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So for fanfic Friday, how about us sans with an s/o in a band who just came back home from tour

pairing: sans x reader

summary: touring the world is fun, but when you see the small, blue scarf tied around your wrist…you finally feel like you’ve seen enough. it’s time to go home.

notes: oh my gosh i love writing the blueberry. he is. so pure. i love him.here u go sweet anon i give you fluffs.

You originally planned to tour throughout the winter and late into spring. 6 months of nonstop travel, to Europe and Asia, When you found out, you were extremely excited. You could take Sans with you, and show him everything he hasn’t seen with his own eyes yet! The thought of the childlike skeleton, of his joy as he’d see the world…You wanted to give him so much more, and this will do for now.

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selectivepear  asked:

I know you get a lot of these, but I just wanted to gush for a minute. I love my boyfriend so incredibly much and I feel so lucky that he's in my life. He's the kindest, most thoughtful, considerate, loving, and respectful person I've ever met. I want to be the absolute best I can be for him. Gosh, I love him!! ☺️💕

Aw wow!! How lovely 😘 I’m really happy for you 💓


take my hand, take my whole life too
for I can’t help falling in love with you

I’m doing zen’s route again and he’s so sweet it hurts

Okay, mr. snazzy koala and sinatra mouse were pretty fun.


He’s not a pet.

Ya’ll need to get on Netflix right now and freaking watch Trollhunters.