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Spotted– the students of St. Baelor’s Academy. Targaryen. Tyrell. Stark. And…Martell? The children of the rich, the powerful, and the scandalous with some issues of their own. Nothing daddy’s money can’t fix though, right? Here they learn the hard facts of life, the Queen’s of the Upper East Side, their Kings, and their enemies aren’t just born over night. Will the students be able to get through school or will the fustercluck of parties, booze, brunches and heartbreak make it all come tumbling down? We’ll have to wait and see, and I’ll be here to keep you updated. One thing about being on top of the world– it gives you a long, long way to fall. 

                                    xoxo, gossip girl

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at a glance ;

  • from BROOKLYN.
  • SCHOLARSHIP student.
  • owns,  and loves,  a motorbike.
  • 17 years old.
  • poor  ( only by manhattan terms )
  • not shit dan humphrey

biography ;

               never too far from the art room, TRYSTANE MARTELL is a picture perfect representation of the BROOKLYN spirit. he’s the safe bad boy,   from the wrong side of the tracks, but smart enough to have his SCHOLARSHIP fully funded.  usually found with a pencil behind his ear and a sketchpad between his fingers,  he manages to look cool even in a place he will never truly belong.  he’s not rich.  his family don’t scramble for money, but in a place like this, even he looks like a pauper. daddy owns a bookshop,  independent and running well,  his family are the artistic presence that make everyone else question just how deep they could possibly be.  with eyes that seem to see all and a mouth that doesn’t move until he is convinced he knows the truth,  TRYSTANE is a mystery to most of the students at his school.  he is a way to rebel,  a safe way to kick back against the society that they’ve found themselves in,  without feeling like they ever have to leave it.

              he’s got his sights set ahead of him and a portfolio in his hand.  he’s going to be the one who puts the MARTELLS on the map. he’s going to art school, he’s going to be one of the greats and there is NO ONE who will stand in his way.  he doesn’t know why anyone really pays attention to him,  least of all why he would be end up on GOSSIP GIRL (  though he does figure that being publicly called SCHOLARSHIP does fit  )  suddenly,  he’s out of the shadows,  looked at as more than just the boy that they date when they want to shove a middle finger up to the world that they were raised in.  his world is about to get rocked,  he just doesn’t know how much yet.

important relationships ;

  • rhaenys targaryen  ;  cousin.
  • shennen clegane ;  best friend
  • sansa stark ;  baby mama   ( doesn’t know )


Occupation: Student/Socialite
Relationship Status: It’s Complicated
Important People/Relationships: Her best friend Rhaenys Targaryen, her oldest brother Robb. She’s a bit estranged from her parents for reasons that will remain unnamed.

Sansa Penelope Stark, is a girl of extremes. Extremely intelligent, extremely Charismatic and at times extremely volatile. Growing up with a life of privilege has allotted her some of the greatest opportunities of her young life. Currently a Junior at St. Baelor’s Academy Sansa can usually be found in the company of her best friend Rhae Targaryen. Their families have known each other for years. The two grew up together in Manhattan and while their friendship is as steady as it’s ever been Sansa has a secret. One that could very well threaten not only her friendship with Rhae, but the reputation of her family.

Ever since Sansa returned from her yearlong European trip two years ago (A trip that her parents shipped her off on after finding out their 15-year-old daughter was pregnant) she’s been different. Nine months after leaving Manhattan Sansa gave birth to a healthy baby girl that was taken from her and put up for adoption by her parents. No goodbyes, no say–and ever since then the relationship between Sansa and her parents is turblant at best. Since her return home she’s been more focused and less apt to get drunk while going out with their group of friends to whatever hot new club in the city invites them. She’s looking to buckle down and head off to Columbia after high school and the only way that’s going to happen is if she attempts to keep her head down and focus on the positive image her family so desperately needs her to portray especially with her oldest brother falling off the wagon, and her younger sister being, well Arya. Sansa’s perfect Stark image could very well be on its way out the window though especially once Gossip Girl gets involved.

So the Gossip Girl AU group verse is happening, and I will make a proper graphic/plot post later today. Basically it would follow the plot of Gossip Girl, the lives and scandals of rich and privileged private school kids, using ASOIAF character though. It will have a Gossip Girl style gossip blog to follow what’s happening in the treads and so far certain characters are reserved.

Rhaenys Targaryen: @shewasdornish
Sansa Stark @winterfellswolfqueen
Willas Tyrell @ofbrokenmen
Trystane Matrell @trystcne

If you wanna join send a message to shewasdornish and I’ll add you. I’ll be contacting people for bios of their characters once I have the graphics done!