dragonite sprite rating

red/blue- very aggressive boy who means business!! will fight anyone who messes with those close to him. a powerful ally. 8/10

green- a playful dragon! he’s doing the cat thing with his paws. that’s adorable. 8/10

yellow- he’s got one paw on his hip like he’s about to tell you off or something. don’t mess with this dragon! 9/10

gold- gosh, what a cutie! this dragon loves you and will do anything to be your friend. 10/10 

silver- it looks like he’s inviting you to tea! how polite! will you accept his offer to get together and enjoy a nice beverage? 10/10 

crystal- look! he’s so excited to see you! he’s stamping his paws and flapping his wings in excitement! 9/10

ruby / sapphire / emerald- his colors were softened, so now he looks like an even friendlier dragon! look at him bounce! a beautiful dragon with a fresh coat of paint! 9/10 

firered / leafgreen- he’s so relaxed, but he straightened out his horns so they’re neat and tidy! still just as friendly and inviting as before. 8/10 

diamond / pearl / platinum - his color palette was changed again, and now he’s brighter than ever! it looks like he’s conducting a symphony! this dragon has decided to pursue a career in music. i support him and his decisions wholeheartedly. 11/10  

heartgold / soulsilver- back to the softened color palette (although this one was changed a bit)! this dragon fights for his friends! 9/10 

black / white / black 2 / white 2- yes!!! he is so lively and bouncy!!!! look at him!!!!! are you seeing this? oh man. this dragon is the best thing ever. 11/10

x / y / omegaruby / alphasapphire- not as bouncy as his predecessor. this dragon got himself together, and now he’s mellow and composed. 9/10 

Hi Lav-mun! I thought I’d send a quick photo of a chinchilla we got recently; His name’s Aaron! I love him so much ;u;

Lavmun: OH MY GOSH WHAT A CUTIE!!!!!!!!! <3 *Soft gasp* His name is Aaron!? I’ve gotta show my brother Aaron!!!!

dating nct dream; jisung ver.

the rest of the boys will be up soon! im doing it from youngest to oldest so expect chenle after ^_^ (all of these will be gender neutral by the way)


-he can barely date anyone or even have a crush on anyone without taeyong becoming a helicopter mom

-but he doesnt mind tbh

-he’s so young so he’d be hella inexperienced with any sort of dating




-you probably LOVE pinching his cheeks

-and if you have squishy cheeks, he’d like to pinch yours too!!

-before you guys started dating, he’d blush every time you came near him

-he still does that even after you guys became a thing

-jisung: *turns around the corner* *sees you walking*

-you: *completely oblivious*

-jisung: frICK GOTTA BLAST

-ok so lemme explain how you guys met

-you being the talented reader you are (<3) auditioned for sm and you got in!! 

-you became a trainee there and whether or not you liked dancing, you were still really determined to become better 

-jisung really really admired you for that

-every time he watches you dance, he has heart eyes and his heart starts beating 1328934 times faster

-even after you two started dating, he does that every time

-he lets you pet his hair omg bc 1: he’s used to it and 2: it feels nice when you do it

-*cue his red face*

-his hyungs tease him a lot bc of his crush on you

-whenever you come in sight, they nudge him and point at you

-you always pretend not to notice bc you like to see how red jisung’s face can get

-jisung’s the type of get shy whenever he just thinks of you

-like, at the grocery store picking up pocky with the hyungs???


-at the dance studio??


-youre on his mind 24/7 but he doesnt let it interfere with training

-”i cant fail at being a trainee!!! y/n said they’ll be waiting for my debut!!!!!!! they said i would be their bias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1″ -jisung everyday

-he cant stand the thought of him not debuting and you being disappointed in him

-taeyong is probably iffy about his lil bby jisung dating anyone but he finds you two cute together and he trusts you

-he and the rest of the boys help jisung ask you out


-he dresses up all pretty (but casual bc gotta keep it cool man -mark to jisung) and probably gets you flowers too omg

-so he approaches you when youre dancing and he waits for you to finish but you see him so you stop early whICH MAKES HIM BLUSH BC “OMG THEY STOPPED DANCING FOR ME”

-and you walk over there all tired and stuff and jisung falls in love with you so much more

-jisung’s stuttering so hard omg

-taeyong’s probably watching him with the rest of the guys mouthing the words like he’s a pageant mom even tho jisung can’t see him

-BUT jisung finally manages to say something after he sees you laughing a bit and patiently waiting for him to say it

-you already know he likes you, it’s sososososo obvious

-like, jisung stares at you whenever he can and blushes when you catch him

-ok so youre waiting and he finally says

-“well… um… ok so…. i…. im jisung?? wait no omg you already know that we’ve spoken before!! haha what a dummy… omg im the dummy not you!!!! i didnt mean it like that!!!!”

-his hyungs are 100000000% cringing

-jaemin and hae are probably trying not to laugh

-yuta’s getting second hand embarrassment

-okok so jisung takes a deep breath when he hears you laugh again and his face is so red

-“let me rephrase that… i really like you and woULD YOU LIKE TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND”

-and youre laughing so hard which makes him blush really hard, even harder than before

-but when you stop laughing, youre like “that took you forever omg of course”

-and he’s on the verge of TEARS

-he’s this close to SOBBING

-and you can probably tell so you kiss his cheek and say “i gotta go back to practice but i’ll swing by your dorm later!!”

-he probably has to be dragged out by jeno and mark

-taeyong sees the kiss and growls probably (yuta and taeil have to hold him back)

-“they!! kissed!!! my baby’s!!! cheek!!!!!!1 HOLD ME BACK”

-“omg wtf dude let him live”


-after he debuted you were so proud omg

-your baby was up there!!!!! dancing singing!!!!!!!!! on stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

-you try to be there backstage for their first show but you couldnt bc schedules :cc

-he was sad but you were there when he got back to the dorms!!!!

-as soon as he gets out of the car and sees you, he POUNCES ON YOU and koala hugs you

-“omg!!! why are you waiting???? shouldnt you be studying or sleeping or practicing???” -happy lil jisung when he manages to speak

-“i wanted to see you after your first show~”

-so like i said earlier jisung probably blushes at everything and one time, jaemin was like “HEY HAVE YOU GUYS HELD HANDS YET” to jisung during a break

-and the rest of nct dream were like “omg yEAH MAN HAVE YOU”

-jisung’s just like “no omg that’s icky”

-jk but he’s like “omg… i dunno man it seems kinda risky dude”

-“just hold their hand man!!! they’ll like it and think youre cute!!!!!!!!”-renjun

-so jisung was like “YOURE RIGHT”

-and one day when you two are on a date

-he like grabs your hand but not before thinking over it a million times

-so he grabs your hand and holds ita nd you look over and see him looking away from you and blushing really hard

-and you lean over to kiss his cheek which makes him coLLAPSE

-you have a thing for kissing his cheek bc it makes him blush really hard

-jisung steals glances at you whenever he can bc he just thinks youre so perfect and amazing

-he loves you so much

-when you guys get more comfortable, he probably likes resting his head on your shoulder

-and you like playing with his hair a lot

-you guys probably have dance battles 24/7



-even tho you guys are still young, he tries to listen to you whenever you have any problems 

-he tries to be a man for you!!!

-you let him be a baby bc you like babying him tho

-tl;dr the youngest and cutest couple ever!!! jisung no longer has to lead the cutie club alone bc he has you now <3


aportraitofinsanity: FINALLY got to fly with Tink this evening and it was amazing! I asked her what her favorite invention is that she’s ever tinkered and she told me about her new (secret) invention that is a blueberry shooter! It’s like the paint sprayer she made, but instead of spraying paint, it shoots blueberries into people’s mouth! Just… Oh my gosh, what a CUTIE! 😍

anonymous asked:

I don't think Joon is drunk on his vlive. I think we're all just used to Namjoon being serious, talking about philosophical and intelligent shii, talking about how views the world and whatnots. He def has this very dorky side that we do not see everyday prolly because he is the leader so he have to tone down his self. I really do think he was just really happy and excited at that time coz he talks way too fast that he keeps on stuttering oh my gosh what a cutie.

yeah def that was my thoughts. hes actually really playful, but ppl dont get to see that side as much…. which makes it that much precious when he reveals that part of him