gossip girl the final season

For quote of the day today, I bring you the very best, Chuck Bass. I know I’m not the only one that loved Chuck and Blair together… and got extremely emotional over the 6 seasons with everything that happened between these two. “If two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back.” Well Chuck did tell us… shut up I’m not crying, you are! 😭😍🙌🏼❤️

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I think Georgina and Jack ending up together was such a weird shock but also completely perfect??? Like 2 of the main villains in the show ending up together, without being villains anymore, just is kinda perfect. Opinions??

This was literally the most amazing moment. When she started talking I was literally like, wait, what??? 

How To Ruin A Popular TV Show:

Make a 42 minutes episode that’s worthy of 5 YEARS of questions, and make the main villains some irrelevant characters that’s been on the show for only 13 and 9 episodes. Let’s also not forget to fill it with plot holes. 😊


Happy Father’s Day everyone! 

Loved this gif set so much.

Crush Imagine #14 (request)

Hey! I’m a big fan of your imagines and was hoping I could request imagines. My crush is really popular and I’m kinda shy. He looks like a typical “fuck boy” but is actually really sweet so I was hoping if you could do something along the lines where we get paired up and he is really sweet and protective of me? Thanks


“For your midterm project, all of you will create skits. Before any of you ask, I’ve already picked your partners. If you’re in row 1, work with the person to the right of you in row 2. Row three, work with the person to left of you in row 4, and so on.” my Spanish teacher said. I grimaced, but on the inside I was throwing a party. I had just gotten paired up with y/c! Score! 

“Guess we’re partners” y/c turned to me. Y/c was your typical looking fuck boy, the hair, the tan, the charm, everything. 

“Guess so” I gave a half smile. Our teacher passed out the paper with the project details on it. 

“Create your own legend using all the vocabulary up until this point. Your legend MUST be your own, you can not alter legends. You will create a skit to act out your legend, and you may either present it in class, or create a video to play in class. This project will be due on the day of the midterm.” y/c read out loud. “Looks like I get to play prince” he winked. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. The bell rung, making me jump. “So I’ll text you, and we can figure out the details. I think we should film it, I’m not really up to present it in class.” y/c said before walking out of the classroom. We’d exchanged numbers a few months back to work on a few homeworks. 


5 days later. Saturday. 

My heart pounded, y/c would be here any minute. My parents were out for dinner, and I was home alone. Of course they knew y/c was coming over though. I engrossed myself in the season six finale of gossip girl (as if I hadn’t watched it eighteen times before already). My phone buzzed. 

“Hey, I’m here” y/c text read. I continued the episode, expecting the bell to ring. “At the door” my phone buzzed. I paused the episode and went to open the door. 

“There’s a bell you know” I laughed. 

“I didn’t want to disturb anyone” he chuckled. 

“I’m the only one home” I rolled my eyes. 

“Is that so?” he smirked and came into my house. I closed the door behind him and we headed upstairs to my bedroom, which I’d made sure to vacuum and clean before. 

It had been an hour, and of our four minute skit, we only had thirty seconds done, due to the two of cracking up every other minute. “What if we did a scene where I just pulled you” he grabbed my arms and pulled me onto him, making both of us fall onto my bed. I glanced away, fixing my hair. “Well, I guess I wouldn’t mind a scene like that” I winked. He raised an eyebrow. “What about a scene like this” he whispered, pressing his lips against mine. My lips practically melted into his, and we kissed slowly, making me feel tingles in every part of my  body. “I definitely wouldn’t mind a scene like that” I grinned. He smiled and went onto Facebook, going to change his relationship status. 

“What are your friends going to say?” I asked, sitting up. 

“What do you mean?” he stopped typing. 

“I mean you’re you, and I’m, me” I shrugged. 

“So?” he sat up and stared at me. “If they say anything I’ll stop them, I’m not going to be an ass. They can be the hoes and you can be the bro” he kissed my cheek. I bit my lip and turned to face him. 

“Okay then, let’s do it” 

“Fantastic, now I can be your real life prince”

- Ran four miles through Balboa Park this morning as (potentially) my last fun run before half marathon training starts again.

- Bought some good food at Trader Joe’s and Ralph’s.

- Watching the season two finale of Gossip Girl before dedicating the rest of my day to schoolwork and cleaning.

- I’m almost definitely going to order a hammock off of Amazon today to hang on my patio.

the season 3 finale of gossip girl is so fucking stupid im so annoyed like blair literally could have just called or texted chuck or had someone else do it and been like hey i still want to be w you but derotas water just broke so ill probably be a little late (and was she even late ??) like what is the point of technology if youre not going to use it like you cant have a show like gossip girl and only ignore technology when its convenient for your story lines