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Voltage JP to Permanently Terminate All Services for the Japanese Version of 10DWMD and Gossip Girl Novel Type

As if what they did for the past three months wasn’t enough, last Friday they announced (bad news again) that they will terminate all services, including the stories, for 10DWMD and Gossip Girl Japanese paid version. That means you can’t read the stories you bought in those two apps anymore, including the prologue, starting from July 29 Japan time.

Note that before the announcement, those two apps were already removed from the store, but if you already downloaded and purchased the stories before removed, you still can redownload and play the apps.

So for those who already bought the stories from those two apps, I suggest you to do something with your purchases before the apps will be terminated forever.

Honestly it’s really disheartening, knowing that all the purchases by fans for those two apps will be gone forever without compensation. It hasn’t happened to the English version yet, but I’m curious if the previous survey about e-book version in English OTBS app might be connected to this or not, in case they wanted to delete some apps. Nevertheless, I posted this as a friendly reminder to you that all apps might not be safe from termination.

Looks like it’s going to be a hot time in this old town tonight. Let’s just hope Lonely Boy and his book don’t go up in flames. 

-XoXo Gossip Girl

-Favorite Scene 5x04 Part 2: Memoirs of an Invisible Dan


Serena: I may have overreacted about how you portrayed me in the book.

Dan: Thank you so much. You know I have to admit it’s been kind of hard. My dad and Nate and Blair still won’t talk to me.

Serena: Well things are looking up then. One down, three to go.

Dan: Never thought you’d be the first.

Serena: I am full of surprises. You know that. 

-Favorite Scene 5x05 Part 4: The Fasting and the Furious