gossip girl confessing

I honestly need an entire series of Elizabeth’s reign done in the style of Gossip Girl.

Just imagine it:

*Kristen Bell voice*

Looks like Lady Dudley has more than just a broken heart. Now she’s got a broken neck. Will a crown soon fall atop Robert Dudley’s head? Or will he lose it instead?

You know you love me,

XOXO - Gossip Girl

•Cecil confesses on his deathbed that he was in fact Gossip Girl. 100% more plausible than the actual show’s finale.


Sometimes i just wish people would leave Taylor Momsen alone when it comes to judging her and her attitude. She was a child star. She started modeling at age 2 and was in and out of school and had no real friends. She didn’t want to be working that young and had no choice. She obviously resents being a child star and hated doing it. If you listen to the bands demo that she wrote “Where Did Jesus Go?” you can see that she didn’t like that life. it states “her father sold her to the trade when she was just a child/she was seventeen never ever learned to smile” and then goes on with “she took a bullet and blew out her brains/ she didn’t say goodbye/she just went away” She was seventeen when the Pretty Reckless and her music career started and the “blowing out” her brains resembles killing off her old self, the one she was where she didn’t really have a choice. She is still trying to figure herself out when her whole life she didn’t have a choice to do much. Anyone who is in their twenties likely is still trying to figure themselves out. She is just judged a lot more because she used to be on Gossip Girl. I just hope she is finally happy with her life.