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When Hunters Come Knocking

A/n- The first part of the prequel series to Long Lost Sister.

Summary- Part of Y/n had long given up on trying to find out what had happened to her family, but answers finally come when she’s least expecting them.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

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Y/n sipped her coffee and sat back in her chair, enjoying her unexpected morning off. She’d been more than happy when Shelly had called and said the shop was empty, not to bother coming in.

Y/n had about a million things she needed to be doing, paying the bills, laundry, research for her other job, but at the moment, all she could think about was sitting back and putting her feet up.

Ding-Dong. So much for relaxing, Y/n though as the doorbell interrupt her. She wasn’t planning on any visitors and was just as puzzled when she pulled the door open to reveal two men in suits standing on the other side. One was short and stocky. He was older, with salt and pepper hair and a tight lipped smile on his face. The young one, well he was kinda cute. He didn’t seem much older than Y/n, he was taller than the other man with dirty blonde hair and a much happier attitude.

“Can I help you?” Y/n asked crossing her arms and leaning against the door frame.

“I’m Agent Johnson and this is Agent Hammond, from the FBI,” the older one said officially and the two men flashed her their badges. “We’re in town to investigate the strange disappearances and murders happening recently. We were hoping we could come in and ask you a few questions.”

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Imagine Kris hearing a knock at his door one day. He sees no one upon opening the door and is about to shut it when a small, translucent humanoid figure pops out and shouts “Boo!” Kris, recovering from what he can only assume was an actual heart attack, stares at the apparition questioningly.

“Hi there! I’m Jasper the amicable ghoul!” A draft breezes through the hall and into Kris’s place, bringing with it the faint scent of copyright laws; Kris blinks as the ghoul looks on expectantly.

Inviting him in to dispel the awkwardness, they become fast friends and share in a delicious meal of Eatos and Spaft Macaroni & Cheese while watching Gossip Ghoul.

LISTEN though, Mado Kasuka and Kureo’s story. She was an Academy professor obviously older than him, whom he wooed successfully at all of 20 years old, and who gave absolutely no fucks, apparently, about the fact that their relationship was the talk of the Academy.

I remember laughing at her (as quoted by Akira), “I mean I like you, but changing my surname would be a pain in the ass.”

also i just went to look at ms translation of that scene and they completely butchered it which is why i’m writing this i am offended