Like a Shot in the Dark // Gos

Waiting was Hell.

It wasn’t the first time Copper had been forced to stay put in a hospital waiting room. If today was to be taken into account, then it most likely wouldn’t be his last either. Almost dying to save Tod’s life hadn’t upset him nearly as much as this was, being forced to sit in purgatory while his friend’s fates were hanging in the balance. But they told him that he wasn’t Trusty or Gos’ family and he’d have to wait to see them. They wouldn’t even tell him if they were going to be okay or not. He felt like he was being punished for not sharing blood with the people he cared about.

Waiting was Hell.

When Ro got up to check on a friend or perhaps just to breathe (he couldn’t be sure), Copper pressed his palms into his eye sockets. It felt like hours ago when he had left his last voice message on Gos’ phone, when he had checked with the front desk to see if she was here, when he had to be restrained by nurses from going to check on her. Dried blood still clung to his shirt, Trusty’s blood, and he knew he looked as awful as he felt. But he just…he just needed everyone to be okay. The last time he had waited like this, Copper had been met with terrible news. Please, please, please don’t let this be a repeat.

“Sir? Um…Mr. Slade, is it?” a voice snapped Copper out of his reflecting, causing him to look-up at the doctor tending to Gos. He was up and out of his seat quicker than his heart could take a beat.

“How is she? What happened? Nobody’ll tell me anythin’ an’–”

“She’s fine, Mr. Slade. Or at least she will be. She was shot in her knee and we did have to perform surgery on it but it’s nothing life-threatening,” the doctor interrupted.

“An’…an’ she’ll be able to walk?” Copper asked in a small voice that didn’t belong to him.

“The wound shouldn’t affect her motor skills so yes, she should be able to. Might have a little trouble at first but that’s to be expected.”

Relief flooded over him like he plunged into the ice-cold ocean headfirst. He almost felt like kissing the doctor for being able to help Gos but he settled for slapping the shorter man on the shoulder.

“She should be awake now and able to have visitors but Ms. Mallard shouldn’t be too excited. You can go see her if–”

“Nothin’ too crazy. Thanks, Doc,” it was Copper’s turn to interrupt as he gave one last grateful pat before practically running towards Gos’ room. All that mattered to him right then and there was seeing for himself that Gos really was okay. He wouldn’t really be able to believe it until he saw it with his own eyes.

Poking his head in first, Copper was completely unprepared to see Gos in a hospital bed like that, wearing that gown and looking that way. It was next to impossible to remember how to breathe properly but he did. If he learned anything in his life, it was how to shove down negative feelings and put on a brave face. Which is exactly what he did because Gos needed him to be strong, not weak.

“Hey,” he quietly said, walking up to her bed to grab her hand and place a quick kiss to her palm. “I…I’m so glad you’re okay. Ya are okay, right?”


Pyritohedron - Dihedral symmetry and pentiprisms

A pyritohedron is an irregular dodecahedron composed of identical irregular pentagons. The name “pyritohedron” derives from that fact that a common crystal form in pyrite has this shape. The pyritohedron has a geometric degree of freedom with limiting cases of a cubic convex hull at one limit of colinear edges, and a rhombic dodecahedron as the other limit as 6 edges are degenerated to length zero. The regular dodecahedron represents a special intermediate case where all edges and angles are equal. See more at



 Dihedral symmetry and pentiprisms: Julian Ziegler-Hunts discovered an irregular equilateral dodecahedron with dihedral symmetry, known as the pentagonal tympanohedron. It belongs to one of two infinite families of so-called pentiprisms (again a Gosperism), which resemble antiprisms but with pentagonal faces as opposed to triangles. The concave and convex families of pentiprisms are homeomorphic, as can be seen in this diagram (also by Gosper) - (Image 1, 2).

There is an exceptional hexagonal pentiprism, which is much flatter than the ordinary convex hexagonal pentiprism. Gosper created another animation, namely showing a deformation between a regular dodecahedron and the pentagonal tympanohedron - (Image 3).

Also, Some images shared at: 



The Best 4 Hours / Gos

True to form, Copper missed his turn to pull into Gosalyn’s place of work. Shaking his head at himself, he continued to drive until he could make a U-turn. He wasn’t…nervous, was he? Nah, he decided quickly. Just anxious. From the brief moments they had shared through a computer screen, Copper could already tell that he liked Gos a lot. There wasn’t anything to be nervous about.

Copper missed the turn again.

Sighing exasperatedly, he turned off the radio streaming country music (the only station that did so, could ya believe it?) and attempted it again. He was gonna have to meet her eventually and besides, he wasn’t nervous. This time, he actually made it into the parking lot.

He cocked an eyebrow at the building in front of him. Copper would definitely have to ask her why she worked at a male strip club of all places. That is, if he actually got to talk to her at all.

Whipping out his cellphone, he texted her to let her know he was outside. And then…he waited. There wasn’t much else to do besides wait. In the meantime, he hummed a little tune to himself and tapped his fingers against the dash of his truck.

Nope, not nervous at all.

Voicemails for Gos
  • Copper: "Gos? Gos, it's me. Please...um, jus' gimme a call back if you're okay. I'm worried."
  • Copper: "Hey, um, it's me. Copper. Again. Ya haven't answered any o' my texts an' I jus' wanna make sure that you're alright so if ya could please gimme a holler or somethin', that'd be...yeah. Okay."
  • Copper: "Please tell me ya ain't still mad at me an' that's why ya ain't been answerin' me. 'Cause you can hate me all ya want but it jus' ain't right to have me 'ere all scared for ya. It's fine if ya hate me, ya jus' gotta be okay to do it, yeah? Jus'...call me. Please."
  • Copper: "Trusty's hurt. Real bad an' I...fuck, I'd really jus' like to know that you're okay. But ya ain't called or texted so I s'pose...I'm sorry."