goshh this is so cute

tfw your best friend thinks you’re the bees knees and wants to show you off to everyone 

BUT REALLY these two are super good for each other, they both admire one another so.. 
when they were kids, seiji designed himura’s hero costume and vice versa, and when they got into U.A. Himura sent in that design that Seiji made! 
Seiji actually forgot he did that and so was very surprised and embarrassed when Himura proudly announced that he has designed his costume lol 

their class (and maybe other departments) learns that Seiji is really good with sewing, so if a costume ever gets damaged, but isnt damaged enough to send it off to the design department, seiji will patch it up for his classmates! His classmates pay him in sweets a lot haha

himura belongs to @insert-witty-saying-here !

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aaaa you're so sweet as well and kind hehe tysm!! haha yay someone knows of lovelive she's my bias but i'm actually starting to like nico o-o;;;;

aaa thank you so much;;!! also yes! ohh my goshh kotori is so cute haha but omg i feel nico is super cute too!??! all the girls are super cute! aa do you play love live school idol festival?