gossip is not cool

It’s cool to respect your parents. It’s cool to get to bed early. It’s cool to not gossip about people. It’s cool to talk good about your boss. It’s cool to study and get good grades. It’s cool care about other people’s feelings.

Stop romanticizing being a lazy asshole.

The signs as friends

Aries: the loud one with lots of jokes and amazing remarks/comebacks and always has flawless eyebrows

Taurus: a little bit stand offish at the beginning, but the best friend anyone could have. (shoulder to cry down for example)

Gemini: the gossiper who’s nice one moment but rude the next. But still a cool friend, knows how to have a interesting conversation.

Cancer: the shy moody one that always knows how to cheer everyone up, kinda just follows the flock

Leo: the crazy one that always has the attention, but has a BIG generous heart.

Virgo: the crazy one that looks like a sweetheart but is actually wild and crazy when you really get to know them. Always smiling and can’t stay mad for a long time.

Libra: the kind/quiet one that’s funny and always bringing back inside jokes and good memories, keeps shit balanced so no murders anyone.

Scorpio: the intense one that is funny and makes dirty/crazy jokes and who everybody loves, but loves to tease.

Sagittarius: always ready to help you when you need it, and will get you drunk if you’re sad about something so it is always fun to be with them. Also they are very trustworthy you can always rely on them.

Capricorn: the smart one that is hard to read in the beginning, can turn a frown upside down (can’t stay mad at them) the friend who likes to agree to disagree.

Aquarius: the one who gives long meaningful advice and gives you a new perspective of things.

Pisces: everyone loves them, the one that always cheer you up on your dreams and gives you good advice that they wouldn’t listen to themselves.


title: “Contagious” (Peter Parker Imagine)

characters: reader x peter parker, daughter x tony stark

word count:1,263

warnings: fluff&stuff, fatherly shit, swearing.

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Through the Ages

This is my first request and ended up being longer than usual, but I think it’s really good. 

Pairing: Laurens x reader

Warning: making out, I guess

Requested: Yes, @secretschuylersister requested #56 ( “What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven?”)   with Laurens.

Requests are super open.

Word Count: 2680


You met John Laurens the day you were born. Since you were fresh from the womb, and he was only one, it’s safe to say neither one of you remembers that day. However, his parents and your parents, being old friends and next door neighbors, remember it very vividly. They love to tell you how John sat next to you in the hospital bed and was completely memorized by you, a tiny, slightly pink baby.

It often times made him blush, especially when his parents joked that he was taken with you since birth.

You were six and John was seven when John declared you to be his best friend. It was your first day at school and you were headed out to recess, where all the first graders were playing. You saw John and ran over to him. You thought his friends would accept you just like John. Instead they sneered at you because you were a girl.

“You can’t play over here with us. Go sit on the swings and gossip with the other girls,” one boy said.

“Guys, it’s okay. She’s my best friend. She’s cool,” John insisted.

“Then you can go gossip with the girls too,” the other boy chimed in.

“Fine,” John grabbed your hand and tugged you away. You smiled at John.

“Thank you,” you said, as the two of you sat on the swings.

“Anytime,” John smiled his lopsided grin.

From then on, that’s the way you always spent recess.

You were ten and John was eleven when John stopped seeing you as just his best friend.

You were both sitting on the hill near your homes. It was the last day of summer. John was stressed about school, and you were trying to cheer him up. Your jokes were corny, but John couldn’t help but be completely enamored by your laugh. He couldn’t even remember what you two had been talking about.

He turned to look at you, deep in though.

“I could marry you, you know?” John blurted out. You turned to look at him and smile.

“Let’s do it then. Promise me, you’ll marry me, and I’ll marry you,” you smiled.

On that day, John couldn’t imagine he’d ever marry anyone else. He sat his head on your shoulder in content. The sun went down and reflected in your eyes. He couldn’t seem to look away from your beauty.

“You know what married people do?” he mumbled. “They kiss.”

“Kiss?” you said surprised.

“I mean, we’re gonna kiss someday. Why not kiss each other first?” he shrugged. You smiled.

“Sure,” you leaned in.

The kiss was a hot mess, but the two of you were happy and content in that moment.

You were thirteen and John was fourteen when you realized you loved John as well. John got back from a month long vacation in New York during the summer. He knew that was where you wanted to go when you graduated, so he snapchatted you a bunch. However, when John got home, you took notice of how much taller he was and how much deeper his voice had gotten.

“John!” you called. He had come over to your house the moment he had gotten home.

“Y/n!” John yelled, engulfing you in a hug.

“Look at you! You’re so much taller now!” you marveled.

“Yeah, puberty does that to you,” John smiled a lopsided smile. “You wanna go sit since it’s actually late and I start high school like tomorrow?”

“Sure,” you smiled. You couldn’t help but notice the way his hazel eyes sparkled in the dimming sunlight.

The path wasn’t far and the two of you plopped down to watch the sunset. You leaned over to look at him. He had his lip in between his teeth in deep thought.

“You okay?” you asked.

He turned to face you in surprise.

“Hm? Oh yeah. I’m just…nervous about tomorrow I guess,” he smiled weakly.

“Don’t be,” you said. You felt a weight in your chest before speaking softly. “Uhm…and if you should find you don’t really have time for me anymore, I understand,” you said, not letting him see your sad face.

“No,” he said. He grabbed your face in his hands to make you look at him. “I’m gonna be here. We promised to get married, remember?” you both giggled at the memory.

You both got quiet and the silence grew thick as you were both close. You saw for the first time the way his hair curled around his face. The way his freckles made a map of his face. The way his eyes flickered from your lips to your eyes.

You took a leap of faith and leaned. John was quick to close the tiny gap. In your mind, you saw fireworks as the two of you kissed.

You pulled apart breathless.

“We should head home,” John murmured. You both sat in the dark now, the beautiful sunset long gone. You nodded in agreement, but your mind was running with thoughts of John. You were in love.

That same year, you almost lost a best friend. John took you up on your offer of being too busy to see you. That year, he saw you nine times. Your parents had dinner every month, and that was the only time John was ever free to hang with you.

You tried not to let it bother you. John deserved happiness and friends, and he had that.

In the night, you couldn’t stop the thoughts from creeping in.

That summer, however, things went back to a more tense version of normal. You were nervous about high school. John was nervous about making the baseball team. There was still the tension of not talking to you for a whole year.

When you started your freshman year, John looked out for you. Your friends were in the same social group, yet there was always an unspoken division of boys and girls.

That year John had a perpetual blush on his face. His friends teased him endlessly about his crush on you, but your friends did exactly the same. Things were going perfectly, until John got a girlfriend.

You were fifteen and John was sixteen the first time you both experienced a heartbreak.

It was around this time you realized John was actually hot. He had grown up nicely. John was noticing the same things about you. You had started to fill out, and John’s friends were taking notice. John had to constantly smack the backs of his friends’ heads for making comments on your appearance right in front of you.

John’s friend Charles Lee was the one who finally asked you out. He was notorious for being a fuckboy, but you were naïve, and John was too busy with his girlfriend to notice you. You said yes, even though you didn’t want to.

You and Charles had a lovely date at the movies, until he drove off into a little clearing. You were just thinking how lovely it would be to have an older boyfriend as a freshman. He could be your summer romance, and then for sophomore year, you’d have an upper classman as a boyfriend.

However, Charles had another idea.

“So, how did you like tonight?” he asked.

“It was incredible. Thank you,” you smiled shyly.

“Well, maybe I could show you something more incredible,” Charles smirked.

“What could be more incredible than tonight?” you asked naively. Charles just chuckled before leaning over to kiss you. The kiss was nothing like with John from forever ago. It was too pushy and needy. Soon Charles pushed his tongue into your mouth and clawed at the hem of your shirt. You pushed him off of you.

“Stop. I don’t want this,” you frowned.

“Come on. Don’t be such a prude,” Charles murmured, going to kiss you again.  

“No,” you pushed him back. Charles just stared at you shaking his head.

“I knew you were always Laurens’s whore,” he spat, driving you home.

Tears formed in your eyes, and when you got home, you wanted to run straight to your room. John however, was outside waiting to see how your date went, when he saw the tears in your eyes. When he asked what was wrong, you couldn’t help but spill the whole story, crying even harder. He hugged you tight, muttering things about Charles.

The next day, he found Charles laughing with your friends and slammed him against the lockers.

“John! Stop! He’s not worth it,” you said your voice cracking. John repressed the words he wanted to say. Instead, he pulled back and let a puff of angry air out. His girlfriend came by like she did every morning to whisk him away to make out. There you were, heartbroken and alone. Charles didn’t love you, but that didn’t sting as much as knowing that John didn’t love you like you wanted him to.

John’s heartbreak came the next school year, when you were a sophomore and he was a junior. It was a few days before his seventeenth birthday. The two of you were born one year and two days apart, and you were excited to show John what you had gotten him. It was a wedding ring as a joke, since you two promised to get married.

John’s newest girlfriend had other plans. For his seventeenth birthday, she was going to give him herself. A few days before John’s birthday, she did just that, after only one month of dating. That didn’t sound like the John you knew, and it only added to the long list of heartbreak. However, soon after she broke up with him. John cried.

You two sat on the hill for the first time since middle school, staring into the sunset. John’s head was in your lap, and you were lightly running your fingers through his hair.

“I thought she loved me…I thought she was gonna want to stay with me, but it turns out she didn’t know I was a virgin. She was only in it for the sex,” he couldn’t look you in the eye.

“She sucks. I’m sorry,” you said, not knowing what else to say.

“I’m done with stupid love and shit,” he grumbled. You had planned on giving him his gift tonight, but that seemed to be in poor taste now.

“Promise me something,” John said, sitting up to look you in the eyes.

“Sure,” you crinkled your brow.

“Save yourself for someone who loves you,” he said, urgently. “Don’t make my mistakes.”

“H-How do I know if they love me, though?” you stammered.

“If you can’t decide, just…save yourself for me then,” he rambled out, surprising himself.

“You?” you asked surprised.

“Yeah. If you’re ready and you don’t want it to be some stranger, I’ll be there,” he smiled. He wanted to add “because I love you” but he wasn’t that bold just yet.

“S-sure,” you stammered again blushing.

You looked down, but John tilted your head up. You looked into each other’s eyes for a moment before kissing passionately. John slowly pushing you down into the grass. You slowly began to lift your hands up into his shirt. He broke the kiss momentarily to slip your shirt off. John kissed down your neck softly, then he began to suck on one spot, nibbling on it slightly. You moaned out in response. After a minute, when you were sure, he’d left a hickey, he suddenly pulled back.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, sadness in his eyes. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

You were too stunned to tell him it was okay. Your mind screamed at you to tell him how much you liked it, how much you liked him. Instead, you sat there. He ran home. You slipped on your shirt.

You slowly drifted apart after that night.

It didn’t take long for the hickey to fade, but it never faded from your memory. It constantly tormented the both of your minds. You wondered if it meant John loved you. John wondered if you enjoyed it and loved him.

You were seventeen and John was eighteen the time the two of you finally fucked. Although, you wanted it to be sweet and slow and nice sex. You knew immediately after that it was a casual fuck.

You and John had found your way together at a party, drunkenly reconnecting. By some grace, you actually made drunk plans for dinner the next night.

That night John couldn’t keep his eyes off the way you filled out so nicely, and you couldn’t keep your mind from wondering about how he had developed.

The sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

The dinner ended with nothing substantial happening, however, when you got to the street you both lived on, both of you fully aware your parents were away on vacation together, things picked up.

“So,” John began. “Did you ever…met someone you loved?” John asked. You fully understood what he was implying.

“Never,” you whispered, leaning in close. “Although, I think I’ll take your advice from forever ago…” you trailed off.

That was all it took. John slammed his lips into yours. You trusted him, although in hindsight he was going to graduate and leave in about ten days. You should have known.

You should have known the way his hands knew just what to do was muscle memory. You should have known this was routine for him.

But the way his body pressed against yours. The closeness you felt with the man you loved. You couldn’t hardly stop yourself and justify it in that moment to your needy brain.
I was incredible, but short lived.

Lying there after, you felt vulnerable and stupid. He rolled right onto his side and began to fall asleep. You sat up, embarrassed. He couldn’t actually love you.

His arm shot up and pulled you back to the bed.

“Stay,” he mumbled. So, you stayed. This changed nothing.

The next Monday, John’s last Monday, everything was the same.

You ignored John. When he graduated, you took one forced photo with him. You didn’t see him for a while after that.

You were twenty-two and John was twenty-three the next time you saw him.

You had finally moved to New York. You had gotten into Columbia college, but had forgotten John was going to graduate school there until one fateful day.

John was rustling around with his friends when he saw you. He wasn’t sure if it was you, until Alex started calling out your name.

“You know her?” John whispered to Alex.

“Yeah, I’m the teacher’s assistant in her intro to law class,” Alex replied as you walked over.

“Hi, y/n! These are my friends, Hercules, Lafayette, and Laur-“ you cut him off

“John?” you asked hesitantly.

“Hey, y/n. Can we talk?” John asked.

“Uhm…We’ll just go now,” Alex said looking suspiciously between you and John, before raising an eyebrow at John, suggestily.

You and John started to walk.

“So…Uhm…It’s been a while,” he began. You scoffed.

“Yeah,” you said coldly.

“So why’d you ignore me after we…” he trailed off, hurt lacing his voice.

“Fucked?” you finished. “Because, you were just going to leave me anyway. You just wanted my virginity for some power trip or something.”

“You have to believe me. That’s not what I meant to do,” he said, his sad eyes betraying the anger in his voice.

“You can’t prove it. You just feel bad about it,” you yelled back.

“Yeah, well what if I told you I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven?” he yelled, his patience gone.

You instantly softened.

“Y-you have?” you asked. He nodded his head in response.

“Well, if you were to say that, I would probably tell you I’ve been in love with you since I was thirteen?” you smiled.

“I’d probably do this,” John leaned down to capture your lips in his. From somewhere in the distance, his friends cheered.

You were twenty-four and John was twenty-five when the two of you got married, and your lives began.

Let Me Love You

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Let Me Love You by evansrogerskitten

Dean x Reader 

Reader is getting over a bad breakup and ready for a rebound hook up. Thankfully she meets a gorgeous green-eyed stranger who is down for a night of bliss.

Warnings: This is pure Smut. NSFW, Explicit, hook up sex, fingering, oral, anal play, language, alcohol. So basically my usual. | WC: 3183 | On AO3

A/N: This is for @luci-in-trenchcoats‘s 2K Follower Challenge, and an addition to my album challenge for @mrs-squirrel-chester‘s Album Fanfic Challenge. 

I met Sam when he came to the university library one afternoon. He was sweet, funny, and a little nerdy. It seemed like I never met nice guys anymore. And after my disaster of a relationship and subsequent nasty breakup, it was nice to be interested in someone again.

“So you’ve been in Amherst for a few days?” I asked, shuffling through discarded books on the table.

Sam studied the maps in front of us for a moment, before he focused on my question. “Yeah, my brother and I are working here on a job.”

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Tony saw a lot of similar characteristics in Peter while he was doing research before he recruited him. He wanted to make sure he knew everything he could before he started working on Peter’s new suit.

Yet, he did not want to pry into too much sensitive information, he wanted Peter to take his time and tell him on his own time. But for now, he would make sure that Peter’s new suit had a built in binder suited to Peter’s exact measurements. Peter needed to be able to move freely in his suit, so Tony did his best. 

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ACOTAR domestic headcanons

Ok here’s a list of domestic Nessian and Feysand headcanons because Sarah and I have spent like an hour just shooting headcanons back and forth and we’re both dead with feels at this point. Okay so just imagine:

- Feyre yelling at Rhys for leaving his socks on the floor and the cap off the toothpaste

-  Nesta bitching at Cassian every time he leaves shit laying around. “So you can command the night courts armies but you can’t be bothered to mow the lawn.”

-  Rhys and Feyre fighting about what movie to see. He wants to watch The Notebook for the 100th time. Because Feyre darling if she’s a bird he’s a bird. And Feyre just eye rolling for days. Rhys would totally watch the notebook and make love eyes at Feyre throughout the whole thing and recite every memorable quote to her

-  Nessian arguing about the heating because Nesta’s cold all the time and always has freezing hands and feet and would need the heating to be on high and Cassian would forever be a living breathing furnace and would keep wearing progressively less clothes and sweating his bat ass off as she turns the heating on higher

-  Cassian would get up in Nesta’s face too. “I train warriors all day and come home and cook dinner the least you could do is dry the damn dishes.”

- Cassian being quite tidy because of the discipline he’s had to learn while being in the illyrian camps and nesta being a bit messy and leaving stuff lying around because she’s had people cleaning up after her

- we all know Cassian would definitely cook every night because Nesta is probably able to burn water. He’d come back to the house half burnt down and she’d just scowl at him like it’s his fault she tried to cook.

-  Cassian never having lived with a woman forgetting to put the seat down.

-  Nesta would be a total disaster around the house though. She would learn how to do different chores but cooking would always be something she just can’t crack and she would just let him do it. But just imagine Cassian who’s had to do all this all his life teaching her how to do the laundry and how to properly keep a fire burning in the fireplace because she’s never done that stuff around the house before and she would get frustrated that she’s getting everything wrong and she would feel bad because she’d realise how difficult all of that is and how she’d always let Feyre do it before and he would just tease her to make her snap out of it like ‘the spoiled princess couldn’t get her nails dirty could she?’

-  The laundry she’d be constantly doing because they only ever seem to wear leather.

-  Azriel would just be telling Cassian everything Nesta destroys while he’s away. I hope you didn’t love that shirt because she shrank it. Good news she learned to make spaghetti. Bad news you need a new pot. Az and Amren would have little get togethers sharing secrets but they’d both act like they’re not gossiping cause they’re too cool to enjoy gossip but they’re actually living for the drama

-  imagine Nesta trying to surprise Cass with food when she accepts the mating bond and maybe she wants to make a big thing and she tries to cook or bake something and it’s just this massive fail and she’s close to tears and he’s so moved that he just takes a bite of the thing and eats it with a straight face and she’s hopeful that maybe it’s not that bad like ‘how is it?’ and cass just deadpans ‘absolutely horrible, sweetheart’ but he swallows it anyway

-  And it will be his favorite food too because she asked Rhys. He’ll spend the first week of their mating bond having food poisoning.  He just shows up at the camp looking like he’s been through the war. Rhys will be like haha you must have been busy. Cassian just stares out and says I have food poisoning. She tried so hard to cook I couldn’t not eat it.

-  Elain would be like make him a flower crown Lucien loves it when I do that. He’s an army commander Elain I can’t just make him a flower crown. Nesta later: Umm here Elain helped me make this for you. He’d just look at it like it’s wonderful because she tried but has no idea what to do with it.

- So imagine Nesta Grumpypants Archeron with a mess of a flowercrown where half of the flowers are actually weeds but Elain’s too nice to say anything to her and Nesta just shoves it towards Cass and mumbles ‘hereyougoimadeyouathing’ and when he doesn’t answer immediabtely she’s just like ‘itsstupiditwaselainsideayoucanjustthrowitaway’.  And Cass would put it on just to find out there’s poison ivy or something in it. (ps if anyone wants to draw this, you would make @spelt09 very happy)

-  when they finally have sex Nesta’s going to be super freaked out. He’s gonna have to talk her through it. Constantly asking if she’s okay and if he’s hurting her. i’m always down for kinky nesta but her first time she would probably be freaked out of her mind and i can almost imagine her bracing herself and being like 'just do it’ and cass is like 'sweetheart it doesn’t have to be like that’ and just takes it slow and kisses her and maybe gives her a massage until she relaxes and is extra careful to her every reaction

- Nesta probably doesn’t really get how to flirt without attacking it’s never something she’s had to deal with and she doesn’t like / know how to be vulnerable and actually say nice things to him . The moment they go out in Velaris and girls start hitting on him she’ll probably start mentally comparing herself to them and be insecure.

- Cass is probably the rose petals, candles, and mood music kinda guy just to break the ice and give her something to laugh about. He’s definitely got 'moves’ that he uses just to get into girls’ pants (picture Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love he totally does the Dirty Dancing lift on bar hookups and him in a man bun humming along to Time of My Life) but when it’s someone he actually cares about he’d be so romantic 

Slip of the Tongue (Peter Parker)

Synopsis: Peters rival in everything he does is actually his girlfriend, but nobody knows that due to Peter not wanting to compromise her safety. But one day, Peter accidentally lets slip to a friend about (y/n)’s home problems, and suddenly (y/n) is the pinpoint of everyone’s gossip. 

AN: So, my first request and It was so cool to write! So much Angst… Also, might do a part two if it’s requested enough! :)

Warnings: Ugh none… unless you count a lot of hurting because that happens…

Requested by the amazing @suit-lady taken from this prompt list!

4. How could I? How could you?!

25. Cute But Still fucked up

39. Just Kidding, I don’t care

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(Y/N) struts down the hall with her best friend in tow. (Y/N) knew she was smart and she was beautiful but she also had her doubts about herself, especially when it came to her and her boyfriend. Speaking of, “hey dork, what did you get on the chemistry test yesterday?”

Peter turns around and semi mad expression on his face, fake of course. They had been actual enemies until last year when (y/n) just decided to kiss him after school when both were stuck at school. Nobody was around but after that, they hit it off and became secretly boyfriend and girlfriend.

(Y/n) believes it’s for her reputation at school but really, Peter doesn’t want any enemies to find out about his little affair.

“U-uhm, 95%” A loud laugh fell from (y/n)s mouth, which had obviously made Peters world comes to a short standstill. Admiring her from a far never quite did it for him but after she kissed him last year, he never could get enough of her.

“Ninety-eight” She dragged out while smirking, her best friend laughing and even some surrounding as she continued down the hall. These encounters always happened and they aren’t as bad as they used to be but they had to keep up appearances.


(Y/n)’s music blasted around her as she read over the homework. Getting up the change the song, silence filled the room before a slight tapping on glass could be heard. She instantly ran over to her window, knowing who it was. Kind brown eyes stared back at (y/n) as she forgot to open the window and instead just stared. Admiring how his natural curls fell over his forehead, how the slight smile lifted as he noticed her staring.

“C-can you open the window (y/n)? It’s k-kinda cold out here.” Stumbling with her hands, she opens the window and lets him in and shuts it once more. Feeling arms around her waist and his face peppering her neck with kisses, she smiles in happiness. Turning in Peters’ arms to face him, she begins to lean up and-

“Did you really get 98% on your Chemistry?” (Y/n) laughs and nods. “You helped me study for it after all!” Leaning up she finally gets to rest her lips upon his.

With hands on her waist and hands around his neck, they kissed slowly and sweetly. “Cuddles?” “Cuddles.”

Laying on his chest, (y/n) suddenly mumbled, “Do you ever realise how cute we are together but how fucked up this situation actually is?” Peter let out a laugh, “Yeah, actually. I do.”

Both fell asleep in each other’s arms, the two forgetting their responsibilities for a couple hours. (Y/n) was startled awake by the sound of yelling, of course from her parents who had been on the edge of divorce for four months. Sitting up she sat on the edge of the bed just thinking. (Y/n) then felt arms slide around her waist from behind and a slow smile begins to inch up her cheeks.

“Hey, hey it’s alright. I’m sure they’re fine.” Peter attempts to sooth (y/n). In some notion, it was embarrassing having Peter hear the things escaping her parent’s mouth.  Turning around, she considered Peter’s eyes before crashing her lips onto his. This kiss was passionate and fast, (y/n) attempting to put all she feels across to Peter.

Moving away from Peter, she could see the dazed look in his eyes at the simple taste of her. Looking over at the time Peter scrambles around collecting his things. “Shit, May wanted me home by 5!” (Y/n) let out a slight laugh, “Peter it’s ten past five AND you live on the floor below me. You’ll be fine.”

Giving her a quick kiss, which led to many more quick kisses, Peter was out the window and down the fire escape to his room. “That boy is going to kill me one day.”


It seemed that the day had arrived.

Walking into school and have people stare at you was a normal occurrence within (y/n)’s life considering who she sat with. But lunch time rolled around and people began to give her different looks, whispering to each other. (Y/n) nervously glances around and decides to quickly make her way to her usual table.

This time instead of moving over to make space they seem to block a few seats. “What’s going on?” (Y/n) says, standing in front of her friend’s table. “We think it’s best if you… sit somewhere else…” Her supposed best friend mumbles. “Why?” (Y/n) nearly shouts.

Flash Thomson suddenly leans over, technically ripping the Band-Aid off. “Look nobody wants to hand out with a depressed girl with a screwed-up home life. Now shoo.” Frozen for a minute, (y/n) couldn’t think of why anyone would think she’s depressed or how they would have possibly known about her parents. She’d never mentioned it and her appearances had been kept up, there was no way nobody could know. Unless…

Suddenly her head snaps towards the all too familiar table. Who is the only person in this school who lives close enough to know about her parents? Who’s the one who comforted her when she cried about it? Who had she been turning to for the last year?

Walking quickly over to the table with narrowed eyebrows and eyes, (y/n) see’s Peter with his back to her. Ned sitting opposite him spots me and begins to quickly tell him something but it’s too late. Before Peter even has the chance to turn around, (y/n) dumps all her food on his head.

“You know as much as I thought you hated me, I had no clue you hated me this much.” Peter couldn’t do anything but stare, pasta and meat covering his hair, face, and shoulders. He didn’t move and neither did the rest of the school, waiting to see what she did next. “Oh, I’m sorry did I mess up your pride? Just kidding, I don’t care. Come near me again, Parker, and you’ll get a whole lot more than just some lunch on your clothes.” The bell rang and everyone cleared out.

Peter weakly said “(y/n) …” She ignored him as she grabbed her bag and left the building, not bothering with the rest of her classes.

“Peter, what have you done?” Ned slowly said, looking to his best friend. Peter could only stand there looking down with tears brimming his eyes.


Low music played throughout (Y/n)’s room as she heard the continuous window knocks. She saw Peter and got up towards the window. Hope spiked for Peter but quickly shut down as (y/n) closed the blinds.

“(Y/n) Please!” Peter called through the window. (Y/N) ignored his pleads until he had decided to drop a bomb. “You don’t understand…”

She’d never tore open the curtains and window so fast. Gripping his collar, she all but threw him into her room. Closing the window, she turned towards him with fury written on her face. “I don’t understand what Parker?! That you hated me so much you had this big plan to get me to open up to you so you could spill my secrets to the whole school?! Because I thought we had an agreement? Do you think I ran around school telling people that you’re some vigilante who runs around in spandex?! Huh?!” Peter’s eye could only widen and stare as she threw her arms up during her speech.

“I don’t hate you!” He finally blew up. “It was a slip of the tongue! I was just talking to Michelle a-about things and suddenly the topic moved to you a-and it just s-slipped out! Someone could have over-heard it o-or maybe… I don’t know but please-”

“IT JUST SLIPPED OUT?! HOW ABOUT SPIDER-MAN’S IDENTITY JUST SLIPS OUT OF MY GOD DAMN MOUTH?!” (Y/n) screams. She knew in some way she was over reacting but she had just lost her friends, have the whole school talk about her and now she was probably in a lower social standing than Peter.  (Y/n) would now have a tough home life as well as a horrible school life.

“How could you say that?!” Peter finally yelled back. “How could I? How could you?!

A slight pause in the argument seemed to have simmered the heat. (Y/n)’s eye’s brimmed with tears. “I don’t quite think you understand what you’ve done, Parker.” It hurt Peter to hear his last name come out in such a vengeful tone rather than the sweet ‘Peter’ she used to smile with.

“My home life has already gone to shit, but now I’ve just lost all my friends. I’ve got nobody because you just let it slip out. I hope you’re finally happy that we’re over. Now get out.” Peter stood shell shocked only realising the gravity of her as well as his situation.

Six things went through Peters’ head as he left the apartment via the fire escape knowing nothing can repair this right now;

Number one. She’d never trust him again.

Number two. She’d probably be worse off than him at school

Number three. He’d never get to kiss or hold her again.

Number four. He’d royally fucked up.

Number five. He didn’t know if she would keep his identity a secret after he let out her biggest secret.

And Finally, Number six. He loved her, but it was too late.


[Part Two.]

Seasonal Imagine : Winter // aesthetic
*this is an emotional AF journey, you’ve been warned*

Christmas with Draco would include;
• right so set the scene
• the dormitory is cold cuz it’s a damn dungeon but you & D have firewhiskey on the sofa to warm up a bit
• thas cute right
• he slides you a lil box with a serpent on the tag
• except its charmed so it’s moving around all snake like & that kinda creeps you out but OK
• you expecting some kinda diamond cuz my boy got galleons
• LOL NOPE it’s a fuckin fork
• plot twist
• you like ‘why tho’
• ‘You’re going to need that…when you attend Christmas dinner with me at the Manor’
• ayyy look at chyu with a invite
• your obvs huggin on him now cuz that’s commitment & dude don’t usually come thru on that
• you ride the train to Wiltshire all nervous
• you know yous cute when you nervous
• Draco knows too so he holds your hand
• but you gotta pull away cuz you a sweaty ass pig when you got feels like this
• y'all get there & its v dark out & sorta gloomy but you not scared cuz you a godDamN SLYTHERIN PRINCESS
• dining with Death Eaters is actually kinda cool & you like the gossip
• 'Any news on Potter, Draco?’ asks idk prolly Lucius but don’t lie they all nosey
• 'He’s still shit.’
• you like WoOow ok RUDE
• late night y'all try & escape to his room
• but this house gotta lotta stairs so this takes like 20 minutes
• why
• when you get there you spread out on his bed all sexy like
• Draco does that thing where he mounts you like a nimbus 2000 and hisses in your ear
• 'wand at the ready, Mr. Malfoy’
• *implies y'all do some kinky shit that the Dark Lord hisself would disapprove of*
• when you done you just snuggle up to him & he hits you with 'now where’s my gift?’
• you like 'that WAS your gift’
• he laughs but jokes on him cuz you not playin
• a few days pass & everything is freezer grade chill
• Narcissa sends y'all back with lil care packages
• 50 quid each, a cinnamon pastry, wand wax & a book about Blood Purity
• 'just the necessities’
• Hogwarts is buzzin cuz everyone knows where you went & what you probably did
• it doesn’t help that Draco left you with a Dark Mark of a different kind on your neck
• 'La-Fade-ay la Love-bite’ and poof that things gone faster than Potter’s will to live as Draco enters the Great Hall
• Pansy’s on the bench seething with jealousy
• you give her that 'sucks to suck’ smirk cuz lol GIRL BYE
• plot twist
• A an owl drops a package
• you open it & it’s a fuckin Rememberal
• you ask Draco 'what could we have possibly forgotten?’
• dude thinks for a sec before getting even more pale
• 'to use a condom’
• the little ornament of misfortune turns red, so does your face the house table gets stupid quiet
• Draco draws his wand & points it at your tum
• the tip glows green & a little patronus-like stork floats out
• don’t worry tho your belly doesn’t pop with pregnancy overnight this ain’t twilight bitch

What I Wish I’d Known Freshman Year (a.k.a. How to Survive Your First Year of High School)

I’ve been thinking about making this post for a while now and have gotten some asks about freshman year so without further ado, here it is. Freshman year considered the worst year of high school by most. You’re young, nervous, and stuck in this big new building with big and ‘scary’ upperclassmen and have probably heard all these rumors and stories about the teachers and how hard they are. It’s definitely a confusing time but fear not, it’s not as bad as it seems!

  • Grades matter but it’s not life and death. Grades are important. Most colleges only look at your GPA from grades 9-11 and possibly first semester senior year so you’re looking at freshman year grades being worth as much as 33% of the GPAs colleges see. That’s a lot. So please don’t take grades as a joke and not study/not take things seriously. You could jeopardize your college chances or make it really difficult to rebound. With that being said, it’s ok to get a B or two and to struggle a bit. You’re getting used to a new schedule and a new class rigor so some stumbling is to be expected. Just don’t dig yourself into a hole you won’t be able to get out of. Show up to class on time, do your homework, take notes, study hard for tests, and ask for help if you need it.
  • Be nice to your teachers. There’s this idea that if you get along with your teachers you’ll be ostracized as the teacher’s pet. That is not true (and anyone who thinks that has no idea what they’re saying). Being the “teacher’s pet” or nice to teachers isn’t a bad thing. See, freshman year teachers are stuck having classes full of squirrely and immature 14 year olds who make their life difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one student in the class who was nice to them and appreciated what they do? If you’re nice to your teachers, they’re much more likely to be more lenient with you if you have some outside issues that affect your school work, they’ll be eager to help you, and you’ll do much better in the class. Most teachers are smart, kind, and interesting people that are definitely worth knowing. I can’t tell you how much it’s helped me during high school that I was friends with my French teacher from freshman year and my junior and senior year English teacher who helped me with my college apps and valedictorian speech. You’ll benefit more than you know.
  • Make a friend in every class. Because you’re just starting out, you most likely won’t know that many people. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of having to choose partners for a project or activity and you don’t know anybody. Thus, you should make an effort to get to know a person in each one of your classes. It’s a good way to make new friends and they’ll be super helpful if you miss a day and need to get the homework. I met one of my best friends freshman year in biology so who knows, you could meet your future best friends too.
  • Don’t be stupid. And by that, I mean don’t party hard, experiment with hard drugs (or any drugs for that matter), and don’t get drunk. You’re young and I know it seems cool to get drunk or stoned, but it can negatively affect your schoolwork, health, and social life. It’s not worth it. You’ll have time later to experiment and have fun but freshman year of high school is not a good time to do so. Let’s not mention the numerous legal consequences if you’re caught underage with drugs or alcohol and how detrimental they can be towards your future.
  • Get involved. I know you’re new and probably have no idea what you want to do with your life yet (and if you do, it will most likely change as you go through high school) but find activities both inside and outside of school that you think you’ll enjoy. Some ideas are sports teams, student council, volunteering, clubs etc. It’s not only starting to prepare your college resume (although you shouldn’t be worrying about college apps yet) but also helping you make new friends and discover what you’re really into. Don’t be afraid to join something for whatever reason. Chances are, everyone’s nervous because it’s freshman year and they don’t know anybody so you’re all in the same boat.
  • Be organized. This will help you all throughout high school and getting a system set freshman year will only work in your favor. First, get a planner or agenda. Write down all of your homework, tests, quizzes, and projects and when they’re due and any other events like club meetings or practices so you’ll know what your week looks like. It will prevent forgetting anything important and will help you manage your time. Also find a study system that will work for you. Experiment with different note taking and study methods until you find one that works for you. And finally, don’t eat the elephant a.k.a. don’t leave your homework for Sunday night. It’s not fun and you’ll tire yourself out. Be proactive and get things done early.
  • Make friends with the upperclassmen. They will help you more than you know. I know they look intimidating, but talk to them! Most of them are super nice and can help you get to know your high school better, give you gossip, and you’ll look super cool talking to your upperclassmen friends. Truthfully, up until junior year, I got a long better with the upperclassmen than kids my grade because they were more mature.
  • Relationships don’t matter. It sounds harsh but it’s true. You’re not going to be together with your freshman year significant other for a long period of time, you’re just not. You’ll both grow and mature and realize you want different things and breakup and that’s ok. Don’t take your relationships too seriously and make them your whole life because you’ll regret it. Instead, your dating life should be more about having fun than something serious and long lasting. 
  • Make an effort to participate in school spirit activities. It doesn’t have to be all of them or even most but you should attend some events. Try to make it out to a football game, go to homecoming, and attend spirit rallies or assemblies. I get that some of you don’t like them because they’re loud and can be boring, and that’s fine, but spirit events are a great way to bond with your class and get a feel for what high school really is. They make great memories and it would be awful to look back on high school senior year and realize you’ve never been to one school activity.
  • Mental health is super important. Please don’t ignore it because it affects every facet of your life. Talk to someone if you’re depressed, anxious, stressed, overworked etc. Get the help you need. Don’t hide your problems and think they’ll go away because they most likely won’t and you’ll suffer in your academics, social life, and overall health. You’ll naturally feel different all year because high school is a big transition and you’re getting used to everything but make an effort to reach out to friends, teachers, counselors, and parents to talk about how you’re feeling.

That turned out kind of long but I hope it was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions and good luck next year!