gosling meme

  • Sarah: You alright babe? While you were sleeping you kept whispering Ryan-
  • Brendon: Gosling, yeah. I have a thing for Ryan Gosling so I dream about him sometimes.
  • Dallon: Dude, what was happening in the dressing room? Sounded like you were moaning Ry-
  • Brendon: Ryan Gosling? I know, I got a bit carried away he’s such a handsome guy.
  • Zack: Bren...I heard you singing Northern Downpour and sobbing the name Ry-
  • Brendon: Holy shit, can’t a guy just get emotional about his crush Ryan Gosling?? Jesus!
  • TMZ: So tell me about the thing with Ry-
  • Brendon: Ryan Ross? Yeah, we text sometimes. Actually I ran into him at a Halloween party and I almost didn’t recognize him cause he was wearing a gremlin costu- fuuuuuck.

get to know me: [4/15] favorite movies → la la land

Mia: It’s pretty strange that we keep running into each other.

Sebastian: Maybe it means something.

Mia: I doubt it.

Sebastian: Yeah, I didn’t think so.

the signs at a house party
  • Aries: kills someone wearing the same outfit as them
  • Taurus: hide their favourite snacks in an ornate vase so no one eats it
  • Gemini: starts a round of spin the bottle and rigs it to kiss their crush
  • Cancer: crying bc their crush is also Geminis crush
  • Leo: steals the families toilet paper
  • Virgo: losing their virgoity in parents bedroom
  • Libra: leads inebriated youth to a nearby protest
  • Scorpio: the murder victim (rip angela)
  • Sagittarius: the crush
  • Capricorn: still passed out on couch from last house party
  • Aquarius: has a 300 second snap story of the event
  • Pisces: gets too drunk and starts speaking whale

la la land was so good and i just ruined it

Abelas. The Ryan Gosling of the Dragon Age universe. And he’s here to support you, girl. All the way through the Solavellan hellspiral and straight into the surprisingly sweet bromance to romance that is Abellan.

shiiiidddd isnt it so hilarious and true to life that lady gaygay wrote a gay song about a girl with one of the gayest musicians alive “florance and the lesbian” and then named it hey girl after that ryan gosling hey girl meme like… not only does lady gaga think she is gods gift to the gays but she really believes in gay love umm thanks stef we appreciate it