Gospel Gangstaz- Maybe If

Single Review

September 5, 2012

Gospel Gangstaz - Change

Some people like East Coast Rap, some swing towards West Coast and others like that Sothern sound.Fact is, for us, Rap is Rap so we can’t be bias. In laying our cards on the table we enter into that West Coast sound clear and crisp, unlike the LA smog.

Gospel Gangstaz have released this single off of their up and coming album and kept us pleased, with the familiar taste you expect when pressing play on a Gospel Gangstaz track. Like going to KFC (Other brands available) anywhere in the world and getting that same southern fried taste, if you didn’t you’d be disappointed. This is finger licking good.If I had a low rider I’d want this in the stereo, if I had the hydrolics I’d want to bounce to this, if I could I’d want to corner on this with my Gospel Gangsta lean on, but I don’t so I’ll just have to enjoy it’s soothing melodic sound from my 15 year old …..cough, I wont say what car.

Rapping style is pleasing and lyrically an outreach song or baby Christian still struggling. Musically, this has all the tools to build a solid Gospel Rap track with longevity, as you often only get with West Coast Rap, that slow pace classic sound that seems to never date.

There is a nice singing voice over repeating the theme of the song which is obviously about ‘change’ but fortunatly for us Gospel Gangstaz haven’t Changed how they do music.

I would love to see some more investment for these guys, although the quality of the music is high the video quality unfortunatly could be better. Not the artists fault but for them to get the quality we need to be investing in them, as with all of our artists.This is a safe bet and doesn’t disappoint.



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