damn you know they’re going to keep milking that love triangle with the prince and I just can’t wait for my big dumb romantic soul of a Benvolio Capulet to fall head over heels in love with Rosaline and to be pining hard for her and to think his feelings are unrequited because she oh so loathes him and everything he represents, and to longingly stares at her with those big blue eyes and to really wish he was as smooth as Romeo when it comes to women like? maybe?? he should have taken notes??? when he had the chance????? Mercutio definitely is laughing at him from the heavens and Benvolio IS UPSET but gosh she’s so pretty he loves her so much if only she could love him back

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I would marry katya oh my gosh shes so pretty

Katya is one of my favorite OC’s I’ve ever made. She is a spirit of Perception, and her pallet actually changes depending on who she is around, depending on their perception of themselves and of her. The original incarnation of this oc was for the Rise of the Guardians/Guardians of Childhood. But this one is a tabletop that’s a mix of Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy/a fuckton of other worlds pandora’s boxed together. It’s a really really fun homebrew. 

Older Version:

KH version: 

Darkest Timeline:

Some other arts:

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Okay.. how 'bout Cherry wearing C8 :3?

Oh my gosh she is so flocking pretty *w*

Thank you Nony for suggesting this one!!

FUN FACT! - Cherry hates wearing shoes and she’ll go bare foot whenever she can >w<

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look at little Doris oh my gosh she looks so pretty and excited, I'm sure Louis is looking at her and fonding hard

He loves his Dory and she loves her Achuoo. 😭

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The silver haired girl on your commissions post is so pretty but I don't think I've seen her on here before. What tag can I use to find her? I want to save the pic and just stare at her cause gosh she's so pretty.

Thank youuu! It’s a full body commission I did a while ago. I don’t think I uploaded it here…so here you go~

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First Impression: AH GOD. I'm so INTIMIDATED! She's so cool and I'm just so nervous talking to her and gosh she's so pretty and i'm dying everytime we speak // Current Impression: I'm still dying she's perfect in every way and i've never been happier. We're so alike and GOSH SHE'S SO AMAZING?? I'VE GOTTA TELL HER! I've gotta be classy about it too! -kicks down door with heart shaped sticky notes on eyesockets- HEART EYES, MOTHERFUCKER

What was your first impression of me? What is your current impression of me now?


B A B E oh god where do I even START tho?!?!!! Literally RIGHT BACK AT U. I was so scared to talk to you at first and so intimidated cause like SHIT ur so cute and funny and such a goddamn amazing ARTIST AND WRITER and I DIE every time I think about how you’re ACTUALLY MY GIRLFRIEND LIKE OMG HOW??!?!? I cry my heart can’t handle it //