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Totally unrelated but do you listen to music that's not kpop? Also on a related not wackson jang comic got me dude

Yeup!! My kpop knowledge is actually still v limited since Ive only been a fan for a year. Lately Ive been listening to a lot of r&b/hip hop esp ones with like gospel-y take me to church vibes like chance, gallant, frank ocean, noname, childish Gambino, lauryn hill, and max to name a few. I listen to anything catchy tbh haha I’m trash for the Hamilton mixtape, some songs by ed, Sam smith and anything Namjoon recommends :’) I had Know Me on repeat when he rec’d it on twitter asgsjjkalsl don’t even get me started on his and hoseok’s Spotify playlist

The 'Hip' tip

switch dat t.v off and read this:

The Gospel Of Hip Hop - Page 323 - Verse 45-55 45.

“The true Hiphoppa must make an effort to complete himself if he desires to exert any real influence beyond himself. An incomplete person is unable to direct himself. It is like having a broken leg or broken wing. Only a Self- directed person can get to where he needs to be. Everyone else is drifting or being directed by the intentions and influences of others. 46. Very simply, when you gain control of your Self you shall be able to command your Self to do whatever you wish. The real issue as to why you cannot heal yourself, feel good about yourself or achieve those things that you really want for yourself is because you have very little control of your Self. Your mind does whatever IT wants to do! Your body does whatever IT wants to do! Your emotions are out of Your control! And your own environment acts as if you are not even there! The master of your house is asleep. WAKE UP, HIPHOPPA!

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This whole song was 3 songs in 1. Starts out as something moody, turns into a hip hop song, and ends as a gospel. Find a man that can do 3 in 1 and make it sound this amazing


Chance The Rapper “ How Great Is Our God”  Ft. Jay Electronica & The Lights


CultureVIDEO: “Ultralight Beam (Live)” - Chance The Rapper (2016)

“I met Kanye West, I’m never goin’ to fail!”

From a live show at the Chicago Theater in April. Whatever else people think of Kanye, he inspired Chance and that matters. He also inspired what is probably the year’s best guest verse and this hometown audience knows every word. A great clip of the city celebrating two of their most famous sons. 

(Sidebar - It gets lit when “Father Stretch My Hands” starts but unfortunately no full video) 

Don’t miss this Crazy Smooth Track from @XvrOmar called Grown Woman!’

She’s a grown woman
I handle mine while you handle yours
She don’t depend on anyone. (woo!)
But still wants me here for plenty long

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Pokémon fans! Please check out this song by my little brother, Orijin. Featuring a special cameo verse by yours truly!

Art by Ben Leavitt (@bensketchdumpplace)