I’ve been seeing this guy for a few weeks now. He’s nice and kind and interested, what else could I want?

Why do I not feel attracted to him at all? I should see where this goes - sparks are a myth, I can surely develop some attraction to him at some point! Doesn’t matter that I get a panic attack every time I’m about to see him and have to force myself out of the house!

We kissed and I didn’t feel anything at all? That’s okay I was just nervous, surely it will be better next time!

This girl on the bus is really pretty! Oh gosh she’s actually so cute, I love her face, I wish I could kiss her! Oh my god, what if I’m actually gay?! That would make so much sense!

Lol no, I’m surely just overthinking things because I’ve got commitment issues and I’m scared of getting into a relationship with that guy! Straight as a ruler!!!

I am the most embarrassing person ever. I turned the corner and was so startled by a girl that I said “You are beautiful ” just like, blurted it out. And i was immediately so embarrassed but she was super flattered and she giggled and sorta hid in her, um, hijab i think it’s called? Im not sure of the name for it.
Gosh she was so pretty

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Help mom my best friend bought a crop top and she's a little chubby, but I don't say that in a mean way, I say that to let you know my struggle because she is SO CUTE IN A CROP TOP AND I DON'T REALLY KNOW HOW TO HANDLE SEEING HER SOFT STOMACH OH MY GOSH SHE'S SO PRETTY.

aw bless that’s so cute

on kouyou ozaki.

as i said earlier, kouyou’s one of my favourites and most interesting to think about! i’m hella hyped for season 2 to open with her if it does because that would be the best thing i could ever ask for she’s the best this is also doubling as an appreciation post + ramble about kouyou i love her so much and i’ve been dying to write something, i was just waiting for chapter 43 to come out

oh kouyou kouyou kouyou where do i even begin with her? maybe with the fact that’s she’s so pretty

i agree i don’t even care if her pink anime hair defies all logic because she’s so gosh darn pretty

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Moonbyul staring at Solar: gosh she’s so pretty. look at her. my solar. actual angel kim yong sun. so talented. so wonderful. yeba’s the best, i love her so much.

Solar staring at Moonbyul: ah shit she’s looking at me again ugh this girl close your damn eyes before I get lost in them! nope too late its happening!! fix it solar FIX IT stare somewhere else ANYWHERE else…..NOT AT HER LIPS!!!! omg i hate u byul yi

Me staring at both of them: *nodding in approval*

OH MY GOSH that teacher is so pretty. she’s so beautiful. no, i don’t have a crush on her i just like her a lot and stare at her too long in the hallways and get really happy when she walks into the room because she’s so nice and always has these really cool outfits. yeah she’s awesome. she’s a really good teacher and it’s totally normal that i get nervous when she says hi to me or asks how my day is pfft i am straight™