gossip girl: season 4

Why we love SKAM or why SKAM is not "just a teenage drama show"

I’ve been asked by my friends “why do you like SKAM?”, and all I could say was that I didn’t really know why. I just liked it. So I just thought for a while, why did I actually like SKAM, and it came to me.

So, the thing is, it all started for me with SKAM, when I read so many people’s posts about being SO excited about the show. So I was like, ok, let me see what’s the fuss all about. And, because the fuss itself was about namely season 3, I decided to watch season 3 directly, skipping the first two seasons. (Which is a HUGE exception for me, since I am a perfectionist and like keeping things perfect. TBH, I still don’t know why I watched season 3 at once, and the fact that I watched it all, cause it’s hard to persuade me to start ANY new series whatsoever).

And so, I watched the third season, and, man, did I like it. I just fell in love with the characters! Not just the actors (but them too, cause you know our sweeties). I loved the plot, the concept, all… I didn’t realisr at the time, how MASSIVE it all was. And since I hadn’t watched the first two seasons at the time, I still absolutely loved it.

None of my friends watched it, or even knew about it. First, I didn’t really want them to know about it and watch. I wanted to keep it all to myself. But then I started ‘advertising’ it to them and even made them start watching it. But how big my disappointment was when I found out they didn’t really like it! I hadn’t expectex it at all. One of them told me her friend said it was similar to Skins and Gossip Girl, while the other one asked me wht I actually liked it, and then told me she didn’t really enjoy it.

Ok, yes, let’s sort something out. Yes, after watching season 3, the first two seasons impressed me on a much lesser scale. But still, they did. And how can they mislike the teen drama it’s supposed to be, if they themselves watch Gossip Girl? (I am not trying to say Gossip Girl is not interesting, though I didn’t really get into it after watching a few episodes).

And now, finally, I come to the part, where it all began. Why do I (and all of us, fans) REALLY love SKAM for?

Cause it’s not just the 'hotties’, the drama, the twists.

It’s also the spirit.

SKAM raises SO many socially important questions, and all of the teen drama is just a background.

In the first season it was about what true friendship was (both Eva and her old friend story, and our bus squad with all of their disagreements, Jonas and Isak), it was betrayal (Jonas, Eva, Isak), and what a true relationship was (Eva, her friend and Jonas, Chris and his girlfriend), about standing up for yourself (like Vilde tried, and how Noora did it for her), about having problems with parents (Noora and Isak), about being smart (Sana), and of course, about finding yourself, about understanding what YOU is, what your opinion is, and what does it matter (Eva’s story was all about it). And don’t forget the small things and the “intro” at the very beginning in the first episode of every season. Remember the speech Jonas wrote? However casually they might be talking about it, it still makes you think about what is really happening in the world right now, about what we should really be thinking about.

The second season not only continues some of the topics of the first season, but introduces new ones. It’s got friendship, relationships, family (William’s brother), stereotypes (about William being a jerk), standing up for your friends (not just for Vilde, but for Jonas and Chris), what is justice (William and Noora even argued because of it), what is violence (because of this too), what is war and how it affects our lives (the whole immigrant thing), it partially introduces the topics of homosexuality, depression, being pregnant at a young age and even patriotism. And again, don’t forget the small things matter!

In season 3 it’s a whole new story. Homosexuality is obviously the central theme here, getting out of the closet (cause it really does take a LOT of courage), friendship, parent problems, bipolarity, religion, particularly Islam, faith in yourself and in the people around you, finding, discovering yourself, understanding people’s motives and why they lie or do certain things, love! (it really does get into Isak, does it?)

And now we’ve got season 4 which has even a broader range of topics, some of them SO important in our days. Islam is the main theme, slavery, homosexuality, the way spiritually raised people can restrict themselves, or rather choose not to do certain things, because (as Sana said yet in season 3), “I just feel that my faith is more important to me, than drinking or having sex.” And even though her faith is more important to Sana, she is still a human, so she loves and lives, though she leads a Muslim lifestyle anyway. And she manages to have norwegian friends, while doing everything her religion expects her to do. And she doesn’t feel bad about it (well, most of the time, cause her mom, and that hint of some chemistry between Noora and Younas, and I think this inner fight of Sana’s will also be important.) We only have almost two episodes and there’s already so much to them!

And did I mention the fact that the show, by taking different characters every season and making the central problems different and spending so much time on the media enhancement (youtube, instagram, chat snaps), literally puts us into the shoes of these characters and makes us think of the problems we encounter DAILY nowadays? All of these topics are important someway in the world we live in right now, and I am really happy there is a show that tries to spread the word to all people. Make them think.

So, once again, why is it better than Skins and Gossip Girl? Cause it deals with so many common life problems and not just high school teen drama. (By the way, they are all mostly broke, or don’t have enough money which is one more thing teenagers encounter on a daily basis.)

So, to some up, SKAM is a wonderful TV-show, and I am so thankful to the people who made this, because they are definitely considerate ones. SKAM deals with so many daily-life social problems, and if you watched SKAM and didn’t like it, you just probably didn’t notice all of these themes. Just rewatch again and I hope you’ll see.

(P.S. The coolest thing is the music literally. I’ve never come upon a show that had such accurate choice of music. Songs play just at the perfect moment!)