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Podcasts & Genre: Noir

When one thinks of the noir genre, the most common association is film noir, a style of film making sparking in popularity years ago but still carries some relevance today. Though no one really makes genuine noir films anymore, unless you count a few with noir inspired elements, noir mostly lives on strictly as short parodies while mystery stories stay as mystery stories without the usual aesthetic qualities you’d identify a noir film with. 

Noir brings up ideas of stylishly produced, sexual, and cynical stories sparking during the 1940′s that normally focus on a detective that one might describe as hardboiled, a femme fatale or two, and some type of mystery plot to tackle, normally involving murder. 

One of the core reasons noir is mostly treated with a certain level of irony in modern work is due to how dramatic these productions could be. The whole vibe of theatrics that came from these productions could be perceived as laughable nowadays. Though much like Broadway musicals could be given a massive reboot through the success of Wicked and later the phenomena of Hamilton, the same could be said for noir that will occasionally slip its way into more modern interpretations while still maintaining an authentic narrative. 

While this is fairly evident in film, we all know that things with more than one picture attached to it isn’t really my specialty. You’re here to hear things and then read about the things you heard. How can sound effectively get an idea across when we only have our imaginations and common sense to tell things apart?

As a whole, this article will be delving into the complexity of translating genre through sound with noir being the main focal point due to its rarity and presence in a different medium of entertainment. 

This might just a theory though I believe that noir managed to flow pretty well into the audio drama realm mostly because one of the most vital elements of these films is a consistent narration. This aspect alone is oddly enough the real driving force behind noir getting a second life.

And yet I do realize that noir is a kind of genre that is very selectively put to use. It’s relatively rare for a new noir show to pop up, only ever making common occurrences around early to late 2016. Rex Rivetter: Private Eye and Neon Nights: The Arcane Files both debuted the same year with only a few months difference between their publications. 

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This is a list of the podcasts I have or am currently listening to, followed by ones I have not listened to yet and would like to.

Scifi- Wolf 359, The Message, ars PARADOXICA, SAYER, Our Fair City(post apocalyptic podcast), EOS 10,  

Horror-Alice Isnt Dead, The Black Tapes, TANIS, Limetown, Wormwood, A New Winter, Archive 81

Fantasy- Alba Salix Royal Physician, The Elysuim Project, The Bright Sessions, Supervillain Corner

About Odd Towns- Welcome To Night Vale, Qwerpline, King Falls AM, Uncanny County, Tales of THATTOWN

Comedy : Wooden Overcoats, Its About Time, Hadron Gospel Hour, Kakos Industries

I dont know how to categorize Greater Boston, Within the Wires or The Hidden Almanac, but theyre cool too Have not listened to yet- Ruby Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe, The Behemoth, Jim Robbie and the Wanderers, The Cleansed, PleasureTown, Liberty, Atlantik, Hello from the Magic Tavern, Return Home, The Rogue’s Gallery, Were Alive, Were Alive: Lockdown, A Knight Adrift, Metamor City, The Once and Future Nerd, Illusionoid

Podcasts & Structure

Every time I get around to sitting down and actually writing these articles, I have to seriously consider what I’m going to talk about. It seems the conversation of audio drama is becoming more widespread lately, oozing its way into mainstream media faster than I can keep track of. 

And so many are being made at such a rapid pace, catching up with it all can be its own challenge. A lot of people are starting to see the power and potential of audio plays and it’s a slow burn revolution I am a hundred percent behind. 

When I achieve my dreams of becoming a licensed journalist under that sweet, sweet trademark PodCake©, know that I’ll be somewhere in the front lines, keeping everyone up to the date and in the zone until I’m old and gray and still very, very pink.

So with this exciting idea in mind, I find it appropriate to do a somewhat different type of “Podcasts&”. This is still very much an article dabbling into my specific interests and experiences though also a guide of sorts to those who may be wrapped up in the creative hype. Allow me to pull you starry-eyed artists aside for some well-meaning advice. May you follow in the footsteps of your idols, though know you are above any of their common mistakes.

I had a few options in store to pick from when it came to another topic covering audio drama critique, though I felt that I wanted to address this first. This is another dabbling into the more specific structures of my podcast journalism and the consumption and creation of audio drama in general. 

In a similar vain to my latest article, “Podcasts & Critique”, I’ll be talking about something that perhaps not many are willing to discuss out in the open but is certainly touched upon enough that I feel the merits to bring it up in more depth. What we will be discussing today is the element of effective story structure.

Get comfortable, this is gonna be a long one. 

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I know people have been posting this already, but DAMN, this song is catchy!

Now I can see Will from DA Games being Bendy’s voice actor. I know he edited it to make it more high pitched, but it still fits given the time period Bendy is suppose to be from.

And that ending! The bit where Bendy’s face comes out of the inky darkness to sing the last line? Fuck, that’s a nice touch!

The April of 2015 was a very special month for me. It was on the 26th day of this month that I decided to make PodCake into the podcast publicity and critique palace that it is.

After a few attempts to find a way to make use of this space I created, I finally made the conscious decision to expand my writing skills and show my love for the audio drama community by posting my first Podcast Pallet.

Things started slow, but overtime, more months pasts and more things were made. I was thrown into this new realm of possibility that I had created for myself as I made friends, discussed artistic criticism on a level I never thought I’d reach, and potentially molded a new career path I am more than eager to follow through with.

So for April 26th, I want to make it a yearly reminder of all the things I’ve written, accomplished, and the bonds I’ve made with a humble masterlist. Like many lists, I intend for it to grow more and more, as a sort of reminder of all the work I’ve put into PodCake shaping a special part of myself into the internet community.

Also think of this as a neat guide for those who may be new around here or want to find a specific piece.

That’s all PodCake has had to offer over the course of barely a year. And who knows what else I can make and learn within a few more months? But I must admit that this list wouldn’t exist without the help of all your support. Yes, everyone reading this right now is very vital to this whole thing even existing.

This goes for regular readers, those who give me updates on new shows, all the talented folks I was able to befriended over a few short conversations, and those who continue to create their own works of art in audio drama. 

PodCake is nothing without a strong community keeping it afloat and I plan to “stay sweet” with you all for a very long time. 

love, PodCake 

how many artists from how many fandoms would be interested in  being a part of a podcast art book (pdf format) or free. It would be accessible online and since many podcasts ask us not to sell our fan works it wouldn’t be fair to make people pay or crowdfund something like this. It would take entries from any podcast and format them all into a pdf which can be viewed from wherever (a podcast wiki is in the talks so possibly there, the idea has only just been formulated by a few people and is still in the early planning stages). reblog this with a comment or send me a message if this is something you would submit art for (writing counts)!

Podcasts & Style/Substance

I must share to you readers that I am in the middle of a very much expected but somewhat rough decision at the moment. After about six or more years of having the same black Toshiba laptop that has stored information from middle school crossover fanfiction to job resumes to questionable png files, I’m afraid it has officially kicked the bucket or at least fallen into some kind of cybernetic limbo. 

After one faithful day when it gave itself one less kick to grant me the privilege of finishing Miss Koboyashi’s Dragon Maid and was forced onto an infinite black screen for all eternity, it dawned on me that my little pal that has been my partner in blogging for years just couldn’t pull through the strength anymore. 

It was an old, busted thing by now-touch pad now replaced by a wireless mouse, brown-gray dust permanently caked onto the screen and in between the keyboard from lord knows wear, a severe lag that regularly musters an effort to keep my video files and word documents secure as I mindlessly surf the internet, and a battery that kept my computer at a pathetic half way point that threatened to undo all of my current progress if a passing dog were to trip the wire at the slightest. 

Little Tobi (as I called them) was a good friend and I will dearly miss them and the disposable information I will lose from letting it rot in the bottom of my bed for now. I write this now from my mother’s laptop as I secretly plan out my next move. 

The likely preceding from here is that I have plans to buy a new laptop to continue my work, to which you are entirely right. I am already aware that the simple black Toshiba with its decent screen size and functional keyboard are all I need for a few extra years of blogging and book pitches, but it’s so…boring. 

Beyond my desktop customization, there’s not much to old Tobi that really sparked the imagination of what kind of person I am and what business I have with a laptop from the get-go. To any passerby I could easily be an accountant or an overworked college student grinding through an essay. 

It’s a bland but perfectly usable piece of machinery that has done me no wrong for years, and yet I find myself eager to pursue something different. Something more pink.

I am set for my next laptop to be a pink one and my itchy buying finger might just make that happen before the summer ends. And my strong, personal desire for every item within my reach to be pink-or something related to pink-tends to skew my idea about features and actual quality. 

My sights have been set on a smaller computer with less memory and detachable keyboard for about a week and I am so very close to just finalizing the deal without anyone else’s input because…it’s pink. And I like pink.

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I was introduced to an emerging, enigmatic artist from Nashville, Tennessee today. The moment I heard Zayde Wølf, my eyes widened in excitement and my heart fluttered with ardent rapture. Zayde Wølf’s Built For This Time is a bold and glorious introduction to this man that melds rugged blues, powerful progressive soul, and gritty alt rock. Zayde has been compared to Alex Clare due to his voice and the production work on the song, mixed with the anthemic vibe of OneRepublic.  I find that Built For This Time also reminds me of meteorically rising artist Stephen, California’s Michl, and British newcomer House Of Spirituals. Built For This Time is as intensely potent as it is explosively gripping. Zayde Wølf’s debut song has me certain he’s one to keep an eye on as the new year progresses.

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