#Clip from this mornings #radioInterview on #KCOH with Jerri P. Beasley and Paris Ealey . Discussing peoples reaction to the #GospelWobble ….. full clip available on http://facebook.com/rifica777

Will you be at The Black Heritage Music and Arts Festival Today at Discovery Green? If so let me know. I perform on the Cultural Arts Stage at 7:45pm. Come #GospelWobble and #DateNight with me. Two #LineDances you are sure to enjoy. Its going to be an epic day! The Legendary Mint Condition performs later in the evening as well.

Im humbled and honored that people are honored by a tweet from me. All Glory Go To God None To Me! Its not about me. God is good. Providence City Church made my day today! Hopefully I get the pleasure of doing The #GospelWobble live for them someday when God blesses me to be in Charlotte.

Guess I need to start typing the lyrics of all my songs and posting them online for fans. This isn’t the first time I have been asked where my lyrics can be found. Its work but my supporters are worth it. #GospelWobble #Reverbnation