gossip girl tonight!!!!

e-blast #42 (it’s a big one)

They say that good things always come in two, and what more proof do you need than the return of Queen T and me! Even my expert knowledge and professionalism would’ve never predicted an announcement of this scale a week ago, and there has been a lot of scales this week. 

Taylor has finally let us in on the secret, her sixth studio album REPUTATION will be out NOVEMBER 10, along with the news that the lead single drops tonight, 12:01 EST

It’s not the Timeless/Eclipse/ probably still Roses that we were expecting, but REPUTATION already looks like a killer, the artwork alone? Literal art. It’s already clear that the REPUTATION era is a real F YOU to the characterisation and portrayal of T globally across media outlets, which never emphasises on the angel we all know she is. 

You know you’re going to love it 



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hey you guys!! i’m sorry i’ve been mia for so long and haven’t been updating, i’ve been having some issues with my uploading process that are hopefully fixed for now. so i’m gonna start uploading the rest of season one of gossip girl, hopefully tonight or tomorrow.

also, please let me know if there’s anyone who would be interested in me uploading the bold type here, because i can do that also!

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- Pierce The Veil
- Bring Me The Horizon
- All Time Low
- Sleeping With Sirens
- Tonight Alive
- Imagine Dragons
- Thirty Seconds To Mars
- A Day To Remember
- Hands Like Houses
- Of Mice And Men
- Merlin
- Pretty Little Liars
- New Girl
- Hunger Games
- Lord Of The Rings
- Modern Family
- Gossip Girl


17 - Calum Hood

“What’re you gonna do Hood? Kiss me?” You chuckled, your hands pinned above your head as Calum’s face hovered just inches above yours.

“Don’t tempt me, Y/N.” he smirked, moving off of you and helping you up from the bed. You had decided the best show to watch on television was Gossip Girl tonight, but Calum had strongly disagreed, opting to chase you round the house trying to catch the remote from you. He only succeeded when he rugby tackled you to the bed, triumphantly grabbing the remote from your hands.

“What’s wrong with Gossip Girl? I always watch that.” You laughed, watching as he pouted at you as you tried to grab the remote back off of him.

“It’s just too much drama, and I’m always surrounded by drama on tour.”

You shook your head at him, smiling fondly at your best friend. “That’s because you enjoy your women too much Calum Hood.”

You were all too familiar with your best friend’s fondness for one night stands, but you also knew how much he truly wanted to find that special someone.

“Maybe I want to stop enjoying my women and start enjoying my woman.” He smirked at you, making you squeal in excitement.

“Who’s the lucky lady?” You chirped up, suddenly intrigued by the new gossip laid out for you. But before you got an answer or could push him for one, a pair of soft lips were pushed up against yours, catching you completely by surprise. But you were hardly complaining.