gossamer wrap

notes on the gossamer veil wrapping structural violence.

1. the other day in the TokyoJETs group I posted a link to a list of scenarios and explanations to help people understand their rights when being stopped/accosted by the police in Japan for being foreign.

2. I coulda been really political about it. But honestly I just wanted to share it as a resource. So I held my commentary besides “know your rights” and

3. Of course the first ( and maybe only ) comments are posted by white folks that deal with it here but clearly consider it a novel or minor inconvenience that can be easily dealt with via compliance.

4. which tbh illuminates the fact that they maybe live in a different reality. One unlike mine. One unlike a lot of ours.

5. You know, the one where there’s literally no corner of the world where I can go without arousing police suspicion based on my appearance. Including the corner of the world where I was born and raised. The one where your mere existence in a physical space is questioned and it doesn’t matter if the face that’s doing it is smiling because it does nothing to hide the massive structures identifying you as an outsider. Working against you.

6. And really, being randomly stopped/questioned/searched by the police had never happened to me in Japan until 10 minutes ago.

7. And I think I’m heated and typing this out on the subway right now because it happened near my school and in front of a number of my students and there was just a strangling feeling of being demeaned as it all went down in front of young onlookers who generally get a lot of life when I’m around.

8. TL;DR - I’m mad. Fuck pigs. Abolish the police.

9. if you see me post a resource in a JET group, don’t derail it by flaunting a disgusting amount of pale ignorance.