Naughty French Part 2 - relationships

Telling someone that they are hot:

Tu es…

Adorable/mignon/canon/sexy/à tomber - these are nicer

These are not so nice- 

Tu es… un bon coup (a good lay)/bonne (good in bed)/chaude (also means good in bed)

If people say that to you, you’ll probably want to refuse and run for the hills, here’s what you can say:

Casse-toi ! - go away (not very polite, but very direct about what you want)

Merci, mais j’attends quelqu’un - sorry but I’m waiting for someone

Tu t’es pas regardé ? - Take a good look at yourself! Basically you are not in my league.

In the Mood for l’Amour ?


Il est beau gosse ! - He’s really hot

Cette fille je la kiffe - I like that girl

je lui ai roulé un patin - I french-kissed him!



Oops I’m pregnant-

Etre en cloque - to be knocked up

Mettre en cloque - to knock (somebody) up

Etre enceinte - to be pregnant

Tomber enceinte - to fall pregnant

Breaking up :

Ça va pas être possible - It’s not working out

(Je t’aime plus) c’est fini - (I don’t love you anymore) it’s over

Va te faire foutre, t’es une vraie ordure - fuck off, you are a real piece of shit

Soyons amis - let’s just be friends

Je romps avec toi - I’m breaking up with you

Je la jette/le largue - I am dumping her/him