gossip mob


Think before you act.

for me what happend is like,when you get bully at school and you come home to your family-well now you’re getting bully from your own family.


I read enough tweets from fans saying how harry took pics with them at 5 in the morning when he just went off the tour bus to go rehearsing,so understand he owes you nothing.and the fact that he’s so nice and kind is amazing and should be appreciated.

This guy has his pictuers taken all day.he needs to think before everything he says so it won’t get quoted on a stupid gossip magazine.getting mobbed about every 2 days,YET HE ALWAYS TAKES PICS WITH FANS.

I mean,

you literally see pics of him with fans everyday.all the time,at every situation.

even when the boys are on a break after a tour,you see tons of pics of Harry with fans in insituation he can easily say no.

You don’t know what it’s like to be them.you really don’t.

maybe he was tired after he was done working out,

maybe he wasn’t feeling good and maybe just a bit moody..but he had every right to say no.

yet these girls did what they did,and he ended up hugging them and taking pics with them.

I’m just saying this for next times-I’m sure if you’ll be nice to Harry-he’ll be just the same.