gospel and the wolf



This is a list of the podcasts I have or am currently listening to, followed by ones I have not listened to yet and would like to.

Scifi- Wolf 359, The Message, ars PARADOXICA, SAYER, Our Fair City(post apocalyptic podcast), EOS 10,  

Horror-Alice Isnt Dead, The Black Tapes, TANIS, Limetown, Wormwood, A New Winter, Archive 81

Fantasy- Alba Salix Royal Physician, The Elysuim Project, The Bright Sessions, Supervillain Corner

About Odd Towns- Welcome To Night Vale, Qwerpline, King Falls AM, Uncanny County, Tales of THATTOWN

Comedy : Wooden Overcoats, Its About Time, Hadron Gospel Hour, Kakos Industries

I dont know how to categorize Greater Boston, Within the Wires or The Hidden Almanac, but theyre cool too Have not listened to yet- Ruby Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe, The Behemoth, Jim Robbie and the Wanderers, The Cleansed, PleasureTown, Liberty, Atlantik, Hello from the Magic Tavern, Return Home, The Rogue’s Gallery, Were Alive, Were Alive: Lockdown, A Knight Adrift, Metamor City, The Once and Future Nerd, Illusionoid

how many artists from how many fandoms would be interested in  being a part of a podcast art book (pdf format) or free. It would be accessible online and since many podcasts ask us not to sell our fan works it wouldn’t be fair to make people pay or crowdfund something like this. It would take entries from any podcast and format them all into a pdf which can be viewed from wherever (a podcast wiki is in the talks so possibly there, the idea has only just been formulated by a few people and is still in the early planning stages). reblog this with a comment or send me a message if this is something you would submit art for (writing counts)!


February 13 to 15 many devotees, free Souls of the Ancient Way (Stregheria, Traditional Witchcraft) honor an ancient Italic Deity called Faun-Lupercus.

In the book we approximate to write about the Ancient Way also report an inherent part of this God, the Eternal Spirit theriomorphic. The old wolf, Lord keeper of flocks, Father purifier companies, Spirit of the forest where the oracle (Faunus headlights from the verb: to speak) occurs in the whisper of the leaves of the woods. The popular tradition regarded him as a good and auspicious God (from the verb favere: protect) is explained here as also the protection of fields and livestock in the aspect of Lupercus. Also remember that the Faun turns into a snake while in wolf Lupercus.

According Brelich is an ancient pre-Roman Italic Divinity: “everything that constitutes the substance of party-clutter ritual purification can be achieved without any necessary reference to a particular deity, the Lupercalia, as well as several other parties, may have roots oldest Roman polytheism of the same”.

“Ancient Eternal Spirit, Wolf and Snake purify and protect all the devotees of the Ancient Way. Praise to you, Lord rural, half man and half animal”.



Gospel And The Wolf - “Parallels” (Demo)

You know what I’m gonna need real soon? A podcast that’s similar to Night Vale, eos 10, Hadron gospel hour, and wolf 359…but the lead who does most of the talking is actually a woman. It bugs me when I realise that I don’t know any podcasts that are female dominated.