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LISTEN though, Mado Kasuka and Kureo’s story. She was an Academy professor obviously older than him, whom he wooed successfully at all of 20 years old, and who gave absolutely no fucks, apparently, about the fact that their relationship was the talk of the Academy.

I remember laughing at her (as quoted by Akira), “I mean I like you, but changing my surname would be a pain in the ass.”

also i just went to look at ms translation of that scene and they completely butchered it which is why i’m writing this i am offended

Gossip Ghouls (Chapter 3 of What, is a Legacy)

Story Summary: What do you do when a one night stand shows up at your door with a child you didn’t know you had? What do you do when that child isn’t all that she seems? What happens when prophecies and fate try to rule your life? Well the Winchester Legacy just got bigger, and we’re all about to find out.Dark things are afoot in the Supernatural Universe, and it all revolves around the daughter of a certain Winchester. Certainly Dean never planned on having the apple pie life that he’s always longed for, but this might just be his chance. At least for a few weeks. But the daughter of a Winchester and a Nephilim has powerful consequences written all over her. Needless to say she should come with a warning label: “Child of Destiny, Handle With Extreme Caution.”

Chapter Summary: Rowena doesn’t necessarily like clubs, tonight is an exception. Tonight she’s hunting.Dean, Sam, Cas, Mary, Jenna, and baby too go have some good old fashioned domestic fun in the park. Mary is a masterful conversationalist, Dean glares at a Mazda, and there’s trouble on the horizon for the happy family group.

A/N: Okay, now we’re really getting into the meat of the plot here. Well not the meat, but we’re definitely starting to carve the chicken you know? It’s coming. The big bad stuff is coming I promise. But this is a half decent chapter in my opinion. Be kind it hasn’t been proof read yet because my proof reader decided to go to the gym (gag, kidding I love you and I should go too), instead of hanging out with me until class at 5 tonight, so. Ignore obvious typos.

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What, is a legacy? 

3 Percent Chance of Failure: Part One, Part Two (Chapter One) 

Apple Pie Life (Chapter Two)

Red, there’s just red everywhere. Dean can’t see anything but red— hot, thick, suffocating red. He was neck deep in it, but the flood just keeps on coming. Cas’ hands covered the wound, light streaming from them, but then the light flickered. Cas’ brow creased, concentrating hard on the task at hand. But as the angel wavers, body swaying, hands shaking, Dean can see that this isn’t something that’s ever going to be fixed. 

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Red lights play on the dark wood bar of the club. Deep bass tones undulate through the building, filling up all the spaces in-between people, monsters, and things living in between. The Red Room is crowded tonight, and she almost has a hard time finding a table to sit at, but the host through no personal volition finds her a good table along the wall. Her drink and meal come quickly, compliments of the house, and so she silently tucks in, smiling to herself, smugly satisfied.

“Come on, Jamie, you can’t really think that this shit is real?”

“I heard it from Brutus, one of the Winchesters had a kid, and she’s the one man, she’s gonna be the death of us all.”


“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, Brutus is full of bullshit.”

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