gossamergrudge replied to your post: kiloxs, you’re such a ligh7weigh7. don’7 7ry 7o ge7 drunk.

when you’re drunk, i 7rus7 you less 7han i could 7hrow you. of course, i could 7hrow you a ra7her long dis7ance, so 7ha7 could mean any7hing.

☠ < no u r just lameo okay

☠ < u cnt throw me far ur just full of urself

☠ < why r y such a jerk all the tiem anyway?? wat is wrong with you omg

☠ < i am sick of it here we go

== > Throw a punch at her face.

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Sollux. How nice.

Why the heck is there even a pissy Icelander on the list.


It was hot- hotter than usual- and with the sun beating down on you slathered-with-sunscreen neck, you could barely bear it. You were doing chores- and out in the desert heat, raking up porcupine poo smelled ten times worse.
You wiped the sweat from your forehead- right now, you would give anything to be inside in the air-conditioned house.

gossamergrudge replied to your post: s7ill only one quadran7 filled? wow, 7ha7’s pa7he7ic. of course, 7he res7 of you is pa7he7ic as well.

well, you should wan7 7o because 7he drones will cull you o7herwise. and i 7hink you’re lying, nobody wan7s 7o be in a quadran7 wi7h you.

☠ < plenty of trolls would want to fill a quadrant with me 4 your in4mation!! god are you irritable today

☠ < besides as 4 that whole drone issue i have already come up with a means of fixing it

☠ < i have collected the genetic material of one of my freshest corpses in a bucket and i figure i could simply mix some of my own with it or something and give that to a drone if push comes to shove

☠ < if they ask or anything i could just give them the body or something and tell them they died