates, that’s for sure. When you nodded, he said, “You know, don’t feel like you can only come here to see Taehyung. You’re our friend now, and I think Namjoon wants you to help him keep Jungkook under control.”

Namjoon was currently sitting on Jungkook’s back as he calmly watched a programme on TV, stopping Jungkook’s outstretched hands from reaching the remote to change the channel. The younger boy lay flat out on the floor almost completely immobile, with only his head popping up occasionally so he could complain about crushed ribs.

“See you guys later!” Taehyung called, briefly walking past before disappearing out the door.

There was a chorus of goodbyes, but you all fell silent after he was gone. It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence, but there was something different about the atmosphere. It felt forlorn and dejected, as if everyone felt sympathy for what you were putting yourself through. Apparently, you weren’t the only one who noticed, as Jin spoke up.

“Right, I’ve had enough,” he said abruptly, causing Namjoon to slide off Jungkook’s back in alarm. “I can’t stand the pained look on Y/N’s face. You need to let yourself go tonight, and that’s not going to happen by staying at home and pining for that idiot Taehyung. No, you’re going out.”

“A-am I?” you faltered.

“Jungkook, go get ready. I’ll give you some money so you can go treat yourselves as a reward for how hard you’ve been working on your dancing. Y/N, stop looking at me like that. You need to have some fun, without Taehyung. Go on, get your shoes on. I’m taking you to the spring market.”

The whole drive to the market was a karaoke session, all three of you belting out the songs to whatever came on the radio. If none of you knew the song, Jungkook took his chance to announce that you were not going on a date.

“We’re just dance partners, having a night out,” he reminded you and Jin, idly fiddling with the volume on the stereo.

“Yeah, we understood the first seven times,” said Jin, laughing.

However, once Jin was gone and you two were alone, Jungkook relaxed and slung his arm over your shoulder, while talking about the market he always went to as a kid in Busan. Although you were worried that you weren’t going to have a good time, as you’d barely seen Jungkook outside the practice room or his house, you too found yourself getting excited once you saw all the lights and heard the music playing.

The spring market was an annual event held in your region of Seoul, celebrating the start of the academic year as well as the beginning of spring. Most of the stores sold food, ranging from traditional Korean dishes to a few international recipes that you recognised. Activities were set up along the streets to win prizes, and in the centre of the market was an outdoor cinema, with deck chairs set up in the grass ring. You could understand why Jungkook was so keen to establish that it wasn’t a date; the spring market was targeted towards couples. Flowers were sold at every stall, as well as plenty of chocolate, and everywhere you looked you could see people holding hands.

“White Day was over a month ago,” Jungkook complained, looking around at all the happy couples.

“Come on, grumpy boots,” you said, and pulled his arm towards the nearest stall selling tteokbokki. It was scary how quickly time had gone by, as it was now nearing the end of April, which meant you only had a month left until the dance competition. As this thought came into your head, you changed your mind about the food and moved to the next stall.

“Wait, I thought you wanted tteokbokki?” asked Jungkook. You were still holding onto his wrist, dragging him away from the tempting smell. “Why aren’t we getting any?”

“Because,” was all you replied. In the corner of your view, you could see Jungkook frowning, questioning your sudden decision, but you kept your focus diverted. His puppy dog eyes could rival Taehyung’s, so just one look would make you crumble.

“Is this to do with money?”

It was slightly unnerving how Jungkook could read you so easily. Although you didn’t respond, he spun on his heel and disappeared into the crowd. A few minutes later he returned, holding two portions of tteokbokki and chopsticks.

Handing you one, he said, “Tonight is the night to let go, okay? We’re going to win that dance competition and get you that money, I promise. Plus, this is Jin’s money we’re spending, so feel free to buy the biggest teddy bear you can find.”

You gave Jungkook a genuine smile in gratitude, before you both set off exploring the market. It was a warm night for April, so the two of you happily traipsed around, buying an unnecessary amount of food and failing miserably on the games to win prizes. Even though it wasn’t your usual film and pizza night, Jin was right: it took your mind off Taehyung. Jungkook was like him in many ways, but Jungkook was softer, gentler. But he was also more closed off. There was something about the boundaries he put up that made you wonder if you would ever get close to him. No matter how much you talked, you felt as if you didn’t know him at all.

With your mind distracted, you barely noticed that Jungkook had stopped walking until you almost bumped into his back. “Ahh, Jungkook! Why’d you stop? Aren’t we going to the refreshments stand?”

Jungkook stayed silent, but he grabbed your hand and pulled you around the side of a large tent, shielding you from the view of the main street. You now stood outside the main beam of lights, throwing you into the shade. You were… hiding?

“Jungkook, why are we behind the tent?” you whispered loudly, concerned about how tense he had become. His body was hunched over as he leaned his head around the corner, scanning the crowd, his hand still gripping onto yours tightly.

“Jungkook…” you began again.

“Taehyung’s here. With Yeji. And they’re close.”

“Why are we hiding?”

Jungkook turned to face you, no longer on the lookout. Although it was darker behind the tents, you could still make out the troubled look in his dark eyes. “Firstly, I don’t want to ruin their date. Secondly, you won’t have a good time if you keep seeing Taehyung.”

“He’s still my best friend,” you grumbled under your breath.

You felt Jungkook’s hand travel to your upper arm, which he squeezed in reassurance. “I know, but he’s not making you happy. You need someone to make you happy.”

Stepping round him, you copied his earlier movements and peered past the white canvas, immediately spotting Taehyung and Yeji sitting on a bench not far off, eating some sort of kebab. They were hip-to-hip, with Taehyung beaming in happiness at his girlfriend.

“Seeing him happy makes me happy,” you told Jungkook, as he hovered above you so he could have a look too.


He didn’t get to finish his sentence, as suddenly a strong body leapt into the side of Jungkook, almost causing you to fall over. Whipping your head round to find the source of the disturbance, you came face to face with a silver-haired boy that you knew all too well.

“Who are you spying on?” Jimin asked cheekily, craning his neck. “Ah, Taehyungie… and is that Im Yeji?”

“Yeah,” you sighed, before turning to Jungkook. “This is Park Jimin. He’s friends with Tae.”

“I can’t believe it,” Jimin muttered, ignoring the both of you. “She actually did it. I didn’t think she would, but she actually did it!”

“Did what?” you demanded.

Jimin tried to stop staring and turn to you, but his attention kept flicking back to the couple on the bench. “It was meant to be a joke, honestly,” he said shamefacedly. “I didn’t… are they actually a couple? Taehyung and Yeji?”

“Explain, Jimin.” You could feel your pulse rising as Jimin began stretching the back of his head in bewilderment. Whatever he was about to say did not sound good. Jungkook put his arm around your shoulder as if he could feel your unsettlement, the relaxed environment going sour.

“Promise you won’t get mad.”

“Jimin, seriously, spit it out. We’re missing out on the cinema, you know.”

He refused to speak for a few moments, his skin pale, but sure enough, he begun telling you a story. “Yeji fancied me, for the longest time,” he said, finally looking you in the eye. “The sort of crush that doesn’t go away, no matter how much you ignore it. She told me she loved me. But I wasn’t all that kind to her, and instead I laughed it off and told her to move on with her life. I was in a bad place, and I didn’t want anyone getting dragged into that. Let alone Im Yeji. She’s sweet, but she clings to people, and she just so happened to cling to me. So, I ignored the whole thing, for a while anyway, until she brought it up again just before we left for Seoul. Stupidly, I…”

Jimin paused, looking unsure whether to go on, but you gave him a hard look, indicating that he had no choice. Clearing his throat, he continued.

“Stupidly, I told her that she should date someone else. Obviously, she didn’t want to do that, but in the end I made a deal. I said… I said that if she were to go out with Taehyung for a few months, I would go out with her. It was a joke, I swear. But after that, she left me alone. I expected her to come back and tell me that she wouldn’t do it, she wouldn’t hurt Taehyung like that. If I’m honest, I forgot I even said it. But she’s actually dating Taehyung…”

“Why did you tell her to date Taehyung? Why would you hurt him?” you questioned, your voice beginning to tremble with rage.

“I needed her to move on from me so it was the first thing that came into my head, especially because Taehyung told me he liked her. It wasn’t serious! I even told her that she didn’t need to do it, and I would consider dating her later. Clearly, she didn’t listen.”

“This has got out of hand,” Jungkook said quietly and seriously.

“Perhaps they’re happy together, perhaps Yeji likes Taehyung too!” suggested Jimin, and simultaneously, all three of you looked over each other’s shoulders at Taehyung and Yeji.

For the first time, you noticed something. You’d been focusing on Taehyung’s grin for so long that you’d failed to look at Yeji’s, and with Jimin’s confession, you realised straightaway that Yeji’s smile was different. It wasn’t content and calm, nor was her body language. She sat tensely on the bench, her arms glued to her sides with a fake smile plastered on her lips. It was all forced. She wasn’t dating Taehyung for Taehyung.

She thought it would give her a chance with Jimin.

“Jimin, sort this out. Now.” It was difficult to restrain your anger, but a stone was lodged in your throat, the pain causing tears to stream down your cheeks. Your hands were locked together to stop you from lashing out. Yeji didn’t want to be with Taehyung… and Taehyung had no idea.

Jimin just backed away, also crying at his mistake. “I can’t, not right now, I’m not ready. If she comes back to me, I’ll just hurt her even more. I’m sorry.” Then he stumbled off into the dark.

You and Jungkook stood there for a few more minutes, not saying a word and just processing the events. Taehyung and Yeji had moved on and were no longer on the bench, but you didn’t feel inclined to follow. Jimin was an idiot, but you couldn’t believe that Yeji would be so thoughtless about Taehyung’s feelings. He was bound to get hurt one way or the other, and you couldn’t bear it.

“I want to go home,” you said to Jungkook, and then added, “alone.”

The walk was long and it started raining, but it didn’t matter. Having your heart broken by seeing Taehyung with someone else was manageable, but seeing his heart break was a whole other matter.
It would tear you apart.

Falling Slowly

A Tyler Bate Story

Summary: A Tyler Bate X Reader story (first time writing like this!). You meet Tyler while working in a restaurant/bar not far from Full Sail University and, without knowing it, both of you are slowly falling for the other. Some cute awkwardness, some chivalry and some smut for good measure.
Rating: It starts as being safe for work but ends very NSFW. 

A one-shot…for now. If people like it I may revisit. We shall see. 

Tagging anyone who was into the Tye Dillinger story as in case they’re interested in this as well.

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Pas de Trois, 3.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Theatre!AU, Polyamory, Fluff, Angst + Smut

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: None

Summary: Sharing a stage with Jimin and Taehyung is always rewarding, but the real reward is behind the scenes.

Count: 1867 words.

Note: This is a series written for @chimdeer. As always, thank you for the love and special thanks to @dimplecoups + @sydist for reading it over! Also, notice the new header.

Playlist | Prologueiii → iii

Pas de Trois: Act Two, Scene One


Fleeting days had turned into weeks and Taehyung was at the pinnacle of sheer happiness. Due to his benevolent comportment, it was rather easy for fellow actors and students to befriend him—such as moths to a light source. Perturbed at first by the notion of being deemed as an outcast—or persona non grata he would say to Jimin, showing off—it was a delightful feeling to experience being amongst the right crowd regardless of certain differences. However, even as he gave smiles to those around him and banal jokes in uneven English, his eyes would always seem to fall onto you.

“Who knew that Chicago was home to beautiful women?” said the actor to his friend. The weather was tranquil for it allowed the duo to lounge outside, grass prickling parts of their skin as they laid. Jimin, who was preoccupied on re-reading the script and mentality devised dance routines, simply hummed in acknowledgement. Taehyung continued on: “I mean, the world is full of gorgeous ladies, but Y/N just has a certain… Are you even listening?”

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''Please, don't do this.'' Shance (also I hope you're having a good day)

Good morning! Thank you, btw! And this one will surprise you ;)
“Please, don’t do this.” Shiro pleaded, Lance raising an eyebrow in challenge. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t.” He hissed, holding the gun up higher, aiming at Shiro.
“Because it’s going to make a mess and Coran will make you clean it up.” Shiro deadpanned, completely serious. Lance merely grinned. “Not good enough!” The Blue Paladin chirped. “Pidge! Hit it!” He called back to his partner in crime. Pidge smirked and activated the goo machine, Lance firing a stream of sticky green sludge at the other team consisting of Keith, Shiro, and Hunk, all of whom shrieked (Keith would deny this later, but Allura had recorded proof.) and dived out of the way.
Yup. It was a food war. Lance and Allura had planned this ahead of time, a new way to de-stress since the team had been run ragged lately. It was during one of Lance and Allura’s gossiping sessions that Lance had mentioned the Food War of ‘16, back at the Garrison. Allura had become quite fascinated with the idea, and wanted to experience one.
So, they mashed the idea with a way to help the team out and came up with this.
Allura giggled as she nailed Keith in the face with a well aimed food glob, said Paladin flailing and wiping the goo off hurriedly. Everyone was armed with sporks and trays, while Lance manned the main goo dispenser, spraying everyone who got too close.
Eventually, they had to stop because of Coran. He lectured them for destroying the kitchen, though he was glad they had fun, they needed to do it “in more appropriate areas.”
After the showers, Lance was happily snuggled into Shiro’s lap, satisfyingly tired after the food fight earlier. It was quiet time right now, everyone sprawled out around the room, already asleep. Shiro hummed softly and ran his human hand through Lance’s hair, which made the Blue Paladin purr in delight.
They eventually drifted off to sleep like the others, exhausted after the long day.
Ha I bet you expected angst, right? FOILED AGAIN! lol just joking, there will be more angst in a bit :) I just needed to write some fluff after waking up…..*yawns* right, time to finish the other prompts!!! :D


where are they now?

i. the grey-clad angels walk hand in hand, passing by rows of identical, unlit houses, in a neighbourhood that’s removed from the main city attractions. The angels hold hands and unravel their wings, spreading them wide, laughing, chatting, playfully throwing jabs at each other, happy and light and golden, because it’s only three in the morning, and no one is out to see them in their holy glory

ii. seraphim, teaching in schools and universities, glasses adorning their glowing faces, their silver hair pulled back in buns, braids and everything under the sun. they hold a laser pointer and write out bible-long mathematical equations on the green board, the chalk crumbling and smearing on their dark flesh. They have quiet voices, but burning gazes and words that hold wisdom eons older than any human could ever imagine

iii. puttos (the mistaken ones) trying so hard to make themselves known, their names forgotten, confused with the ugly ones, the cherubim, handing out leaflets on the streets full of information on what is what and what is not, their eyes big and blue and green and brown, their golden hair in coils and curls and locks. When they come back home, they drink cinnamon tea, stretch out their legs and watch cartoons on tv, wondering how could it be

iv. thrones and ophanims have weekly gossip sessions in abandoned, brown churches and beautiful, rosy cathedrals, when they are empty and echo-y and grey, of course. The thrones, the taller ones, with longer faces and lean bodies draped in many cloaks, bring cookies and aloe vera drinks, whilst the ophanims bring with them human magazines, and flick through them as they wait for everyone to gather. Once they’re there, their voices are an amalgamation of golden bells ringing, of songs and chorus. They speak in a language known only in the old heavens, the gossip of pop culture, celebrity news and recent celebrity deaths padded out by the smoothness and elongation of their angelic vowels

v. standing under red light are the dominions, the beautiful women, the haunted ones, their hair as black as the inkiest night. They shiver in the cold, their mortal flesh still mortal and too thin and just a shell, their grand wings in glamour and pinned back, aching to be let out, to be stretched out, like the angels do, because they’re different, they still have their freedom. They’ll stand there and wait until a customer comes by and swoops them away, for a few minutes, if that’s okay

vi. the principalities work in hospitals, the white, sanitised surroundings reminding them of their long-lost home. They yearn for something they once were as they trail down the sparkling halls, their uniforms donned on, hair tucked back, wings invisible. what a shame. when they have their break, they pour out of the doors and take a minute to smoke, the poison filling their lungs and calming them down, their anxious, trembling hearts. the principalities have long forgotten what it feels like to be great, but sometimes, they have dreams and flashbacks and strange déjà vu, and visions and hallucinations. many of them think they’re ill, something wrong with their brain. but they’re just visions of what once was

vii. the archangels cuddle each other in bed, the plain duvet tangled around their slim, long legs, the colour of milk and chocolate. They are open with each other, arms bared, hearts on their cheeks, fluttering eyelids and parted mouths the colour of pink summer and cherry lollipops. One kisses the other, lips like velvet, skin like silk. They text the principalities ‘when r you gonna be off shift? Come and join us’ knowing full well that they’d never come because they’re ashamed of pure love, of love that is not contained between just two

viii. the virtues are fishermen and women, gathering by the side of the turquoise rivers that are the hidden parts of cities and towns, where there is peace, glittering bright, soothing their minds. They fish for hours, chatting amongst themselves, no more than glorified, elongated small talk. Sometimes, rarely, one of them says something that makes the other’s eyes light up – light up with memories, with nostalgia and with sorrow at what once was – but those moments usually don’t come, or are swept up by the rising wind. they inspect the fish they catch, knowing their angelic touch could never really harm another being. they collect a few of their rainbows scales, the rare currency, and let the fish go back to their home, the undulating waves. When it gets really hot, they take off their clothes, but stay in their frilly, lace underwear, and swim around, letting their wings get wet and weigh them down, the most tangible evidence of their origins

ix. they are here. and they haven’t left

Things I Need From ACOWAR

1. To see Amren’s true form
2. Cassian’s wings to be ok
3. Azriel and Mor to FINALLY be together
4. A giant monologue of Feyre telling Tamlin the tool she betrayed him
5. Rhys to be with her when she does it
6. The suriel and Feyre having more gossip sessions
7. Lucien to stand up for Feyre
8. More magic messages between rhys and Feyre
9. An ACOWAR chapter 55
10. Feyre to grow her wings again

8| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3655

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With the knowledge that Jimin was still at Amour, you eagerly looked toward his table when you went down for breakfast the next morning. Of course he wasn’t there.

“Does he ever eat?” You muttered, watching as Dawon, Soekjin, Hoseok, Jungkook, Taehyung, Yoongi and Namjoon sat down at their table.

Jiwoo, who stood in front of you in the line, heard you, and turned to follow your gaze.

She smiled. “He probably eats in his room.” She shrugged.

“I thought we all had to eat here.”

She shrugged. “I don’t think Park Jimin would do anything to put his ballet in danger.”

You tried to accept that, but still. Why did he not come and eat with his friends?

Heading to technique, your limbs already screamed after yesterday’s class. “You’re so lucky getting the solo, (Name).” Yuna said as she pushed open the studio door. “It’s a massive compliment coming from Madame Choi.”

“Yeah.” Hyeun nodded, popping up behind. “She never gives out solos. You are seriously good!”

An unladylike snort came from across the room, where Minjee and Seohyun sat, tying on their shoes.

“Jesus, Hyeun.” Minjee drawled. “Did you put your diaper over your brain this morning?” She stood up, the whole class now listening in.

“If (Name) screws up, then we’re all going to lose. We shouldn’t be relying on someone who can’t even dance at her own age level.” She raised a pointed eyebrow at you. “No pressure or anything, (Name), but we’re all going to work our asses off and still fail because of you.”

“You are so out of line, Minjee.” Hyeun said, shaking her head.

“And see.” Minjee pointed. “She doesn’t even hang out with people who can help her. We all know that you’re way too butch for ballet, Hyeun.”

Hyeun snapped, striding towards her with her fist raised. “You fucking – ”

“Positions please!” Madame Choi’s voice stopped her hand, just inches away from Minjee’s jaw. You all spun around. Madame Choi was taking up her place at the front of the studio, her face sharp as usual, but she didn’t seem to have noticed.

She stared back at your shocked faces with distaste. “Well come on! We have very little time.” She clapped her hands to Mister Ghim, who was only just sitting down. “To the barre, please!”

After a few glances of confusion, you all rushed to the barres. You pulled Hyeun in front of you. It would be way too easy to let her leg fly back into Minjee’s stomach during a set of tondues. You could see her shoulders rising and falling quickly.

“Hyeun.” You whispered. “Calm down. We’ll sort this out later.”

With Madame Choi in her usual, no-nonsense mood, no one thought it best to tell her about what had been going on. You went through your usual barre exercises, though it took a full ten minutes to relax back into the familiar moves.

“Alright.” Madame Choi called. “Positions for the beginning, if you please.”

You went to the centre feeling everyone’s eyes on you. Even if most of the class didn’t like Minjee, her words had gotten through. A lot was placed on you. Everyone wanted to win this, and Minjee was right. If you screwed up, the class would lose. Trying to expel those thoughts from your head, you raised yourself up onto Pointe. Your left leg immediately came up behind you.

“And music please! And one two three four.” Your breathing was shaky as you held an arabesque, and lifted your arms.

“Chin up, Miss (Surname)!” You lifted your head quickly. You had to block out Minjee’s words. You changed legs, making the series of moves Madame Choi had shown yesterday. You were doing fine. But was fine good enough? You kept going. Things weren’t so bad once people began entering behind you. You were relaxed enough to think about the choreography. The courus weren’t working in the first section, but you continued to do them, as she’d asked.

The rest of your class were finally onstage, and you went through the gruelling routine of quick pirouettes and turns. Now that everyone had the moves, Madame Choi began to change your positions, so that you weren’t just in lines. Now you moved around the ‘stage’, not staying in the same spot more than a few seconds. The music was quick and sharp, and you seemed to be at its mercy.

“Come on!” Yelled Madame Choi at one point. “Focus! You all just changed half the moves! Again from bar fifty three and one two three four.”

She didn’t put you into any of the formations. Instead, You were to dance through them, or inside, or in front of. Your mind was not used to so many quick orders to put into memory, and Minjee’s words from earlier still loud in your head. Every time you forgot a move or went out of time, her voice was there telling you that you were going to fail. And of course sometimes she really was there, sniggering at your mistakes.

“You did fine, (Name).” Jiwoo said at the end of the class.

You wiped the sweat from your neck. “I screwed up a lot.”

She shook her head. “Minjee was talking crap earlier and you know it.”

“I still want to go and punch her skanky little face in.” Hyeun muttered through gritted teeth.

“Not a good idea.” You told her.

“Neither is sitting here and letting her insult us all.”

“Don’t give her the satisfaction of knowing she got to you.” Jiwoo replied. She glanced at you “And I mean both of you. What she said was crap, anyway.”

“Hey (Name).” You turned around. One of the guys from your class was standing there…what was his name again…?

“Hi.” You said.

“Uh…” He looked at you as if you were going to break. “I just thought I’d offer my service, you know if you need to practise for the review and stuff. Just to get everything perfect.”

You stared at him. He looked just about ready to bolt.

“Yeah, uh, just tell me…” He quickly walked away and you turned back to Jiwoo, Hyeun and Yuna.

“Well, he didn’t seem to think what Minjee said was crap.” You raised an eyebrow at Jiwoo. You knew it wasn’t really fair, but your new found stress was putting you on edge.

“Ilsung’s a jerk, (Name).” She reassured you. “You’re going to do fine. You just need more time to practise.”

You knew you did. You hadn’t practiced last night because you had had to do your correspondence school work. Sadly you had more to tonight, but it would have to wait. You couldn’t let your class down.

By the time Pas de Deux rolled around, you had been asked by several students in your class if you wanted their help. They all seemed to know the choreography better than you did. Even Kihyun came up to you at the end of lunch.

“(Name), I think you may have been a little off on your second pirouette. I could teach it to you, if you want.”

“No thanks, Kihyun.” You had said, trying to smile. “I think I’ll be fine.”

“Right.” He had replied, but then he’d gone on. “Just remember to keep your core in and to get out of it by the fourth beat. And remember in your Jete to check your feet. I thought one was a bit bent.”

“Right, thanks.” Jiwoo had then mercifully broken in and pried him away from the subject.

Even now, as you walked into class, a girl was telling you how she always gained extra marks in exams for facial expression.

“Thanks. I’ll make sure I do that.” You said before giving a rather unconvincing smile and slipped away to where Jiwoo, Hyeun, Yuna and Kwangsik sat.

“God, I’m going to get a major headache if this keeps going on.” You told them with a grimace.

Jiwoo gave a sympathetic smile. “(Name), don’t bother listening to them. You got the solo for a reason, you’re better than they are. Madame Choi thinks you’re doing fine.”

You sighed and bit your lip. They still knew more than you, though.

Eungkwan came in a minute later. His face was the same pale color as yesterday, his eyes downcast. You waved to him friendlily. He gave a weak smile back and went to sit against the piano, far away from anyone else. You turned back to the others.

“Jeez.” Yuna mumbled. “I thought the second years were the rowdiest of them all.”

“Na.” Said Hyeun. “That’s reserved for Jimin and his gang.” She looked at the mirror, slipping a black hairpin back into her bun. “Hoseok’s sooooo dreamy.”

Yuna laughed. “Watch it, girl, you seriously don’t want his sister pouncing on you.”

You listened to their idle banter, stretching and tying up your shoes as Hyeun performed her daily gossip session. While she went through a list of names you didn’t know, you glanced over at Kwangsik and Jiwoo. They’d been as quiet as you, though at the rate Hyeun was talking, it was hard to get a word in either way.

Jiwoo was sitting close to Kwangsik. She was looking down at her hands in her lap, giggling at a joke he must have made. He sat much the same, his dark eyes looking at her shyly, his own smile a bit bigger on his face.

You observed them only for a moment, then left them to it, having a mental chuckle of your own. When were they going to realize?

“Good Afternoon, class.” Madame Zhang had finally arrived, today wearing a white suit which was a little too short for her wide shoulders. You had to admit, white did not exactly compliment her.

“Good Afternoon, Madame Zhang.” Everyone muttered, standing up. Mrs. Shin took her place at the piano.

Madame Zhang pulled out her stool, as per usual, and sat glaring at you all, waiting for everyone to get ready. You hurried over to Eungkwan, who stood ready in first position, his face staring blankly ahead. You still had to stop and swallow before stepping into position in front of him. He placed his hands on your hips, and you felt any power you had drain away. Shuffling your feet into first, you tried to convince yourself you were comfortable.

“Plies.” Madame Zhang commanded unexcited. “One two three four.”

“Someone’s grumpy today.” You muttered under your breath.

Surprisingly, Eungkwan replied. “She reminds me of my mother’s pug dog.”

You snorted, leaning around to look at him. “God, I have to say, you’re right.”

His smile was small, but you could have sworn there was a bit more color in it. His eyes looked brightly at you for a second, before Madame Zhang’s sharp, now puggish voice came in.

“What is it, Miss (Surname), that you find so amusing?” Her small beady eyes stared right into yours.

“Sorry, Madame.” You said, trying to wipe a smile off your face. It was cruel, but you could certainly see the resemblance.

As soon as her stony look went elsewhere, you quickly looked behind at Eungkwan. But he’d returned to blandly staring at the wall above the mirrors, now his face a little tenser than before. You turned back, figuring that was the end of his talking for the day. It had been nice, though.

The class went on and on, until eventually you got to the combinations. Everyone bunched up at the back of the studio and waited for her orders.

“Alright, we’re trying something different today.” Madame Zhang declared shuffling on her stool. “You’re all getting sloppy, so it’s time to move on.”

Yuna and you exchanged glances. Where was the logic in that? Madame Zhang continued. “We’re going to move on to over the head lifts.”

“What?” You snapped, looking at the woman. She couldn’t be serious. She’d have to be insane. Overheads were dangerous, more so than other lifts because of the height and the amount of force used to get up to those positions.

“Over head lifts, Miss (Surname).” She drawled, glaring at you.

“Sweet.” Minjee said with a satisfied grin. Jongsoo high fived her.

“Ma'am, we can’t do those yet.” You protested.

“That’s why we’re learning them, Miss (Surname).”

“We haven’t even done fish dives.” You said.

“Fish dives aren’t as cool as overheads.” Hyeun exclaimed, clapping her hands excitedly.

“Yeah.” Yuna admitted. “They look fun.”

“Finished talking, have we?” Madame Zhang said distastefully. “You will begin facing each other with the boy’s hands on the girl’s waist. Then the boy will bend his knees, the girl will jump twice and then lift up, hands on the boys shoulders with her legs higher than the rest of her body. Girls, your head should be way out behind the boy, your belly should be above his head.”

You glanced around. Everyone else was nodding, grinning with their partners. Madame Zhang’s popularity rate had just gone up. Yours however had gone even more down, though you were more worried about your neck getting snapped than your reputation. Eungkwan seemed to be the only one even slightly concerned. His forehead was creased in a frown.

“Have you done this in your classes before?” You asked him.

“Only in advanced class.”

“Miss (Surname) and whoever your partner is.” Said Madame Zhang. “You can be first with Miss Yang and Mister Rhee.”

Jiwoo and Kwangsik were already in position.

“Ma'am.” You tried again. “I really don’t think we should be doing this.”

“Come on, (Name).” Jiwoo said smiling. “It’s something new.”

“I’ll be able to hold you up.” Eungkwan told you quietly. “I do know how to do it.”

You bit your lip.

“And my point is further proven.” Minjee’s piercing voice sung across the room. “The judges look for advanced stuff. We’re not gonna get it from her.”

You swore she was getting more confident in her insults by the second. Of course, Madame Zhang didn’t notice. Or maybe she didn’t care. But that didn’t matter. You shook your head.

“Just don’t drop me.” You muttered to Eungkwan, and went into the centre.

Jiwoo gave you what was meant to be an encouraging smile. “You’ve done it before, remember?”

You suddenly did. Jimin, lifting you up, giving you the height to fly.

Jimin. Jimin he wouldn’t have let the class do this.

From your one lesson with him, you knew he wouldn’t make you do anything as advanced and consequently dangerous as this. Oh God, where was he?

But the piano was already playing, and you were facing Eungkwan, your hands on his shoulders, his knees bent, ready to lift you.

“Alright!” Called Madame Zhang from her stool. “Just practise the prep first. And jump two three four and stop. And jump two three four and stop.”

At least she was taking you through it slowly. “And now you want a small lift hold. And one two three four hold her up!” Eungkwan held you up easily, your legs straight underneath you.

You didn’t make eye contact, of course. When you danced, you didn’t want anyone to see the emotion it brought to you, at least, not to anyone who could not understand it. Instead, you glanced at Jiwoo and Kwangsik. They seemed to be doing fine.

“And down two three four. And jump jump jump and hold up, and down two three four.” Your shoes touched the floor again. “Alright, now you will do the real one. Simply jump jump and boys get very low and lift her up just over your shoulders. She should be horizontal.”

Now you did look at Eungkwan. Could you trust him? Of course you could. But could he trust you? You had only done this once before.

“Okay and one two three four and jump and jump and up!” Suddenly you were being forced into the air, Eungkwan’s hands gripping your waist. His body blurred as you were boosted up above his body.

“Oh my God!” Someone cried out, the same time there was a piercing scream. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Jiwoo, fully up in the air, swaying dangerously to the left. Oh fuck, you were too close.

Her body crashed into Eungkwan’s arms and you slipped out of his hands, letting out a cry. Luckily he caught you again, painfully around the rib cage. But he’d lost his balance on the impact, and you came slamming down, your head smacking against the wooden floor.

Everything went black.

But just for a second. When your vision cleared, you saw Eungkwan next to you. People were yelling, your class already crowding around someone.

Oh God, Jiwoo.

You quickly sat up. Your head spinning, but you shook it off.

Oh my God.

You crawled through people’s legs to see. Jiwoo laying there, tears streaming down her cheeks, her face deadly white, wailing.

“What hurts?” Mrs. Shin, the pianist, asked as calmly as possible, kneeling next to her.

“M-m-my-my ahh!” She screamed again.

“Jiwoo.” Kwangsik whispered, swallowing, his face almost as pale as hers.

No one was doing anything!

You leapt up, running for the door. You only noticed Madame Zhang from the corner of your eye, but she stood a little way back from the group, looking pale, staring straight ahead. You burst out of the studio and into to the quiet hall. The left side of your body ached, but you kept running, you feet moving extremely fast considering you were in your Pointe shoes. The adrenalin pumped through you. You banged on Mistress Hyejin’s door. No one answered.

Master Jinho. You hurried to the next door, the one you’d seen only yesterday and you burst in.

Master Jinho, whom you’d never actually met, sat at his desk, elegant, large hands typing on his laptop. He looked up, a frown on his hansom features.

“Sir.” You said, breathing heavily. “Jiwoo. Yang Jiwoo, she’s hurt, badly.” It took him only a moment to stand and be right next to you.

“Show me.” He said authoritatively. You immediately spun around and took off, he followed swiftly after.

“Whose class?” He asked as you hurried up the stairs. Your shoes made it harder, but you didn’t halt back one second.

“Madame Zhang’s.” You said.

“What happened?”

“We were doing overheads.” You told him.

“She fell?”

“Yes.” You replied.

Finally arriving at the studio, you pushed open the door and Master Jinho hurriedly strode in.

“Get away from her, please.” He said calmly. They glanced at him and immediately stepped back, only Mrs. Shin and Kwangsik stayed with her. Jiwoo was the same as when you’d left, her chest going up and down very fast as she gasped in pain. Jinho knelt down beside her.

“Miss Yang? You need to tell me exactly what hurts, alright?” His was soft to her, but nonetheless still in charge.

Her eyes looked glazed over. “Shoulder.” She whispered.

Jinho nodded. “Stay still Miss Yang you’ll be fine.” He slipped a hand into his pocket and brought out a cell phone. No one needed two guesses to work out what he was calling. He walked away to face the window, probably so he wouldn’t distress her.

You slid down next to you friend. “(Name) – ” She gasped out. “Are you okay?”

“Of course Jiw.” You told her.

“I’m so sorry.” Kwangsik whispered to her. You noticed the tear running down his cheek. “I just.”

“Ah!” She panted, squeezing her eyes shut. You glanced at Kwangsik. “Maybe later.”

You sat in silence, both of you, and Mrs. Shin, all feeling helpless. The rest of class kept their distance. You noticed Eungkwan standing quietly in a corner. Are you okay? He mouthed to you. You nodded a yes, your blackout long forgotten as you heard your friend whimper beside you.

Madame Hyejin burst in a few minutes later. “Jiwoo! My girl!” She cried, rushing to her. Her cheeks was flushed. She must have run from a class. Her hands hovered over Jiwoo, but of course she was just as useless as the rest of you. Anything you did would cause her pain.

It took a moment before Madame Hyejin caught herself, and showed a little more composure. Actually, you corrected yourself, you think she actually lost some. For now she stood up, ever so slowly, and turned to where Madame Zhang had stood frozen in spot for the past ten minutes.

“How could you let this happen?” She snapped at the fat woman. “What the hell were you thinking? And where is Jimin! Why was he not here to make sure you did not do such a stupid, stupid thing!” Her accent was thicker than ever. “Where is he!” She growled.

Yuna nervously spoke up. “He hasn’t been here since last Tuesday, Ma'am.”

Madame Hyejin looked just about ready to stab someone. Master Jinho, however had finished making his calls. You were guessing to Jiwoo’s parents, and the ambulance.

Master Jinho laid a hand on Hyejin’s shoulder. “My dear please calm down.” His whispered softly to her.

Two seconds passed before she finally exhaled a pent up breath.

“When will the ambulance get here?”

“They are here in a few minuets.” He said, then turned to the rest of you. “Everyone please leave now, we cannot have crowding.” He told. It wasn’t a choice, it was a request. Everyone slowly left out the door. Mrs. Shin looked at you and Kwangsik before putting her hands on both your backs.

“Stay strong, Jiwoo.” You told her, before going out into the quiet hallway. The paramedics, in their blue shirts and smart trousers, were carrying a stretcher towards you.

“In there.” You told them sorrowfully, pointing to the door.

“Come on.” Said Mrs. Shin “I’m sure you’ll be able to see her soon. But for now, I think we could all use a hot chocolate.”

Dating Wonwoo Would Include...
  • wonwoo is super quiet and ghost like at the best of times
  • so when he gets feelings this becomes even worse around you
  • the boys literally have to drag him into the room to talk to you and sit on him so that he doesn’t immediantly leave again
  • you start to think that he hates you
  • but down’t worry svt to the rescue
  • they trick you two into meeting in the dance room and lock you in until he explains
  • they’re also watching you on the cameras
  • creepy right
  • if he takes too long they might even start yelling things through the speakers
  • but he eventually explains that he doesn’t hate you and in fact, its quite the opposite
  • so you finally set up a date
  • at which you hear cheering through the speakers
  • but it’s at this tiny little bookstore cafe
  • and he takes you round all the shelves pointing out all his favourite books
  • and recommending a few as well
  •  by the time you go to sit down for tea you have a massive stack of books that you can barely carry
  • so it’s a very successful date lmao
  • such a soft relationship
  • he has a few cacti in his room 
  • so when he’s on tour you look after them and send him daily updates
  • he gets so concerned abt his babies
  • he either has no top on or huge sweaters on 
  • there’s no inbetween
  • you wear his tops a lot as well
  • he pretends not to care but inside he’s dying
  • mingyu turns up all the time when you two hang out
  • sometimes you even end up third wheeling your own boyfriend
  • but you don’t mind bc you end up having gossip sessions with mingyu without wonwoo
  • he’s such a polite boy
  • like even if you cooked him food that he hated, he’d still eat it
  • he’s also very scatter brained and relies on you to hold him together
  • like he’d forget that he’s allergic to something and go to eat it
  • so you have to suddenly rush to the rescue and save him before he literally kills himself
  • he’s very cuddly
  • especially when he’s tired
  • lord he gets so attached and whines and pouts like a baby if you even so much as try to move
  • he does so much cute shit for you randomly
  • like he’ll just run a bath for you
  • or cook your favourite food (with the help of gyu ofc)
  • or turn up at your work with a bouquet of sunflowers
  • sometimes hanging out with him and gyu feels like babysitting
  • like going on a walk to the park
  • they’ll run through the sprinklers and stop and pet every dong they see while you just sit and read on a bench and they only come back when they’re hungry
  • the younger members of svt often come to you for advice thy can’t get from their hyungs
  • wonwoo feels so proud when this happens because look at you bonding with his brothers and bc you’re helping people
  • it warms his heart
  • and it’s also when he says i love you for the first time
  • you’ve just given advice to vernon abt something and wonwoo just looked at you and said it
  • then realised what he said and immediantly started blushing
  • but picks you up and spins you round when you say it back
  • from then on it’s said all the time to accompany every little thing you two do bc you always want the other to know that you love them
Being Friends With Deadpool Would Involve

So I was going to write a One Shot where Deadpool and Reader are friends because a lovely anon requested it but I sort of kind of got distracted. So here’s this.

Originally posted by deadpools-girlfriend

  • Having gossiping sessions where you eat chimichangas and just lay around somewhere being friends
  • Wade being comfortable enough to take off his mask if it’s just you two
  • Being friends with Spiderman too
  • Shipping Spideypool and making subtle hints for it
  • Breaking the fourth wall
  • Going to conventions as female Deadpool with Wade (who is also cosplaying female Deadpool) and making a Deadpool army to take on all the other comic book cosplayers
  • Being generally insane and ridiculous together
  • Wade asking you to stitch up his clothes and saying no because they’re so ruined so he does it himself. His suit ends up being too small for him because of the amount of lost fabric so he gives it to you.
  • Playing pranks on the Avengers together
  • Being his accomplice and working together
Too Kind To Soon

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Requested by anonymous:

“Hi dear! Would you be able to do a Brett talbot imagine where the reader is his girlfriend, and when theo comes into town she is adamant on giving him a chance to Brett’s dismay. Eventually, they have a fight and she goes to theo for comfort. But he hands her over to the dread doctors and then Brett comes and saves her and its all fluffy and all that good stuff? (I literally just ranted I’m sorry!!!)”

Warnings: Violence, fluff, swearing

Note: Babe never apologise for ranting/giving detailed requests! xx

“Are you sure you’re ok?” 

“Babe, for the last time. I’m fine.” Brett laughed. Your forehead creased, clearly not buying what he was trying to sell you. Brett smiled softly at you, he found your constant worrying secretly adorable.

“Look.” He spoke, moving away from your hold to lift up his lacrosse jersey exposing his abdomen. You traced your fingertips across his tanned skin, finding no trace of any injury. If you hadn’t seen him bleeding on the floor of a club two nights before you would never have believed that he’d been hurt at all.

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Ken Penders and how his misinformed view of how monarchies work ruined not only what could have been a good au story but also Sonally

*profanity warning*

Now, just to preface as you may have gathered from my current icon and some of my art, I primarily ship Sonamy, however that does not mean that I hate Sally or Sonally, as a matter of fact I really like Sally as a character, she subverts some of the typical princess tropes (which I’ll get to later) and her relationship with Sonic, especially in SatAm is really fun to watch, they bounce off of each other so well. 

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Reasons to be friends with the signs:
  • Aries: They're full of wisdom and will gladly help you out whenever you need them
  • Taurus: They give the best presents that are personalised to what they know you want
  • Gemini: They'll always try their best to make you laugh and cheer you up
  • Cancer: They're good for hugs and giving you attention when you need it
  • Leo: Makes you food... AMAZING food
  • Virgo: Good for gossiping sessions and talking about the bae with
  • Libra: Will talk for hours with you, even about nothing or loads of BS
  • Scorpio: Shows you how NOT to do stuff a lot of the time
  • Sagittarius: Always a fun time and a crack up sense of humour
  • Capricorn: A vault of secrets - THOU SHALL NOT PASS - but also an all round buddy
  • Aquarius: Keen for a good laugh and someone to be extremely silly with
  • Pisces: Always keen to hangout and won't let you down

anonymous asked:

Some more both teams bf headcanons if u already did them?


  • Pool or beach dates are a given and mostly a default choice.
  • He doesn’t show much physical affection, but shows his love in ways like making them something to eat, asking them how their day was etc.
  • Haru is an amazing listener and will pick up on and remember even the smallest details. This is great when it comes to gifts, because he’ll get them something sentimental, or something they had absentmindedly mentioned even months prior.


  • Is genuinely the best to have cuddles with.
  • Will be there for his s/o no matter what. He could be in the middle of swim practice and would just drop everything to be with them when they need him.


  • He’s even more affectionate, if that’s even possible.
  • He buys his s/o a lot of ‘just because’ presents.
  • Nagisa loves to play the Pocky game with his s/o, but will often cheat so he gets to kiss them quicker.


  • You can trust him with absolutely anything.
  • Rei loves to bake for his s/o, often bringing little cakes and sweets to them on a weekly basis.
  • Study dates are a regular thing, especially if either one is struggling in something the other knows a lot about. Because of this, they have LOADS of songs they’ve made up to help remember things for tests and exams. Sometimes he’ll start to sing the sillier ones they made up to tease them.


  • We all know he’s a hopeless romantic, so he plans lots of romantic gestures. He’s a big fan of giving flowers.
  • He loves to gossip with his s/o, mainly getting together to share some once a week, so they have a big collection of gossip to tell. Gossip sessions aren’t complete without some tea and biscuits though!
  • Rin loves taking random selfies with his s/o, and will probably take snapchats of them when they aren’t looking to put on his story.


  • Tries hard to act cool but is just generally really awkward.
  • Sousuke is a master of Kabedon (slamming his hand against the wall to pin his s/o against it, in case you didn’t know).
  • He loves giving his s/o piggyback rides.
  • If they are significantly shorter than him, he’ll constantly tease them about it, especially when they still can’t reach to kiss him even when they’re on their tiptoes.


  • He’s really shy about giving affection, but the longer he’s in the relationship for, the more he opens up.
  • Aii loves to sing with his s/o and will often sing to them if they can’t get to sleep.
  • Constantly makes sure his s/o is taking care of themselves, whether it be that they’ve eaten properly, done what they needed to do etc. Their well-being is so important to him.


  • Him and his s/o can laugh about anything! They could just look at him and it will set him off laughing for fifteen minutes.
  • He’s really conscious about smelling nice for his s/o. It might seem weird, but he likes to hug them a lot, so he wants to smell nice
  • He’s definitely one of those to say, “Oh, you have a crush on me? That’s embarrassing,” even though they’ve been going out for months..


  • Whenever he’s happy or celebrating something, he likes to pick up his s/o and spin them around.
  • Will show his s/o off to all his friends - he’s so proud of them and unbelievably happy to be with them, so much so he’d tell the world if he could. Think of Will Smith showing off Jada Pinkett Smith on the red carpet.