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LISTEN though, Mado Kasuka and Kureo’s story. She was an Academy professor obviously older than him, whom he wooed successfully at all of 20 years old, and who gave absolutely no fucks, apparently, about the fact that their relationship was the talk of the Academy.

I remember laughing at her (as quoted by Akira), “I mean I like you, but changing my surname would be a pain in the ass.”

also i just went to look at ms translation of that scene and they completely butchered it which is why i’m writing this i am offended

anonymous asked:

So does that mean that furuta knew the nishiki will be going in for dr kanou when he told roma to protect him or was he telling her in general in case if anyone from the cch tries to get to him?

At this point, I think he just asked her to protect him because he knew shit was going down on Rushima.

But Furuta, as a CCG agent, would have known that Serpent/Nishiki was hunting down Aogiri members (Torso) and that this was gonna be his last chance, and if there was any evidence that Aogiri had that he was looking for Kanou, Furuta might have known that too. 

Kanou seems to know Nishiki by name, so its possible that Nishiki’s search for Kanou specifically had gotten around the ghoul gossip mill, even if it wasn’t shown in the manga. In such a situation, I’m sure Furuta knew and that was one of the things he wanted to protect Kanou against. 

Roma and Shikorae are both very powerful foes, so he definitly requested the big guns. Shikorae at least, though, seems like he might have some prior connection to Kanou, if the scorpion butterfly really is alluding to him.

Which is interesting considering Furuta’s relationship with Kijima and Rotten Follow…

What a messy web of loyalties, indeed.