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aries: imperator furiosa, faith lehane, sarah manning, sun bak, elektra, faye valentine
taurus: misty, kim pines, rey, toph beifong, chell, riza hawkeye
gemini: harley quinn, starfire, connie maheswaran, bayonetta, knives chau, botan (yu yu hakusho)
cancer: mako mori, sailor moon, katara, ororo munroe/storm, bee (bee and puppycat), elizabeth (bioshock)
leo: buffy summers, daenerys targaryen, chun-li, gabrielle (xena: warrior princess), cynthia (pokemon), rosalina
virgo: leia organa, dana scully, tina belcher, bulma, jill valentine, annabeth chase
libra: chihiro ogino, death (sandman), carol aird, princess bubblegum, violet baudelaire, cher horowitz
scorpio: april ludgate, jessica jones, raven (teen titans), mystique, android 18, beatrix kiddo
sagittarius: ellie (the last of us), ilana glazer, lisbeth salander, aerith gainsborough, sam dutton (the perks of being a wallflower), sabrina the teenage witch
capricorn: blair waldorf, hua mulan, poussey washington, leslie knope, motoko kusanagi, elastigirl
aquarius: misato katsuragi, gamora (guardians of the galaxy), samus aran, daria morgendorffer, princess mononoke, yumi (hi hi puffy amiyumi)
pisces: galadriel, nomi marks, kitty pride/shadowcat, max caulfield, luna lovegood, eileen (regular show)


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Rebelcaptain Gossip Girl AU

Hey, Upper East Siders! Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into scandalous life of Manhattan’s elites. And I have biggest news ever from our favorite quartets!

Jyn Erso was spotted at Grand Central, bags in hands. Was it only a year ago our favorite Stardust mysteriously disappeared from quote, “boarding school”?

Leia Padme Skywalker, daughter of CEO of Skywalker Inc. and Upper East Side Princess, came out from hair salon with new hairstyle and happy face. Could it be?! Will she have a meeting with a boy who will be her King?

Han Solo, our favorite bachelor, was found with heiress-to-be, Mara Jade. Signal boost, everyone! Heir apparent and heir presumptive of Solo Corp. and Empire Industries are gonna be the next King and Queen of New York.

Cassian Andor, an outsider-turns-to-insider, after his brief meeting with Jyn Erso. Rumors have it that he is Davits Draven’s nephew. We all know who’s Draven, right? Editor-in-Chief of Alliance Publisher and one of the richest people in USA. Does Draven hide something behind our favorite Mexican’s back?

And who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell.

You know you love me.
Gossip Girl

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Imagine yourself naked between all your favourite characters and being fucked all night long. They all love you. 

It’s Read A Romance Novel Month! ❤️ Here are just some of our suggestions.

Fair Use of Voltage Inc. IP

Since its creation in 1999, Voltage Inc. has been a leading name in interactive romance novels. We develop more than apps—we produce dramas about love and the challenges associated with it. This passionate subject has created a passionate, talented community of fans. We are humbled by the interest shown by our fans in sharing our games and creating their own work based on our creations! At the same time, we at Voltage spend a lot of time, thought, and money creating these games you love, including the characters, music, sound effects, stories, and illustrations. We need to protect them so we can keep creating.

You can consider this document a guideline for “fair use” for our English-language games. Copyright can be complicated, however, and this cannot cover all situations. Please be respectful of your fellow fans and of us.

Here are some examples of things we are okay with:

  • Original art inspired by our games and characters
  • A few screenshots
  • Avatars, banners, and other personal-use images
  • Our announcements and images as released on social media

Here are some examples of things that are not okay:

  • Videos, screenshot series, or text reproductions of a story
  • Posting our music and sound effects
  • Anything being sold
  • Misleading or confusingly similar apps or art

In short, we don’t want anyone confused, we don’t want to spoil stories, and we don’t want what you share to replace the experience someone can get straight from the source (us!).

Please remember that these guidelines are subject to change and are not legally binding. We want to find a balance with our fans; it takes time to do that. Whenever possible, we will reach out to fans posting material in the “gray area” before making a formal takedown request.

Thank you for taking the time to read this policy. We hope it helps!

I’m gonna be honest with you guys. In my opinion, Paulina’s probably one of the weakest recurring characters in this entire show. Even Dash got a focal episode in the form of Micro Management. Aside from Parental Bonding, which only depicts her as shallow and manipulative, any focus Paulina gets usually has her overshadowed or barely doing anything.

Honestly, no character really deserves that, but I was having trouble finding a way to make her character work without changing things too much. These last two episodes finally gave me an idea that I think could’ve been very interesting. So, this is going to be less of an analysis of Paulina as we know her and more of some ideas for the kind of character she could have been.

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GQ ROMANIA INTERVIEW FULL: Captain Romania! Sebastian Stan - now playing in our movie.

EDIT: I finally found the magazine and bought it. Too bad I’m too busy sorting books in German at college and I can’t scan the photos, but at least here is the interview.

I hope I did my good deed for this year and Santa will come by :D

Note: I couldn’t find the magazine, so I had to use some not very good photos some Anons sent me. I also have to write a 15 page-long essay in 3 hours, so if I made some mistakes, I am sorry, but I am in a hurry.

(Edit: The photo was blurry and I couldn’t understand the last 3 questions and answers. If anyone has a better version… you know what to do.)

Thank you, dana2931 for the photos!

Born in Constanta (aka my town, the place where you can’t find this freaking magazine) on 13th August 1982, he broke some hearts in the HBO production Gossip Girl, he starred with Natalie Portman in Black Swan and is at the moment in two American Marvel blockbusters. Sebastian Stan is the one who has been so lucky from an early stage in his career. Even though he has moved from Romania at a young age, he is still speaking Romanian fluently (because of his mother) and he is still incredibly modest.

How was for you leaving Romania at only 8 years old?

  • Back then everything happened quickly. My family was moving quite often and the time to assimilate what was happening was insufficient. I had to adapt myself really fast to new surroundings. It was a cultural shock. I remember that I was in a supermarket in Vienna and it was the first time I saw bananas. Now that was an event! When you are young, you are just like a sponge and this helped me integrate quickly.  But I did feel like a stranger in the first years.

 On what level did you feel the change the most?

  • The biggest change was the language barrier. When I moved to Vienna, I had to learn German. Then, when I was 12, we moved to the USA and I had to change the languages again. I couldn’t have learnt so fast if it weren’t for my stepfather who is of American origins. It was really difficult for me in high school only because I had an accent. I remember that there was a year during which I spoke English defensively – even with my mother who continued to speak to me in Romanian. It was a great effort for me because I just wanted to be like all children and to lose my accent.

 Which is your greatest memory about Romania?

  • I have some unforgettable memories from the Revolution. I remember that one afternoon I was playing outside – I was 6 or 7 years old – and I heard a really loud noise coming from the street and all the children were running to see what happened. When I approached them, I saw a Dacia (Romanian car) full of students shouting, raising their fists through the open side windows and with the town hall’s Romanian flag – with a huge hole in the middle where it used to be the communist symbol - blowing in the wind. Even though I was very young, I did understand that what was happening was very important.

What made you become an actor?

  • I actually had the opportunity to perform when I was in Vienna. My mother took me to some auditions and my first role was the one of a homeless Romanian child. I was filmed in a subway in a short movie. I didn’t like it too much. I found it boring having to wait on the set for such a long time. Only when I was already in my first year of high school in America I started enjoying it. I had a friend who, even though he had hearing problems, he was responsible of all the school plays.  His attitude and the fact that he didn’t let a disability to discourage him made me try.

Which were the first steps you took in your path to this career?

  • From high school to summer school and until college in New York, I only had one motto: “If this went well, then I’ll take the next step and see where it leads me.” Fortunately, my path had already started forming on itself. My luck has played a very important role and until this moment I am grateful to my parents for bringing me to America. The greatest moment occurred in Stagedoor Manor, an acting camp in the north of New York. There I met my manager with whom I’ve been working for 17 years. I started going to auditions in New York when I was 16 and all those years were fundamental to me.

 It is not easy to get to Hollywood. What motivated you?

  • I find myself a very lucky man who has had many opportunities. My work depended on what I did with all those opportunities. I didn’t have the slightest idea that I would get where I am now. Starting from my family’s journey in 3 different countries, I never knew what to expect and to what to get attached. Therefore, I realized that no matter where the path leads me, I must trust it. Trust is what has been motivating me so far.

What were the challenges?

  • The challenge was to remind myself that everything is entertaining. As you grow up, there are more responsibilities and the industry continues discouraging you with its rejections. It’s important not to take it personally, even though it’s hard to do this. You become exhausted, you start blaming the others and sometimes even yourself. There were some times when I felt lost. I was young and I had forgotten why I was here. But, slowly, I returned on my path.

You have played in various different movies. Which one of your characters was the most demanding?

  • It’s always different and sometimes I have no idea how I should start preparing myself. I trust my instinct very much and also the feelings/impressions I get from the script. However, I remain very open in what concerns the director’s concept/view and I respect it. It’s very important to know your limits and the area in which you are working. “Captain America” was based on the story from the comic books and this was really helpful.  They (i.e. the comic books) were like a map and I only had to follow it. When you work with a director like Darren Aronofsky, who has a very precise vision, you only have to honor it.

You prepared yourself for theater. How is the stage opposite to the movie industry?

  • Television is the writer’s area, the movies are the director’s area and the theater, finally, is the actor’s area. What the public sees is only what the actor says. He is his own editor. The theater gives you the possibility to do something new every night. Countless revelations about a role keep appearing and this makes every performance different. It’s very interesting and it keeps you fascinated. In movies, the director edits the performance in a room. As an actor, you are at his mercy. But, in a movie, you can communicate only through one scene/close-up. It’s a special thing which you can’t do on stage.